Review: Bad N-Flewenz – Women -N- Money

Bad N-Flewenz – Women -N- Money is an East Coast influenced Detroit rap single from the 90s that got sadly overlooked and overshadowed. Each track is sample crazy with 70s soul songs and 80s rap songs being sampled. Bad N-Flewenz is the Detroit version of Grand Daddy IU. You have a gangsta rap influenced track such as Women -N- Money, a lyrical poetic song such as Can’t Fade Ma Shit, and a diss song such as Nutt’in Can Save Ya. Bad N-Flewenz consisted of dancer Excell, Chainsaw Massacre, and Motion.

Women -N- Money (Bytchez -N- Money) is a Detroit style Jackin 4 Beats as the song samples Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Dinner, NWA – Gangsta, Gangsta, Faze-O – Riding High, Steady B – Bring That Beat Back!, Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle. However Bytchez -N- Money relies heavily on the sample of Faze-O – Riding High. Women -N- Money (Bytchez -N- Money) uses samples from 70s soul songs and 80s rap songs.

Bitches and money go together like pants and a sweater in almost any type of weather. It costs to be the boss in the City of Detroit. You can’t be looking shitty to get a pretty woman. You gotta have game or money. Run up in hoes like Bruce Jenner and come out a winner. Bitches look ridiculous.

Nutt’in Can Save Ya lets sucker MC’s know that Bad N-Flewenz is not taking any shorts or any losses. They are not taking any shit. Excell of Bad N-Flewenz takes some jabs at MC Breed by dissing him on the song. This is an MC Breed diss. Excell sounds very much similar to Grand Daddy IU on Nutt’in Can Save Ya. His delivery is nonchalant.

This song relies heavily on the sultry rich funk sample of The Mohawks – The Champ. Nutt’in Can Save Ya samples The Mohawks – The Champ, Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill a Man, and MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin.

Excell disses MC Breed for being a one-hit wonder, relying solely on the success of his hit song Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin to make him famous, and for being a sellout. Excell of Bad N-Flewenz takes some jabs at MC Breed by dissing him with some of these lyrics.:

Excell flows for those who don’t know
The sucker on the North Side are still trying to hoe me
The sucker in the F-L-I-N-T only had one H-I-T but still can’t spell
Ain’t No Future In Your Album, so why are you still fronting?
Now your shit’s old, gotta push another hit
For this has been
So why should anybody care?

Brother, don’t let me get started.
Ya ass is a retarded target
You never got caught with a kilo
Brother, what you front’ for?
While you represent Job Corps
(vocal sample of MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin)
Fake broke nigga you can suck my damn dick
Selling out your city that made you the one
Well I’m here to tell you you’re about to get done, son
Sellout nigga

Yeah you told us exactly what you was about
But I’m holla at your crew too
You think you hard

And you’re hoe made looking broke, mane
Now you motherfuckas are mad

[Verse 2]
Check it
Aw shit
Ain’t No Bass In Your 12 Inch
You pint-sized broke looking ass bitch
Lucky like a charm
Ease up off me

Your ass at luck when I bend ya butt over
Cause you’re about to get fucked
The bullshit I warned ya

The lyrics “Ain’t No Bass In Your 12 Inch” give away reference to how MC Breed’s 12 inch speakers have no bass in them.

Motherfuckers are intimidated by Excell’s appearance. So fuck all the chit chatter If it’s on, then it’s on. It don’t matter. This is no surprise to Excell. Don’t size up to Excell. Getting loose like a bitch in a snow suit is what he does. Suckers don’t like him.

Can’t Fade Ma Shit uses a touch of funk and soul over East Coast rap. Notice those rich sultry soulful notes and chords from the piano. Can’t Fade Ma Shit is another hardcore rap song from Bad N-Flewenz.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

Review: MC MC & DJ Clay – Move Yo’ Butt

MC MC & DJ Clay – Move Yo’ Butt was one of the first records that Boomin’ Records ever released. Move Yo Butt was issued as a vinyl single in 1989. It’s electro hip hop with that 80s electronic sound which can be considered subpar by today’s standards in music. As a matter of fact, the single was heavily influenced by the sound of Miami bass.

DJ Clay’s first single is an early product of Flint rap from the late 80s. (As was Take 3, Mix Leather Crew, Touché, RFTW, and MC Breed.) This single was after Take 3, Mix Leather Crew, Touché, Jammin Jay, MC Breed, M.S.#1 (Motivate That Butt), and RTFW released music. (Yeah, the single is Motivate That Butt old.) Only local Flintstone natives know about this record.

