On The Line: RAW ELEMENTZ announce TrunkOfunk Radio re-branding to ‘United Elementz Network’!!!

The RAW ELEMENTZ conglomerate have announced that they will be officially re-branding the TrunkOfunk Radio brand into the ‘United Elementz Network’ on September 29th.

RAW ELEMENTZ officially took control of TrunkOfunk Radio on August 23rd, 2021, but had not given any indication of what there plans were for the brand.

The re-branding includes both the TrunkOfunk Radio Mixcloud channel and Facebook page.

It has also been announced that the ‘United Elementz Network’ will remain under the United Elementz division, of RAW ELEMENTZ, as TrunkOfunk Radio did originally when the conglomerate took over.

Some followers of the channel may have already noticed that Series 1 of the WCDJC ‘Audio Dope Show’, along with other mixes, have been removed from the Mixcloud channel. This is in order to update it with more fresh content, going forward, however throwback mixes, such as ‘FabSounds Classics’ and ‘Original Flavaz #1 on B.R.B Radio’, will remain for on there for ‘cultural purposes’.

The channel will be a hub for DJ’s and Producers to upload there mixtapes, and shows, to and the brand will be expanding their reach outside of just Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B and Grime as they look to include Drum & Bass, House and Electronic music as well.

DJ’s and Producers who have officially joined the ‘United Elementz Network’ include DJ Stefunk, Michael Donoghue, DJ Dirty Needlz, Eirenicon, Sophie Kilpatrick, DJ Stefunk and Darko The Super.

Check out the channel here – https://m.mixcloud.com/unitedelementznetwork/

On The Line: WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ Episode 2 on Radio WIGWAM (March 29th)!!!

The World Class DJ Club’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ returns, this Monday night, at 11PM on Radio WIGWAM!!!

Episode 2 features dope new tracks from J.Prince, Verse 1, Stanza Divan & DJ Yess, MF Grimm & Darko The Super, Don’t Sleep Records and Jim Jones!!!

Also a special, sample, mini mix of classic Grime from G.M. B-Eazy’s forthcoming mixtape ‘Grime Culture’ which is dropping, in full, on April 18th with classics from Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, The Streets and more!!!

Also big congratulations to G.M. B-Eazy as he was officially appointed ‘Mixshow Producer’, for the Bout Dat Music Group, last Friday due to his work on every episode of the ‘Audio Dope Show’!!!

Make sure to tune in, this Monday night, on http://www.radiowigwam.co.uk.

On The Line: WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ returns this Monday night on Radio WIGWAM!!!

The World Class DJ Club are taking over the airwaves, yet again, with another series of the ‘Audio Dope Show’ on Radio WIGWAM!!!

The show was renewed for another series back in November so it was just a case of awaiting on the return date from the team!!!

The WCDJC are also pleased to announce that the show will now be on every Monday night at 11pm, starting March 1st, in a huge move for the show with potential episode repeats to be announced!!!

Also we are extremely proud to announce that R.A.W Media Promotions Service are now the proud sponsors of the show as well!!!

The Series 3 debut will feature a dope mix of tracks from Busta Rhymes, Conway The Machine, Roc Marciano, Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman, Russ and Your Old Droog plus a special MF DOOM tribute mix featuring some of his best known classics!!!

Make sure to tune on Monday night @ 11pm only on Radio WIGWAM!!!


Audio Dope: WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ series finale + Bout Dat Online ‘Audio Dope Awards 2020’ winners on Radio WIGWAM!!!

The WCDJC round up 2020 with there series finale of the ‘Audio Dope Show’ on Radio WIGWAM with a dope selection of tracks from Chip, Benny The Butcher, Ill Bill, Jay Electronica, Lil Wayne and Wiley!!!

Also included are this years ‘Audio Dope Awards 2020’ winner for Best Album, Best Song and Best Mixtape or EP so be sure to tune in this Saturday night, at 11pm, to find out who this years winners will be!!!

Stream the show here – www.radiowigwam.co.uk

Audio Dope: B-Eazy – Dedicated (Stream + Purchase)

After years, and years, of dropping underground projects, via limited distribution platforms, Jersey, Channel Islands, based Hip-Hop artist B-Eazy finally releases his debut, independent, retail album ‘Dedicated’ on all major streaming platforms!!!

