Review: UnXpectedBeatz – UnXpected Package

Jersey based instrumental trio UnXpectedBeatz has just released their debut EP “UnXpected Package” on Bandcamp. They are extremely proud of this project and would really appreciate the support so if you wouldn’t mind taking some time to check it out it would mean a lot to all of them. The project is the first ever release under the genre ‘UXB’ which pulls influences from Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass, Electronic and Acoustic music. Their EP had reached #1 on Bout Dat Online’s ‘Top Trending Posts’ in 2022.

Their album is an instant 5/5* stars based on the beats and high quality production! That’s what drew me in. The influences from drums and bass is what also drove me into listening to their album. There are definitely some acoustics visible and present. That is how the acoustics have a visible presence. Feel the sense of their creative direction in the instrumentation.

South Swanson Street is one of the livelier horn driven tracks with a huge sense of brightness and vibrance. The instrumentation has vibrance. That lovely piano is just angelic and sublime to one’s ears. Those drill beats fit in perfectly to the melody and harmony. The song is quite similar to their song Ooh La La, the official theme song of Pro Wrestling’s true living legend Michael Houghton aka Mr. Ooh La La.

Walk The Line Of Life is a beat driven and piano driven instrumental song. The piano is what makes the song so sublime and calming. Now those chords and piano notes overlaps those beats playing in the background.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

Audio Dope: Winter Heaterz – Griselda, The Game and Max B (Spotify Streams)

As 2019 comes to an end we thought we’d end with some recent album drops that have caught our attention big time!!!

Griselda Records (Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine & Benny The Butcher) FINALLY dropped their long awaited debut, on Shady Records, ‘WWCD (What Would Chinegun Do’ and it’s a classic!!!

Stream ‘WWCD’ here – Griselda – WWCD (Spotify Stream)

The Game has claimed that ‘Born 2 Rap’ will be his final album and, if it really is, what a way to go out!!! Some real West Coast bangers on this, 25-track, double album!!!

Stream ‘Born 2 Rap’ here – The Game – Born 2 Rap (Spotify Stream)

Jail can’t stop the wave!!! Max B drops a sweet, 7-track, EP ‘House Money’ to keep the streets heated until he comes home!!! His first solo project since, 2011’s, ‘Vigilante Season’!!! Welcome back to the game Max!!!

Stream ‘House Money’ here – Max B – House Money (Spotify Stream)

And so we say goodbye to 2019!!!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, to everyone and we’ll see you in 2020!!!

Events – Hip-Hop Coffee Shop Sessions: Jersey #2 @ Krafty J’s + CAGED D&B After Party @ ROJO’s (Dec. 20th)!!!

After a successful launch in August, Bristol based, Hip-Hop Coffee Shop Sessions return to Jersey, Channel Islands, for another showcase of the island’s top Hip-Hop talent at Krafty J’s in St. Helier.

The event will feature performances from local MC’s Daydreamer, Verse 1, Kajems, Kinz, G.M B-Eazy, Soylent Green (H!Jack & Genghis Daze) as well as, HHCSS resident, Weaver!!!

Straight after their will also be the ‘CAGED’ Drum & Bass after party at ROJO’s nightclub featuring sets from SPIM, Inkz, Grinz, Danko and LJB!!!


For tickets prices, and more information, go to Eventbrite – Hip-Hop Coffee Shop Sessions: Jersey #2 @ Krafty J’s + CAGED D&B After Party @ ROJO’s (Dec. 20th)!!!


On The Line: The Breakdown: WCDJC’s #AudioDopeShow Series 1 Stats!!!

We are proud to present the official stats (as of December 9th) for the first series of World Class DJ Club’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ on TrunkOfunk Radio’s Mixcloud channel!!!

When the ‘Audio Dope Show’ first started we predicted the estimated streaming numbers for each episode would be between 40-50. So over 8 episodes, in series 1, that would be between 320-400 total streams. We have now tallied up the total streaming numbers for series 1 and we are so proud of whats come up!!!

The total number is 512 which, based on the estimates, is 192 streams more than 320 and 112 more than 400!!! We also checked out the chart stats for the series, on Mixcloud’s #UndergroundHipHop chart, and came back with the following –

x2 Top 20 (13th and 17th)
x2 Top 40 (34th and 38th)
x3 Top 50 (43rd, 43rd and 49th)
x1 Top 70 (69th)

7 episodes reached the top half of the chart out of 8!!! Big up everyone who streamed, shared and supported the first series!!! The numbers and stats above have shown that it has well been worth the time and effort!!!

Oh and, before we forget, their were 6,649 total minutes streamed which averages at around 830 minutes for each show!!!

Please let us take the time to big up all the artists who’s dope music we’ve played on the show!!! Without the artists, who invest in their craft to make dope music, we would have no show so thank you!!!

Also special thanks to G.M. B-Eazy, for producing each episode, and DJ Stefunk, of TrunkOfunk, for letting us release them through the Mixcloud channel!!!!

The ‘Audio Dope Show’ will be back in February on Radio WIGWAM and then available to stream, 2 weeks after broadcast, on TrunkOfunk Radio!!!