The song Move Yo Butt is an early electro hip hop song influenced by the sound of Miami bass. Move Yo Butt samples Afrika Bambaataa – Looking For The Perfect throughout the entirety of the song. DJ Clay produced and programmed the beats. He not only produced the beats but performed raps as well with MC MC. Move Yo Butt is a funky cut to move your butt and dance to. It will make you want to get up and dance.

For those who want to party, get on the floor and dance! MC MC will have you in his trance. It’s time to have a good time. People can’t compete with his raps.

DJ Clay will have you in his trance. So put your mind on freeze and let your body do the work. People can’t compete with his beats or his raps. He’s a sexual intellectual who’s guaranteed to make you feel it. His beats confuse people and bruise them.

MC MC is back on the mic. You’ve heard the DJ’s cuts. All you have to do is move your butt. Rock till you can’t stop. MC MC keeps the party live. Girls, don’t by shy. This is something you groove with. So check this!

Not many people know this, but apparently there was a music video for Move Yo Butt which aired on local cable television station in Flint, Michigan. C Lo D (now Carlito810) was even involved in the music video.

Tear Shit Up (Tear Sh_t Up) is about who is the best in hip hop and rap lyrically speaking. When it comes to lyrics, MC MC and DJ Clay are the best. Tear Shit Up (Tear Sh_t Up) is a song for the suckers. The song uses a simple layer of three instruments. A guitar, a keyboard, and a gong.

Tear Shit Up (Tear Sh_t Up) is a song for the suckers who said MC MC and DJ Clay couldn’t do it. For those who didn’t think DJ Clay would become successful. You couldn’t stop what was already. They have the right to slay other emcees that stand in the way. Face the AK if you don’t want to obey.

They tear shit up. You better prepare for a war. Before you go toe to toe, it’s only fair to let you know they tear shit up. They are violent and a threat to your crew. You better think about it. They are making suckers sweat. No other MC’s will rock the mic lyrically like MC MC or DJ Clay. They motivate the crowd to get wild.

MC MC calls the song Tear Sh_t Up a musical masterpiece by comparing the song to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Mona Lisa. He brags about how the lyrics are so great. The beats are perfectly timed in an appropriate manner and the samples are not wack.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

Review: Guttt Control – Lick-A-Wish

Lick-A-Wish by Guttt Control from Flint, Michigan was released on GrayT Records (GrayT Entertainment), Lick-A-Wish Productions, and Guttt-A-Listic Productions in 1993. This was released on cassette and vinyl. Guttt Control is Tony Demoun, Blue Ballz, and Eddie Starborn. Guttt Control was a sexually explicit, hardcore, old school hip-hop group out of Flint in the mid 1990s. Think old school rap and party rap like Kid N Play, DFC, X-Clan or Boogie Down Productions! Guttt Control released 2 EPs then vanished for some weird reason as every other rap group in Flint at that time with the exceptions of DFC, The Dayton Family, and Top Authority.

While this release too short to be an album, it was still a stellar superb EP! I really enjoyed the experience of listening to this cassette EP. Guttt Control was more of a sexual hardcore version of an old school hip-hop group. The sexual sound was a lot different in regards to the sound that was coming out of Flint at that time in the 90s.

Gutttro is the intro to Blue Ballz and Biggie Smalls, which is Blue Ballz solo track. (No references to Notorious B.I.G.!) This track is just a freestyle track with mild sexual references which are still wild. It samples More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp. The low heavy bass reminds me of On My Hook Up by BODK. Project Hoes is dedicated to all dem hoes in the projects.

Dis-O-Man is an explicit sexual, party rap, old school hip-hop version of the classic nursery rhyme This Old Man. This song has references to sexual positions, ass, hoes, prostitution, drugs, and masturbation. Niagra Falls in them drawers is a reference to Viagra™. Before there was auto-tune, there was Nate Dogg. Taravis was a rap artist out Flint with a smooth R&B flow.

Gutttlude is the Interlude to Sex Feels Like…! Sex Feels Like… is a sexual track. This track has references to sexual positions, ass, hoes, prostitution, drugs, and masturbation. Orgasms and heavy breathing are both present into this track. It samples Computer Love by Zapp. Blue Ballz delivers his secretive sexual puns as usual on this track.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Roc Marciano – MARCIELAGO

Roc Marciano – MARCIELAGO can be easily seen as a parody rap album due to the song titles referencing hip hop/rap figures, actors, cultural icons, and celebrities. However that is not the case. This album is an East Coast rap album from New York City that is filled with hardcore lyrical rap songs and vicious flows. gives love to the Big Apple throughout the album as he did on his album The Presence. One could call this album a follow-up album to C-Rayz Walz – The Presence.

On Boosie Fade, Roc Marciano raps on how his blade will get you way more than a Boosie Fade. His lyrics are razor sharp. The song uses a dark brooding sound that is somewhat eerie.