The Bout Dat Music Group release is recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by J-Fab (with the exception of ‘Hits Initialised’ which is produced by Kuba) and features appearances from, singer, Miruna and Verse 1!!!

It also features additional vocals, on both Sienthe Pt. 1 and 2, from his daughters Sienna and Zanthe which make this album a real personal affair on a project where Eazy discusses past issues with substance abuse, becoming a family man and growing as a person.

When speaking on the album Eazy stated “This is a moment I’ve always dreamed of ever since me and (Big) Don walked into Woolworths, 20 years ago, and we put one of our tapes on the shelf and said that one day we’ll release a proper project and here I am, 20 years on, with my first retail album! It’s crazy but, at the same time, it shows that if you work hard enough at something it will happen. I stayed dedicated to this music thing, for two decades, and here we are…finally.”

Stream and support the album on the following streaming services –

Spotify – B-Eazy – Dedicated (Spotify Link)

iTunes – B-Eazy – Dedicated (iTunes Link)

Tidal – B-Eazy – Dedicated (Tidal Link)

Amazon – B-Eazy – Dedicated (Amazon Link)


Audio Dope: WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ on Radio WIGWAM Episode 4

Another dope line up of Hip-Hop from the UK and US courtesy of the World Class DJ Club’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ on Radio WIGWAM!!!

Featuring tracks from Gemiini, Clarky, Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM, Westside Gunn, Tha God Fahim and, the late, Fred The Godson (RIP)!!!


The show also features The Notorious B.I.G’s new, Statik Selektah produced, track ‘Bastard Child’ which contains a previously unheard verse from the late legend!!!

Episode 4 debuts, Saturday, May 9th at 11pm only on Radio WIGWAM!!!

Here’s the link to the station – www.radiowigwam.co.uk

On The Line: Clarky (a/k/a ClarkyArtist) Interview (UK Hip-Hop)!!!

Gage Connor Clarke (born September 8th, 1995) or, better known by his stage name(s), Clarky (a/k/a ClarkyArtist) is an English, independent, musical artist and lead member of the independent band ‘Calls Of Alysm’!!!

He is also the C.E.O of the Music & Entertainment Companies: TunnelVisionTV, AnotherLabelLTD & Laid-BackStudios where he works as a graphic designer, photographer, studio engineer & technician, music producer, director, videographer, editor, writer and more!!!

We caught up with Clarky to find out more about him and his thoughts on the state of Hip-Hop!!!


When did you first get into Hip-Hop?

I’ve  always had a passion for all genres of music, and I’m influenced by everything in life, but consider Hip-Hop to be my favourite genre. I’ve been Listening to Hip-Hop since birth, as my 2 (much) older brothers were heavily into Hip-Hop as well.

I developed a huge passion for music at a very young age and began writing lyrics as soon as I was capable of writing; But didn’t progress into actual rapping until Age 8, -Where I began writing & recording music at ‘Connections Studios’ (Grays, Essex)

What inspired you to start making music?

I was already big on the culture and music, so it was already heavily influencing my life. But some of my other inspirations included the situations life brought, along with the emotions, and thoughts that I had inside me too. Music was there as an outlet to help me talk about (and even to understand) all of those things. Music allowed me to express myself in a way I was never able to before.

What do you think of the current state of Hip-Hop?

I think the current state of Hip-Hop is awful. I think we’re living in a time where nobody that listens to Hip-Hop even pays attention to the lyrics or skill. and for me, that’s the biggest issue.

Hip-Hop (At Least the Hip-Hop being pushed on TV & Radio) consists of artists that have put 0% effort into making their music. Every song sounds exactly the same.
and nobody even rhymes anymore! Plus nobody’s making sense!

What’s it come to when you can’t even pinpoint a subject/concept for the song you’re listening to?!

The reason being that EVERY verse is just random, inconsistent gibberish-filled statements & each of their lines is irrelevant to their next line?

As Eminem once said, “Nobody cares about the syllables anymore. If you want to make a record, you need a hot beat & a catchy hook”. It’s fucked.

I’d understand if the labels/mainstream wanted to put trash music out there but can’t they at LEAST Pay the TALENTED Artists with actual SKILL to be the ones to write the trash songs that they want to play on the Radio?
Stop Making Stupid people Rich & Famous.

