Bobby Lashley Captures WWE Championship In Historic Raw Title Win!

Franklin Roberto Lashley is an American professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Bobby Lashley.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry released a short video clip in which he said, “I see you, Bobby Lashley. Congratulations, champ!”

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston wrote on Instagram, “You love to see it… Congrats @bobbylashley!”

WrestleBiz: Should the Pro Wrestling business go on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As COVID-19 takes over the world, causing disruption to peoples every day lives and changing the world we live in, the Pro Wrestling business continues to produce content on weekly basis.

WWE have been producing both ‘RAW’ and ‘SmackDown Live’ behind closed doors from there Performance Center, in Florida, whilst AEW is following in there footsteps with there weekly ‘Dynamite’ show on TNT (however they had heels and faces watching the action, as opposed to having no one at all, which we personally thought was a great idea).

With this years ‘Wrestlemania’ event currently up in the air and the possibility (in WWE’s case) that even there PC shows being shutdown as well as AEW promoting there TNT shows as the ‘Next Dynamite’, instead of ‘Next Week’, begs the question that with no fans in attendance, for TV and PPV events or any scheduled live house shows, is it worth the business following the likes of the NBA, NFL and Premier League and go on a hiatus until further notice?

Ring of Honor announced they were not going to do any shows until May 31st and Major League Wrestling have postponed all events for 45 days so why won’t WWE and AEW do the same?

Well for AEW they haven’t really been around long enough to just stop doing shows so there decision to keep going makes sense but with no ticket buyers for ‘Dynamite’, and scheduled PPV’s, what’s really the point? Closing the company for a few months would save them money whilst still bringing income in from merchandise sales in the meantime. Also, under the circumstances, we’re pretty sure TNT would be pretty understanding considering the NBA also airs on that network.

As for WWE they have a HUGE video tape library that they air on the WWE Network. By shutting down there current operations they could focus more time into getting subscribers to the network where fans can be entertained by hours, upon hours, of content ranging from classic WWF, WCW, NWA, ECW, AWA and much, much, more. They could even start airing specials (or even air classic footage) on the USA Network and FOX to keep in line with there current deals.

We are no experts here at R.A.W Media but we do believe the industry, like the world in general, could do with a time out.

With flagging TV ratings and, at times, a mediocre product (mostly from WWE to be honest) the break could give companies an opportunity to look at it’s flaws and return stronger than ever!!!

More creativity, more pushing the right talent, focusing more on what fans want, instead of what the guys in suits believe we want, would take the industry to new heights never seen before.

COVID-19 has changed everything…FACT but this is the chance for everyone from all backgrounds, industries, and so on, to better themselves!!!

A break is needed and will do the business the world of good! So WWE and AEW do us a favour utilise what you have to weather the current troubles and work on something new, fresh and amazing to present to a clearer world!!!

Note: At the time of writing this it had been confirmed that, Japanese promotion, DDT had done a show in front of a live audience. The audience had temperature checks and were provided with free masks before entry in the arena. Many other Japanese promotions are due to follow suit this month which is a good sign things are getting back to normal in some countries – Japanese Pro Wrestling Audiences Return



BDSIR NETWORK: The Best Damn Show In Radio presents…


J.A.M.M.S. #WeCanEditThatOut

Perhaps the most HEINOUS Show we have ever done, that I had to EDIT THAT OUT!

This year’s panel: Grant Body-P! Mr 100-1000, Cereal Killer, Shadfather, Sensational Jo, Special guest Fonzi Neutron of Bout Dat Online!

We give our predictions for the 35th Showcase of the Immortals!

PLUS! Mr 100-1000 WARDLE MUST GO TO CHURCH!!!!! But what did he say about Mike Knoxxx??!!!! Even Shadfather would not go this far! Even Jo could not be that heinous! Even Grant cannot let this air!

PLUS! Grant threatens to hand in his wrestling card! What does this mean for Jamms Podcast?

Follow us on ALLLLLLLLLLL of Social Media @JammsPodcast

Tap in for some Wrestlebiz!! was such a blast guest appearing on WWE Smack Talk Centre

Could we see Kofimania?

WWE HOF 2019 & Wrestlemania 35 rundown!

with FONZi NeuTRON

Longtime Pro-Wrestling afficiando and semi-retired promoter/heel manager Alfonzo pka FONZi NeuTRON talks WWE 2019 Hall Of Fame Inductees and Impending WWE Flagship Event “Wrestlemania 35” tap in and check out more WrestleBIZ content ON THE LINE!



Wrestlemania 35 Prediction Show (Smack Talk Centre)
WrestleBIZ are looking forward to joining WWE Smack Talk Center

Enzo Amore on Vince McMahon and day he was fired from WWE!

Enzo on Vince

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion “nZo” formerly known as Enzo Amore opens up with Title Match Wrestling to discuss his firing from WWE, experience with the Company and thoughts on Chairman Vincent K. McMahon.

Enzo Amore on heat with Simon Gotch WWE | VIDEO

When Simon Gotch recently did a shoot interview for RF Video, he had some choice words for his old WWE/NXT colleague, Enzo Amore.

Now in this brand new shoot interview, Enzo (now known as nZo) finally responds to Simon Gotch & explains what he believes started the whole beef in the first place!

nZo (aka Enzo Amore in WWE) was 100% on fire in his first time ever wrestling shoot interview! nZo goes off for 3 FULL HOURS about everything WWE. Hear nZo’s epic response to Simon Gotch, who buried nZo is a previous shoot. What really happened that got nZo fired from WWE? Incredible info here! Plus: the injury where Simon tossed him outside the ring and he got his concussion and his reply to what Simon has said, How Ya doing!! Heat with the Boys, How Ya doing!! Issues on the bus and locker room during his two over seas tours in the UK with Roman Reigns and someone else, How Ya doing!! Heat with the office on refusing to do certain things in the ring, How Ya doing!! Shoot on Cass on twitter, How Ya doing!! Relationship with Dusty Rhodes, How Ya doing!! His 205 run, How Ya doing!! What does he have to say about his incident that had him leave the WWE, How Ya doing!! His unexpected run in at Survivor Series step by step and why he did it, How Ya doing!! Never before in WWE history has any act got so over in less than one year, as nZo and his tag team partner Big Cass. In one year they were breaking merchandise records and selling more shirts than John Cena!! They were also in some of the highest rated TV segments on RAW.