Roc Marciano must be some kind of Frankenstein. Peep the way he is designed with the .9 by the waistline. He is the the same shade as Akon. The rap game is his. He’ll be right here with the truck in park shuffling the cards. No Wraith can equate to his traits. Nothing man-made can validate his character. His graze can’t be patched with a band-aid. His blade will get you way more than a Boosie Fade.

Roc Marciano talks about how he is on top of his rap game on the song called Saw. In one part of the song that is the subplot for the song, he murders a woman who he believed to be an enemy.

The source is leaking from his pores. He left the port with these Puerto Rican broads. His deepest thoughts is the secrets of peace and war. Roc Marciano is on top of the heat, y’all. He is on top of his rap game like a a dominant elite. Y’all cannot compete in the sport.

He rides the cleanest Porsche. Prolly in sneakers y’all never seen before. Obviously Roc Marciano is eatin’ quite decently. He don’t need y’all support. Peep the decor. The liquor’s imported from Singapore. His mini mansion is so clean you can eat off the floor.

One time, he had to put his hands on a whore because he viewed and perceived her as an enemy. However she was the last of his enemies. She saw was meat on the sword. So it’s to say Roc Marciano chopped her up a little bit. Although that is bit of an understatement. The choppa dump intense tear the bumper of the trunk of ya Benz. Crashed and hit the storefront. The business was crushed to bits. The hood of the trunk was sunken in.

They tried to mine his talents like diamonds by the carat. They knew Roc Marciano was savage soon as he climbed out the barracks. He only responds if the bag is massive. Hov gave him a dap. This is the pen that printed Schindler’s list. He might stick the shiv in your appendix and twist.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review: Domo Genesis – Red Corolla

Domo Genesis – Red Corolla is one of the more forgotten rap albums of 2017 which hardly gets any mention. The production was hot and contemporary sounding for the time. His lyrics were on point and had a focal point that could grab audiences attention. Stoney Willis produced a majority of his album. Overthinking, Long Way Home, and Slow Burn are the highlights.

It’s not a quick fix. It’s a slow burn on Slow Burn. Domo believes life is moving too fast and needs a slow burn to lag things down a pace. You can feel those bass rhythms in the song.

Life is moving fast. Domo is hoping for a slow burn. Gettin’ high is the only way he knows to feel closer to sober. That slow burn on his heart is beating heavy. You can feel these bass rhythms in his sternum. He is handling business while you are playing with time. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a slow burn. Domo chose his own faith from the day he broke outta college. He made that decision. Know that good in life is forever but as long as it lasts hope it’s a slow burner.

Long Way Home explained how Domo did not want to come off as being too strong even if he is disconnected from the world. So he will take the long way home. So with the damage he has taken, he will take the long way home. This song shows that he not a ruthless pop star and is a humble rapper with a sense of motivation.

Domo doesn’t wanna come off too strong. But this is a hit and run. He will take his damage and move on. He feels like in his heart he is unconditioned to do wrong. He feels like he is seeing the same visions and feels like he is disconnected from the world. Domo is looking at the signs hoping he read them right. Praying for the chance to get ahead of life. He will work hard and never call out. Domo ain’t finna never let the bar drop.

He done played it safe for too long. He done saved face for too long. He done lived racism and now they playing cases too strong. Domo is just another young black man trapped in the matrix. That is why Domo is willing to jump back to the basics. He will stay blazed for the ride through the graces of God. And faith on his side.

Overthinking explained how weed (marijuana) has got Domo thinking about shit he shouldn’t be thinking about. In other words, the weed has got Domo thinking about shit that he shouldn’t think. Ironically this is one of the more lyrical and conscious songs on the album.

The weed has got Domo thinking about shit that he shouldn’t think. He is trying to see what is next and what will happen next. Honestly maybe he could be overthinking. It feel like the world against him I know when it’s sink or swim. That is why he will keep low and believe this vision he has been having. Or maybe it’s the high fresh off the blunt. Anticipate the high before he hits the J. He is the lone spliff from the lost pack.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Jun Fukamachi – Fantastic Suite – A Dream on a Spring Night Based on “The Tale of the Heike”「春の夜の夢」

Jun Fukamachi – Fantastic Suite – A Dream on a Spring Night Based on “The Tale of the Heike”「春の夜の夢」

Jun Fukamachi – Fantastic Suite – A Dream on a Spring Night Based on “The Tale of the Heike”「春の夜の夢」is one of the most underrated electronic albums to have ever been released from Japan. People overlooked this album during the time of release. Now this Jun Fukamachi album leans more towards an electronic sound than jazz as is the case with many of his albums.

