WrestleBiz: WhatCulture’s Top 10 WWE Moments of the Decade (Video)

WhatCulture’s Simon Miller takes a look back at WWE’s Top 10 moments of the last 10 years in a list we can only agree with!!!

Everything from CM Punks infamous pipe bomb, The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak and even the formation of AEW is covered on the list!!!

The last decade saw WWE grow hugely (mostly thanks to Triple H) with some absolutely game changing moments that will probably be talked in about in years to come!!!

WWE’s Jonathan Coachman responds to sexual harassment claim


WWE’s Jonathan Coachman has spectacularly responded to being implicated in sexual harassment claims filed against ESPN.

The Raw commentator took to Twitter to answer a question directed at him about the claims, filed yesterday by the sportscaster’s former host Adrienne Lawrence.


jonathan coachman tweet


In a series of vehement tweets, Coachman mentioned that he was “seething”, claiming that he has “never been more offended in my life.” He further cryptically dismissed Lawrence’s claims – which suggested Coachman reneged upon a mentorship arrangement when a possible sexual relationship seemed off the cards – as “lies and flat out fabrications.” “I am not part of this lawsuit because I have never done anything wrong,” he vented, before noting “my reputation speaks for itself and anyone that has ever worked with me will back that up.”


jonathan coachman tweet 2


Coachman further insinuated that the lawsuit was orchestrated in a clear attempt to grab headlines, before signing off by sympathising with anyone “falsely accused of anything” – a set of which he considers himself a part – and thanking most of his fans for their support.

Coachman’s employers WWE released a statement earlier in the day which read very clearly: “We take these matters very seriously and are investigating.”