On The Line: United Elementz Media will be re-branding next month!!!

As of next month United Elementz Media will be re-branded R.A.W (Rap And Wrestling) Media!!!

U.E.M has been providing Hip-Hop, and urban based, content for nearly 2 years, via BoutDatOnline #AudioDope section, however we have also been covering a lot of Pro Wrestling over the last 6 months, via the site’s #WrestleBiz section, and we thought that a re-branding was needed to reflect the type of content we are covering and the name R.A.W  Media fit perfectly!!!

Nothing else will change, except the name, and hopefully we can grow by bringing together the crazy worlds of Hip-Hop and Pro Wrestling!!!

#DedicatedToTheCulture #RAWMedia #UnitedElementz #BoutDatOnline #RAWCulture #WeDoThisForTheCulture

AUDIO DOPE: WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ S1:E8 – Series Finale + Bout Dat Online #AudioDopeAwards2019 Winners!!!

Series 1 of the World Class DJ’s Club’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ has finally come to an end with a BIG show!!!

Episode 8 features tracks from Smoke DZA & Benny The Butcher, Daylyt & The Ichiban Don, Westside Gunn & Fat Joe, Griselda and Klashnekoff!!!

It’s also features tracks from this years Bout Dat Online ‘Audio Dope Awards’ winners, as voted by the public, including Christian Foley (Best Album – ‘Excommunication’), DJ Premier (Best Single – ‘Headlines’) and Stanza Divan (Best Mixtape Or EP – ‘Poetry in Motion’)!!!

Congratulations to Christian Foley, DJ Premier and Stanza Divan on winning this years awards!!! All well deserved!!!

The ‘Audio Dope Show’ will be back, with series 2, in February on Radio WIGWAM!!!

Stream the show here – WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ S1:E8 – Series Finale + Bout Dat Online’s #AudioDopeAwards2019 Winners!!!

WrestleBIZ: Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley (Lights Out Match) (Highlights)

All Elite Wrestling presented it’s ‘Full Gear’ pay-per-view last Saturday night with yet another phenomenal show that’s keeping WWE on their toes!!!

While the whole card had something for everyone there was one match in particular that has had fans divided due to it’s violent nature and that was the ‘Lights Out’ match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley!!!

There was everything from a barbed wire trampoline to a board of mouse traps that had audiences in disbelief! Jon Moxley even peeled the ring mat back, to expose the wooden boards, which added even more insanity to the match!!!

This was probably the most extreme match seen in a major North American wrestling promotion since Sabu and Terry Funk’s insane No-Rope Barbed Wire match, in ECW, from 1997 (a match so gruesome that ECW didn’t even broadcast it on there weekly ‘Hardcore TV’ show!)

Check out the match highlights here, as well as Sabu and Funk’s ’97 match, to see if Omega and Moxley really did go too far!!!


For the record, by the way, we loved it here at U.E.M!!!

AUDIO DOPE: KRS-One – Street Light: First Edition (Stream + Purchase)

When people talk about Hip-Hop culture it’s hard to not mention KRS-One…FACT!!!

Over 30 years deep in the game KRS is still dropping albums like he’s hungry and his latest effort, Street Light, shows that he’s just as hungry as ever!!!

Featuring dope production from DJ B. Original, Jesse West, DJ Static, Mlody and more, KRS spits nothing but bars, knowledge and positivity over 12 tracks showing that Hip-Hop is still alive and kicking!!!

Yeah he may have said R.I.P to the wrong Beastie Boy, on his last joint, and people might hate on what he has to say but, at the end of the day, KRS still has a powerful voice and he knows how to use it as proven on his latest album!!!

This one is definitely for the culture!!!

Highlights – ‘Open Your Mind’, ‘Be Original’, ‘Re-Mind Your Self’.

Stream + Support here – KRS-One – Street Light: First Edition (Stream + Purchase)

AUDIO DOPE: Westside Gunn ‘Hitler Wears Hermes 7’ and Earl Sweatshirt ‘Feet Of Clay’ (Stream)

In the week that Kanye West dropped his long awaited (and delayed) album ‘Jesus is King’ we’ve decided to highlight new projects from WSG and Earl Sweatshirt instead!!!

Why, I hear you ask, well because Yeezy’s attempt at making Christian Hip-Hop mainstream was awful and these releases represent the culture!!!

Ye’s heart might have been in the right place but the end result had Mr West releasing the worst album of his career (‘Ye’ your officially off the hook)!!!

Now back to more, pure, Hip-Hop related ish, Shady/Roc Nation signee, WSG’s ‘HWH7’ is stacked with top guests, and producers, including Fat Joe, Curren$y, DJ Drama, Boldy James, DJ Green Lantern, Alchemist and, of course, Conway and Benny!!!

As for Earl’s new EP it has a feature from Mach-Hommy on it and it’s the follow up to his, super dope, ‘Some Rap Songs’ album so we’re sold based on those points alone!!!

As for Ye better luck next time!!!

Stream both projects here –

Earl Sweatshirt – Feet of Clay (iTunes Stream)

Westside Gunn – Hitler Wears Hermes 7 (Spotify Stream)