Jun Fukamachi plays a calming synthesizer throughout the entire album as he did on his The Soundtrack “Mishione” (海潮音) album. This album also has that traditional Japanese sound with the woodwinds and percussion. His whole album is based on medieval samurai fiction and literature.

The Tale of the Heike (春の夜の夢) is a war tale based on an account compiled from the 1200s of the struggle between the Taira clan and Minamoto clan for control of Japan at the end of the 12th century in the Genpei War (1180–1185). The medieval age of Japan began in 1185 with Taira’s defeat and the establishment of a new warrior government by the victorious Minamoto clan. Prior to the new warrior government established by the Minamoto clan, the Taira clan members occupied so many of the major government positions in Japan. Over half of the provinces of Japan were under control by the Taira clan prior to 1180. The theme of “conquer and defeat” prevalent in The Tale of the Heike.

Sound on this album can get very loud at certain times in some of these songs. So a wise suggestion would be to turn down the volume of your speakers so the sound does not tear them up or distort them.

The tracklist is as shown below.

序章 [Prologue]
祇園精舎の章 [The Bell Of The Gion Temple]
栄華の章 [The Prosperous Heike]
落日の章 [The Sinking Heike]
修羅の章 [The Scenes Of Bloodshedding]
水底の章 [The Heike Sent To The Sea Bottom]
水霊の章 [The Specter Of The Destructed Heike]
終章 [Epilogue]

The album starts off with a prologue hence the title 序章 [Prologue]. The opener 序章 [Prologue] is a cold chilling atmospheric opener backed with flutes, synths, and traditional Japanese instruments. This song is atmospheric and chilling due to the wind blowing in the background. Jun Fukamachi plays dark notes from his synthesizer throughout the song. Jun Fukamachi plays a synthesizer throughout the entire album as usual.

祇園精舎の章 [The Bell Of The Gion Temple] is one of the more electronic songs on the album. Jun Fukamachi plays some loud thick notes from his synthesizer throughout the song. Notice how thick and loud the synths are playing during this song.

2/6ths into the song is where things start to clam down and unwind into a much calmer sound and vibe. Jun abruptly cuts off those synths and a flute starts playing. Halfway into the song is where his synthesizer comes back with that same loud presence. It is truly amazing and staggering how he can make his synthesizer sound very much similar to a flute.

This song gets very loud. So one wise suggestion would be to turn down the volume of your speakers so the sound does not tear them up or distort them.

栄華の章 [The Prosperous Heike] is one of the louder songs backed by a piano. This song is much different from the rest of the songs due to the presence of a loud electric Yamaha piano and quadruple-layered instrumentation. Now here is what the quadruple-layered instrumentation consists of: an electric Yamaha piano, a drum kit, synthesizer, and flutes. The Prosperous Heike represented the Minamoto clan taking control of Japan.

This song is extremely loud due to the quadruple-layered instrumentation. So one wise suggestion would be to turn down the volume of your speakers so the sound does not tear them up or distort them.

落日の章 [The Sinking Heike] calms down the mood for this album with a much more relaxed mellow sound, tone, and vibe. Electronic synths can make a song extremely calming depending on how the instrumentation arrangement is laid out.

Jun Fukamachi does beautiful work on the synthesizer as this song is very relaxing. He never fails to disappoint with his synthesizer. The woodwinds and synthesizer are is what give this song a calming vibe. 落日の章 [The Sinking Heike] is an example of fine electronic music from the 1970s era.

修羅の章 [The Scenes Of Bloodshedding] is where things start to pick up again and get dramatic as this song is where the war begins. Things start to get bloody and gory here. Notice the foley effects? The same electric Yamaha piano is used on this song as was the case with 栄華の章 [The Prosperous Heike].

修羅の章 [The Scenes Of Bloodshedding] represents the war aspect in The Tale of the Heike. The song also is based on and represents the death of Atsumori. Kumagai Naozane came into war as a combatant militant warrior with the intention of intercepting one of their great captains Atsumori Tsunemori. He ends up killing young captain Atsumori Tsunemori at the end of this war.

水底の章 [The Heike Sent To The Sea Bottom] symbolized the defeat of the Taira clan and melancholy of war. Taira no Koremori, grandson of Taira no Kiyomori, threw himself into the sea and downed to his death after being defeated in war by the Minamoto clan. 水底の章 [The Heike Sent To The Sea Bottom] is one of the more relaxing songs that has a calming vibe which is sad and mournful at the same time. Sadness is the theme for this song.

水霊の章 [The Specter Of The Destructed Heike] is one of the shorter songs representing the defeat of the Taira clan and rise of the Minamoto clan.