The Independent Hip-Hop Scene & Underground Hip-Hop Scene, however, is THRIVING with AMAZING Artists!!! THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE NEED IN HIP-HOP.

If there’s a ‘Lil’ ‘Kid’ ‘$’ or any of that BS in their rap name, Then you can Guarantee I won’t be listening to their ‘SHIT’.”

Where we are in music now is that, good or shit, artists are able to make music in there bedrooms and top charts and win Grammy’s! It’s a gift and a curse really!!!

Who’s your favourite MC/Artist of all time?

Rittz (Strange Music)
Tech N9ne (Strange Music)
Krizz Kaliko
MayDay! (Strange Music)
CesCru (Strange Music)

Mic Righteous (Mic Reckless)

Twenty-One Pilots

The King Blues
Frank Turner
Arctic Monkeys
The 1975
Ben Howard

Who’s your favourite out now?

Rittz (Strange Music)
Tech N9ne (Strange Music)
Krizz Kaliko
MayDay! (Strange Music)
CesCru (Strange Music)
Snow Tha Product
Jarren Benton
Joyner Lucas
RA The Rugged Man
Lil Dicky


Blink 182
Twenty-One Pilots

The King Blues
Arctic Monkeys
The 1975
Ben Howard

Do you have any forthcoming projects dropping this year?

My next album is due to Be Released in May 2020, via HRSUnderground, and will be available on all major streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, GooglePlayMusic)

It’s titled ‘PSYCHEDELIA’ and each song explores the different voices/personalities/thoughts of various mind states as well as the different voices/personalities/thoughts of various mental health conditions.

Follwing the album I’ll also be releasing my debut EP, on HRSUnderground, titled
‘UNDERGROUND INFLUENCE’ later this year.

I’ll also be featured heavily on other HRSUnderground releases, this year, including the follow-up to there ‘Hidden Underground – VOL 1 & 2’ albums and the ‘HRS X A.C Productions’ Album.

https://music.hrsunderground.com/album/hidden-underground – (VOL. 1)
https://music.hrsunderground.com/album/hidden-underground-vol-2 – (VOL. 2)


Where do you see yourself, musically, in 5 years time?

Where I’d like to see myself, musically, in 5 Years time…. signed to a record label or making it ‘major’, but independently. As long as music is paying the bills and I’m doing what I love then I’d be happy!

Where I realistically see myself, musically, in 5 Years time… continuing to write, record and release my own music independently but with an extra 5 years worth of experience, skills gained, more contacts, music made, more fans and hopefully a bigger buzz around my name!!

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Check out links here for more information on Clarky –











Free Downloads & Free Streams of Clarky’s Other Albums & Mixtapes here @



On The Line: Bout Dat Online’s #AudioDopeAwards 2019 nominees (Hosted by United Elementz Media)!!!

This years Bout Dat Online ‘Audio Dope Awards’ are coming!!! Once again we will be leaving it to the public to vote for this years best Album, Single and Mixtape/EP via our Twitter page (https://twitter.com/UnitedElementz)!!!

We are pleased to announce this years nominees!!!

Best Album –

Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs
Little Brother – May The Lord Watch
Freddie Gibbs x Madlib – Bandana
Christian Foley – Excommunication

Best Single –

Insane Clown Posse – Satellite
DJ Premier x GxFR – Headlines
DJ Muggs x Mach-Hommy – 900K
DJ Khaled – Higher (feat. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend)

Best Mixtape or EP –

Stanza Divan – Poetry in Motion
Mach-Hommy – Wap Konn Jop!
Benny The Butcher – The Plugs I Met
French Montana x Max B – Coke Wave 4

Congratulations to all the artists, and their projects, on getting nominated!!!

The voting will be open from October 30th through to November 1st and the winners will be announced on the series finale of the World Class DJ Club’s ‘Audio Dope Show’, on TrunkOfunk Radio, on November 29th!!!

Get familiar, or revisit the above, and get ready for this years #AudioDopeAwards!!!


On The Line: Mistah B Interview (Australian Hip-Hop)

photo (4)

We caught up with Australian Hip-Hop artist, Mistah B, to find out more about him, his thoughts on Hip-Hop and his upcoming projects!!!

UEM: Give us a bit of background on yourself. When did you first get into Hip-Hop and what inspired you to start making music?