終章 [Epilogue] is the dark closure for this album. The song uses thick multi-layered electronic synths from a synthesizer. The song is another representation of the melancholy of war. Jun made a perfect choice by selecting this song to be the last song for this album.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review Earl Sisco – S.O.MMM Presents: No Bridges – EP (“No Bridges” The EP)

Earl Sisco – S.O.MMM Presents: No Bridges – EP (“No Bridges” The EP) is a new digital EP from ex-Flinstoner Earl Sisco which was released online on April 20, 2018. This EP is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Unlimited, etc. The EP features production from Buff Billions, 1000, Sterlyn Reynolds, and more! The EP was mixed by Sterlyn Reynolds at Reynolds RAPP Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Much of this music is considered to be modern R&B/Soul music.

Long 4 You was produced by Buff Billions and mixed by Sterlyn Reynolds at Reynolds RAPP Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The song is played in formation of a single acoustic guitar and the mood is quite calming. The song itself has a short duration time of 2:49.

The song Long 4 You is about missing a person you loved along with the memories together regardless of reaction. Earl Sisco is reminiscing on all the good times that they’ve had. He is not sad. It’s not a clear 20/20 vision on the outside. He sees that. It’s hard to believe you’re gone. He deals with it by moving on. He can’t take back all the mean things he said in the past.

Boyz 2 Men was produced by 1000 and is the lead single for this EP. Its sound is uniquely futuristic. The song’s subject matter is in regards to progression of boys becoming men.

Keep Your Head up (The People Cafe Version) is a sad drooling downtempo piano song with lyrics. Keep Ya Head up is a cover of 2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up except this version is a piano cover. The song was dedicated to his sister Sha.

Alright (A Paean) is a song of praise and worship. For those who didn’t know a paean is a song of praise and triumph.

A majority of the songs included this EP are 2 minutes long on average. If you are looking for longevity in terms of duration, then this EP is not for you. The EP could have been much longer. The EP itself is filled with fresh new material.

I rate this EP 3/5***.

Review: Pound Boys ‎– Mile High Sounds EP

It’s nice to see and hear a jazz house release an electronic house EP come from the Mile High City known for ski lifts and winter resorts. Who would have thought such a jazzy jazz house EP came from the Mile High City? Pound Boys ‎– Mile High Sounds EP is an electronic house from the city of Denver, Colorado which was released in 1999.

Great piano work by Andrew Drummond can be heard all over the EP. Dance house meets the sounds of jazz house on this EP. Most of these songs delve into the deep house style. This EP here is a fine example and classification of jazz house.

Sadly this wonderfully jazzy house EP is very much underrated and did not receive much radio play as deserved. Despite being underrated, Sherman Street Groove and All Jazzed Out managed to be breakout hits in the underground of the Mile High City especially at night clubs. Andrew Drummond never fails to disappoint when he plays on the keyboards on any house song.

La La uses some dope tribal house beats over dance house sounds. Notice how the synths sound. You can feel the raw energy on this song as the beats are very lively and energetic. The drums programmed by DJ Craig C.

Delicate jazz house meets the upbeat uptempo sounds of deep house on the song Sherman Street Groove. Sherman Street Groove showcases some wonderfully great piano work by Andrew Drummond plays on the piano and DJ Craig C programmed those house drums using a 303 drum machine.

Sherman Street Groove showcases some wonderfully great piano work by Andrew Drummond. Andrew Drummond never fails to disappoint when he plays on the keyboards. Those piano keys are very jazzy and delicate sounding. Those piano keys are what certainly give away a jazzy sound. A fine example and classification of jazz house. Such true deep house style can be heard on this song also. One word to describe this song is jazzy.

All Jazzed Out uses a deep house sound and style over a jazzy keyboard and a delicate grand piano.
The jazzy keyboard is what gives this song a jazzy sound and edge. Jazz meets house on All Jazzed Out. Such true deep house style can be heard on this song also.

Not too many people know this or are aware of this but a sample of a Kerri Chandler song can be heard at the end. That is the bonus for this song.

Now the best parts of this song are the jazzy keyboard parts which are clearly out of this world. Andrew Drummond never fails to disappoint when he plays on the keyboards. He is a virtuoso on the keyboards himself as almost nobody else can master the keyboards proficiently and clearly as he can in such an electronic manner.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

Review: The Brass Taps – Shoulder Season

Looking for a comedic neo swing album filled with fun puns? Well The Brass Taps – Shoulder Season is the perfect album to enjoy for some laughs. The album uses a mixture of swing jazz and comedy. Sure enough to put a smile on your face. You have songs that are filled with fun such as Reboot, Drunk Mosquito, and Ghost Tram. This is some of the lesser known Australian jazz.

Now some of the production is a bit medium quality due to the instrumentation being sustained. But that does not stop the album from being pleasureful. The production consists of loud MIDI keyboards and software. Admiringly the MIDI keyboard makes the album’s production seem a bit dated.

Reboot is a comedic swing jazz song about Bernard rerouting his internet server after running several clients as he plays the role of an internet provider. The users get cranky as they get impatient with the internet server and Bernard. Hilarity ensues in a comedic manner as Bernard faces many wacky scenarios, humorous events, and quirky situations. The song uses several references to modern technology unsurprisingly.

Bernard has got to reboot the router because the internet server is running Vista. The client’s running Linux and the handheld’s running Maemo. He’ll modify the hosts file. Bernard is short a cable but he’ll wire up a spare.

Internet Explorer’s gone all screwy since he turned off network browsing. The users have a problem but they won’t read their instructions. The office suite’s annoying but it’s blocked by anti-virus. What’s the Workgroup or Domain Name? He still can’t see his share.

The Manager’s new gizmo has the sales crew feeling nervous. There’s the smell of something burning and it’s probably pirate CDs There’s video surveillance but the picture’s kinda grainy. The emails with attachments and the hackers sending spam. He needs to find the WEP key to help him navigate the O:\drive. The users getting cranky that they can’t upload their photos. All of that hardware and software must have built up too much static. Bluetooth needs upgrading and the laptop needs more RAM.

However the satellite’s stopped tracking. So Bernard ends up calling the help desk based in Bangalore, India. They say the update’s having problems. The PHP’s gone haywire but the Java’s hanging in there. The fax machine is jamming and the toner’s getting low. The database is deadlocked and the XSL’s confusing. Users are now screaming that the intranet is useless. And the VOIP’s been reconfigured, in the meantime phones keep ringing. The IP address is static but the downloads still seem slow.

Bernard is trying to block the porn sites while rendering some graphics. The LAN still has conniptions and the grammar checker is foreign. The processor’s overclocking and the website needs an update. Now he’s gotta pick up all the hardware from the other side of town. The landlines need a massage and the mobile signal is getting stolen. The mobile signal keeps dropping because of this. The users are just stupid and the contractor’s a nutcase. It’s not like they ever call back and the ISP is down. Now customers come intruding Bernard with more complaints.

My Slow-Dance Baby (Makin’ Moves On Me) explained how Bernard’s lady is a slow dancer. The song uses an improvised tempo of 90 BPM and uses the key of F Major. A slow sustained electronic horn selection is used throughout the duration of the song.

She knows knows how it could be. But Bernard knows how it should be. His senses is calling but his heart doesn’t agree. His slow-dance baby is makin’ moves on him as she slowly dances the night away. Bernard feels like this is an open agenda because she feels warm and tender. And it’s with foreboding. He moves gingerly.

She’s so sophisticated. He’s so trepidated and intimidated that she’s prescribing tactile therapy. Bernard has got honest intentions. But she’s got divine interventions. Won’t somebody answer his plea?

Swing The Sickle is about a pretty poltergeist followed by a ghostly dance with ghosts. The song explains Bernard’s encounters with several ghosts. The song uses sounds from the paranormal as you can hear the sound of a ghostly chorus from underneath the ground throughout the song.

Bernard was dead on his feet as he walked down the street in the moonlight. There was nothing to see. Just a cemetery. Then his hackles stood upright. And through the silence, he heard. Then the thought just occurred, He was dreaming. But the spectre of doom from the wide open tomb left him screaming.

Because all at once he heard the sound of a ghostly chorus from underneath the ground singing, “Swing the sickle, reaper, swing it low As you send those swinging sinners down below And you swing your sickle, reaper, swing your scythe Every swinging sinner, swinging for their life”

There were ghostly bouncers. Bernard could barely see them as they led him down inside the mausoleum. The door girl was an apparition. But she didn’t charge him anything because it was free admission. Some little devils came and took his jacket. And he felt the chills and heard the awful racket with the horns a-soaring and the bones a-wailing. All the mists a-swirling and the ferry man sailing.

All the fires raging and the brimstone boiling. All the flesh was weakened. All the mortals coiling with the deadly rhythms. All the bodies swaying with some zombie lindy and some vampire slaying. The voodoo barman serving spirits infernal. Bernard just couldn’t hide from the waves of terror because he kept hearing morbid voices from the other side singing. Bernard nearly fell into a trance when a female ghost asked him for a dance.

Ghost Tram told the epic haunting story of Bernard’s ride on a ghost train. The song uses sounds from the paranormal.

Bernard was wandering around late at night around the grid laid out by Hoddle. He had been drinkin’ down his troubles and his gait turned to a waddle past the Town Hall and Cathedral with his eyesight going waxy. But he had missed the last train and had no money for a taxi.