MB: I go by the artist name Mistah B, sometimes Beast Mode B or just B. I hail from the Northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, the Great Land Down Under. My first memory of Hip-Hop, I believe, would have been around ’98, or ’99, when I’d sneak into my brothers room when he wasn’t home. I still remember the cassette tape clearly, Onyx ‘Shut ‘Em Down’, still one of my favourite albums to date. I got into writing poetry at, roughly, 13-14 years old as a way to vent my feelings. I started taking writing/music more serious at around 15 with a couple dudes from High School recording group tracks, freestyles, solo tracks and within a couple of years accumulating a couple thousand recordings. I dropped High School early eventually disbanding from the group stuff and focusing solely on myself as a solo artist as well as self teaching audio engineering. Roughly 12 years on, 15 releases (11 mixtapes, 3 solo E.P’s, and a group E.P), countless feature verses for artists globally and some production credits, I feel I’m only just at the start of a long future in the Underground Hip Hop scene.

UEM: What do you think of the current state on Hip-Hop?

MB: I really see Hip-Hop today as a bipolar disorder, very up and down. Of course, like most real Hip Hop heads, I can’t understand what people enjoy about the whole trap genre. Don’t get me wrong there are some good tracks being released, and as a lover of bass beats (as basic as they are) they definitely get me hyped but, as a fellow artist, I don’t see the art or respect the lack of effort put into the writing of these mainstream songs.

UEM: Who’s your favourite MC/Artist of all time and favourite out now?

MB: Without a doubt Tech N9ne is the king of my favourites list. The whole Strange Music roster brings a whole range of flavours to the table. If I were to name a top 5 it would be Tech N9ne, Onyx, The Psycho Realm, Rhyme Asylum & Vinnie Paz (as a solo artists and group stuff). As of late (thanks to Spotify) I’ve come across dope artists like G-Mo Skee, Trizz, Swisher Sleep and Prof to name a few.

UEM: Do you have any forthcoming projects dropping this year?

MB: Currently finishing up my 12th Mixtape, Mental Agony, after a few delays. Also doing the mixing and mastering for fellow Adelaide artist Joke’s first release. For a 22 year old the skills this young lad has unleashed in the studio have been not only spectacular but very surprising. Honestly in my years within the music scene I haven’t seen such dedication to the art and, even improvement, after recieving feedback from an artist so young and new to it all. Hoping to finally put together my on again, off again, mixtape, Fuckin’ Up Your Favourites, which has been an idea I’ve had floating around the pre-production stages for a couples of years now, basically taking instrumentals/karaoke versions of top 40 “hits” (from artists like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Sia) and putting a Mistah B touch to it. As the title says Fuck ’em up! I’m also highly considering putting together a long overdue first album, whether it be this year or the next, but that will depend on how  projects currently in progress pan out. I will have a few feature verses to be released on some upcoming releases from HRS Underground and also a new group/duo project in the works with Joke, under the name Terrible Natured Tekneeks, or T.N.T abbreviated.

UEM: Where do you see yourself, musically, in 5 years time?

MB: I’m hoping in 5 years to have a bit of progress put into my Beast Mode Productions venture. Hopefully get the ball rolling on some more projects as an engineer, get back into producing/beatmaking, and to push out some graphic design work. There is so much I want to do though, but the years go by faster and faster, I wouldn’t want to set too many goals short term with the likelihood of set backs that could turn to disappointment and things left unaccomplished.

Check out some of Mistah B’s music here –

Bandcamp – Mistah B on Bandcamp

Soundcloud – Mistah B on Soundcloud

Facebook – Mistah B on Facebook

Anonymous, Hidden & M-Acculate – The Trinity (Stream + Purchase)

photo (4)

Hidden Road Studios (aka HRSUnderground) have been setting the underground on fire recently and their latest release keep that fire burning!!!

HRS signees Anonymous, Hidden and M-Acculate team up to drop the 7-track EP, ‘The Trinty’, entirely produced by Illternal Beats!!!

The result is 7 tracks of gritty, raw, underground Hip-Hop! From the UK to the US this is worldwide Hip-Hop at it’s best!!!

Highlights – ‘Introducing’, ‘Still’, ‘Specialist’.

Stream + Purchase here – Anonymous, Hidden & M-Acculate – The Trinity (Stream + Purchase)