Bernard knew he would make his way home at some point when some headlights approached in a glide with a glowing pantograph and a familiar silhouette. The stop signs extended as the doors opened wide. So he climbed on inside so that he could take a ride upon the Ghost Tram. The Ghost Tram will welcome you aboard. But you never can alight despite how much you pull the cord. When your mortal days are done, you’ll no longer be in Zone One.

He started to suspect that this was transport underhanded. The passengers were expressionless. But that’s just pretty standard. The décor was of woodgrain with a flash of green and yellow. He saw a girl reading Lonely Planet. (The edition for Valhalla.)

The conductor from Hell with a manifest rang the bell twice and sent everyone headlong to the terminus a speed of nearly 35 kilometres an hour (35 km/hr). His soul began to cower as he realised the power of the Ghost Tram as it whooshes down the route. You’ll see nothing through the windows of your terminal commute. Though your journey is prepaid, it’s a fare you want to evade.

Bernard tried to swipe his ticket. But his ticket was already valid. He looked around the cabin and every countenance was pallid. Perhaps they need nutrition. Or perhaps it’s just a folly. But there weren’t any refreshments or tea upon this trolly. And his instincts disparaging the current situation. In the flicker of incandescent light. Is this his means of carriage, or his final destination? To be clinging to his strap for the eternity of night?

They were squeezed in pretty tight. But everyone was so polite upon the Ghost Tram as it trundles down the track forever heading onwards and never turning back.

The Ghost Tram is built of iron, wood and glass. It’s a hearseful of W-Class with sparks and arcs a-strobe. Hear the spectral voice of Batman, Monash, Fawkner and LaTrobe where despondency is rife. The Ghost Tram take you on the ride of your life.

I rate this album 4/5****.

Review: Po Broke Souls – s/t

Po Broke Souls album was a hip hop album that got lost in the rise of East Coast rap as that sub-genre of hip hop/rap was becoming mainstream and marketable in 1992. Po Broke Souls album unfortunately was lost in the shuffle of East Coast rap and gangsta rap. You can expect songs filled with 100% hip hop, urban sounds, loudness, and songs that rely heavily on samples. So don’t be surprised if you hear samples on these songs. There is no wack shit here.

The socially conscious Rappin’ Black In A White World explains how black people see a white world. The socially conscious Three Dimensions Of Racism tackles issues of racism. One song on this album that stands out is Down On The Corner due to the heavy reliance Clearwater Creedence Revival sample. Cut Out The Wack Shit aggressively calls out radio stations for playing music that is wack. Ain’t Shit Up! is a straight up lyrical freestyle which is also a posse cut laced with heavy boom bap beats.

Not too many people know but Po Broke Souls was part of the DFC family circle with MC Breed. So it makes sense that Po Broke Souls followed in MC Breed’s footsteps. Breed even makes an appearance on one of the songs.

We In Here is the opener for this album which explains how Po Broke Souls had to pay a lot of dues to make a lot of move and get respect in their hometown. Po Broke Souls performed shows with the greats such as Maad Circle, Geto Boys, 2nd II None, DJ Quik, MC Breed, and DFC just to name a few. They were constantly touring. That was before they even had an album out. Their touring and performances are what got them respect in their hometown. We In Here samples Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend with double layers of tambourines used of a thin layer of beats.

Playing For Keeps was the Flint version of Jackin 4 Beats before DOA – Runnin Scared was recorded. The song uses several samples. Playing For Keeps uses more samples than any of the other songs on this album. In fact this song uses several layers of Which is why this song stands out.

Riff to this song primarily relies on the sample of James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet. Mainly during the hook is when the riff from James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet is used. This sample is also used during breaks.

Playing For Keeps uses these samples: James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet, Sly & the Family Stone – Sing a Simple Song, Kool & the Gang – Love the Life You Live, Curtis Mayfield – Superfly, N.W.A -Real Niggaz, Low Profile – Aladdin’s on a Rampage, The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There, Ice Cube – What They Hittin’ Foe?, James Brown – Funky Drummer, Ice Cube – Endangered Species (Tales From the Darkside), Wilson Pickett – Get Me Back on Time, Engine #9, and Trouble Funk – Pump Me Up.

No “Wack Shit” Radio serves as a radio stager for the song Cut Out The Wack Shit. No “Wack Shit” Radio only plays the best of music. One thing I can say is that this beat is sick.

Cut Out The Wack Shit aggressively calls out radio stations for playing wack music. Po Broke Souls takes a stance against pop rap as they call out wack rappers on the song. Wack rappers and groups that get played on the radio lack chivalry and calvary. This Flint shit goes hard especially against any song currently played on the radio.

Not only did the city of Calgary, Alberta in Canada get mentioned in the first verse. That is because the city of Calgary showed love and gave positive reception to Po Broke Souls when they did a show in Canada. American hip hop/rap had a huge market in Canada at that time. That is what the lyrics “chivalry in Calgary” is referring to.

PM Dawn got dissed in the first verse too. Not surprising since PM Dawn was getting dissed by everyone back in the early 90’s. One can say PM Dawn got dissed again.

Make Dat Move is about a young man who falls in love with a lady. This lady plays hard to get and ignores him. So the man decides to step and make that move to persuade her to fall in love with him. He steps up his game by going the intellectual route. This man has integrity. His pretending days are over.

Make Dat Move uses a subtle delicate piano sample over heavy hip hop beats and vocalism. The subtle delicate piano sample is what makes this song stand out and memorable.

One member of Po Broke Souls decided to go the intellectual route by using advanced vocabulary. Here is an example of intellectual lyrics that are used in this song. “I fired intellectual missiles/And swept the lady of her feet/By the way she was conversing, I was figuring she was older”

Gettin’ Blew Out is another posse cut on the album. This song is dedicated to bud. The crew is getting blew out and tore up. Gettin’ Blew Out had potential to have been a full song but wasn’t for whatever reason.

Rappin’ Black In A White World explains how black people see a white world. The song also tackles issues about racism. They also call the government out for their crooked behavior and actions. Po Broke Souls takes a stance against racism.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut relies heavily on James Brown samples. That is where the James Brown influence came from. Many Po Broke Souls songs were inspired by music from James Brown. They seemed to have loved his music and style.

Given the title and subject matter, Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut is a song about sex. The song has finesse and uses much prowess. The song title of Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut comes from lyrics to Onyx – Da New Niguz from their 1993 album Bacdafucup!.

Flint City is about how rough the streets of Flint, Michigan really are. Flint City samples Roger – So Ruff, So Tuff, Zapp – Playin’ Kind Of Ruff, and Zapp – Dance Floor.

Don’t Mess Around deals with the dangers of unprotected sex. Sexually transmitted diseases come from having unprotected sex. Don’t Mess Around samples EPMD – Who’s Booty and Brand Nubian – Slow Down.

Murder Rehearsal is Flint hip hop at its finest. The sounds coming from this song are dope. The song is laced with heavy toms, claps, and hi-hats. The heavy toms, claps, and hi-hats are what make the sounds from this song definitely dope.

Three Dimensions Of Racism tackles issues of racism. Po Broke Souls takes an anti-racist stance against racism by saying, “Fuck racism!”. Don’t make racist comments unless you’re ready for backlash. Racism is hidden in our system of government which is why we have systematic racism. For example a white employee being hired over a black employee.

Here the intro to this song borrows a sample from Don Lemon’s speech Am I Nigger?. Don Lemon’s speech reflects on respectability in politics and diversity of Black self conception. His speech mainly deals with Black self conception. Here is what is said at the very beginning of this song.: “Am I A Nigger? And if the answer is yes? Don’t be afraid to show it! Cause it’s the Nigger in you that makes you BLACK! Once you learn to hate it…”

Three Dimensions Of Racism another posse cut on the album that has some wild sounds. That makes sense because this song samples Zapp – Playin’ Kind Of Ruff. That is not a coincidence that Po Broke Souls used this Zapp sample in many of their other songs.

Ain’t Shit Up! is a straight up lyrical freestyle which is also a posse cut laced with heavy boom bap beats. That is not a coincidence most songs on this album are posse cuts. This song uses an interpolation of Zapp – Playin’ Kind Of Ruff.

Down On The Corner stands out to the heavy reliance on the Clearwater Creedence Revival sample. You can hear vocals from Clearwater Creedence Revival – Down On The Corner that use lyrics from the chorus which are “down on the corner”. Now these dudes out of Flint were spitting some of the hardest shit out at that time. This is true hip hop in pure unfiltered form.

Hurricane Dewaun spit some of the hardest shit out at that time on this song as well. He took control of most of this song.

Down On The Corner samples Clearwater Creedence Revival – Down On The Corner, Kurtis Blow – The Breaks, Geto Boys – Life In The Fast Lane, and Boogie Down Productions – Material Love. Other samples and vocal clips are thrown into the production for this song.

The Eulogy serves as the closer and features Prison City Posse (PCP) out of Jackson, Michigan. The Eulogy serves as yet another posse cut and dedication song. Samples used on The Eulogy are Bloodstone – Natural High and Rick James – Mary Jane.

The reason why Prison City Posse made an appearance on The Eulogy is because Hurricane Dewaun rapped on the song Bxtches Love A Ganxta on the 1992 album Prison City Posse – Thru The Eyes Of A Nigga. Po Broke Souls invited Prison City Posse to be on The Eulogy.

I rate this album 4/5****!