On The Line: R.A.W Media celebrates first anniversary and announces new promotions service for artists!!!

Today marks R.A.W Media’s first anniversary!!!

We’ve seen huge growth, since the Rap and Wrestling brand took over from United Elementz Media, with new followers, on our page, weekly!!!

To celebrate R.A.W Media are proud to present our new music promotions service as we continue to push forward, with our goal, to support Underground Hip-Hop and the Hip-Hop culture!!!

Our aim is to provide artists with platforms to showcase there talents for an affordable price!!!

So here is what R.A.W Media Promotions will provide you with –

• A feature, and write-up, for your single, or album, on Bout Dat Online’s website via the ‘Audio Dope’ section.

• Promotion on our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) as well as our affiliated social media pages and groups.

• Guarenteed airplay for your single, or album track, on the WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’, 4 weeks in a row, on Radio WIGWAM.

All of the above for only £3!!!

For further details hit up beanshaw59@gmail.com or go on R.A.W Media’s Facebook page, and drop us a DM, at http://www.facebook.com/rapandwrestlingmedia.

Audio Dope: Your Old Droog – Uzbekistan (feat. Phonte & Mach-Hommy) (Stream + Purchase)

As R.A.W Media get’s ready to clock off for Christmas, and New Year, we have one last ‘New Music Friday’ to address with a dope cut from Your Old Droog’s long awaited ‘DUMP YOD: Krutoy Edition’ album!!!

Teaming up with, one half of Little Brother, Phonte and Mach-Hommy (fresh off his feature on Jay-Z’s End of Year Tidal playlist drop) for nothing but bars, bars and more bars!!!

Hommy drops the illest line of the year with the classic “trying to play with my culture like low fat yoghurt”. The man never ceases to amaze us with his wordplay every track!!!

We even get a quick Fahim verse because…well why not?!?!

Check the track here and be sure to support the album album – https://yourolddroog.bandcamp.com/track/uzbekistan-feat-phonte-and-mach-hommy

Audio Dope: T.D.K Presents Murder Musick: The Necro Files (Mixtape)

The World Class DJ Club’s Tape Deck King returns with the 11th installment of his ‘T.D.K Presents’ series with a focus on the legendary Necro’s work as a producer.

Featuring tracks he’s produced for Cage, Non Phixion & MF DOOM, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Kool G Rap and many more.

Definitely a good lead up to the 20th anniversary of his debut album ‘ I Need Drugs’ coming up.

Stream the tape here – https://m.soundcloud.com/user-457376575/tdk-presents-murder-musick-the-necro-files

Audio Dope: DJ Tape Deck King – Tape Deck Kulture: The Fat Tape (Stream)

WCDJC member DJ Tape Deck King has just dropped his debut, compilation, project ‘Tape Deck Kulture: The Fat Tape’ on Bandcamp featuring a dope collection of underground Hip-Hop tracks from Craig Mack, Lord Tariq, Lupe Fiasco, Papoose, FONZi NeuTRON, Da Ruckus and more!!!

The 15-track release is available via Bandcamp however this release is a little bit different from most!!!

T.D.K calls the release a celebration of the Hip-Hop culture and isn’t looking to profit from the project and has included links, for most of tracks, for which fans can purchase directly from the featured artists!!!

He has stated that “Some of tracks are available to download for free but either because they were already available for free elsewhere or because I got the rights to do so but for the other artists on there I can’t justify dropping a project for the culture and make money off there art. They deserve there piece of the pie and I’m just here to assist.”

The project also acts as a tribute to, the late, Craig Mack having been released on what would have been Mack’s birthday as well as dropping it under Mack’s, long defunct, label MackWorld to keep the legacy of both Craig and the label alive!!!

Tape Deck King’s unusual release of the project has to be applauded. In an era where DJ’s find ways to make money (at the expense of other artists) he’s treating the culture, and artists, with the respect they deserve!!!

Stream here – DJ Tape Deck King – Tape Deck Kulture: The Fat Tape (Stream)

On The Line: Gemiini Interview (UK Hip-Hop)

R.A.W Media recently spoke with upcoming UK Hip-Hop artist Gemiini to find out more about about him, his thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop and what his future plans are!!!

Give us a bit of background on yourself?

My name is Chris Wilson AKA Gemiini, A/K/A Thisisgemiini (https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsGemiini/). I am 23 years old and I’m a singer, rapper, songwriter based in Thurrock, Essex. I am the founder of O.D.N.A ( Once Dead Now Alive ) which is my music production brand. I am also the co-founder of the band Calls Of Alysm.

When did you first get into Hip-Hop?

I first got into Hip hop back in 2001 when my dad would drive us around in the car blaring Dr Dre’s ‘2001’ Album and since then I was hooked on Hip Hop and music as a whole.

What inspired you to start making music?

I was first inspired to start making music when in 2010 I was taken to my first live concert. It was a Pendulum concert and when I saw and heard them I was in awe, I realised how powerful music was and how it could move people. I only really got inspired to make music ‘professionally’ when I was invited by a colleague of mine to the ‘Kid Bookie – Fur Minxxx’ video shoot, when I saw him doing what the fuck he wanted I just thought that’s so dope. Plus seeing someone going places who’s come from near your area really sets it in stone and shows that it is possible.

What do you think of the current state on Hip-Hop?

The current state of Hip Hop is good and bad in my opinion. Its in a good state because everyone can make a hit song now, its good that its so open, you don’t need thousands of pounds worth of equipment to make a good song anymore. However the part that I think is bad is that everyone is in such rivalry with each other. The main topics in today’s music are all about who’s got the best car, who gets the most girls, sipping lean etc. these are not relatable subjects for the targeted audience and I believe that modern day music is one of the lead causes of depression in teens because every time they put on a song all it is telling them is that this guy rapping is better than them. Musicians should be coming together and making history together and helping kids through tough times. That’s my opinion in all of this.

Who’s your favourite MC/Artist of all time?

HIP-HOP US: NF purely because he helped me through a lot of tough times in my life, he always managed to say what I wanted to hear.

HIP-HOP UK: Plan B, when ‘Who Needs Actions When You’ve Got Words’ dropped I couldnt stop listening to it, he spoke about some very real and very touchy subjects.

NON-HIP-HOP US: Hollywood Undead, I remember hearing the song ‘Undead’ for the first time on Scuzz and loving everything about them, the aggression, the realness, plus the music video was badass.

NON-HIP-HOP UK: The Prodigy, I’ve been hooked on The Prodigy since around 2008. My step Dad and I drove to Scotland and we stopped at a service station and in WHSmiths the ‘Invaders Must Die’ Album was on the counter at the till so we bought it and played it on repeat for the rest of the journey and on the way back. We must of played it about 12 times in the space of around 2 days.

Who’s your favourite out now?

HIP-HOP US: Machine Gun Kelly, The thing I am most drawn to in artists is when they genre bend or do things that truly express how they feel and MGK has been doing that for a while now, he hops back and forth between hip hop and rock music and does it well.

HIP-HOP UK: Kid Bookie, I like Kid Bookie for the same reasons I like MGK, he puts heavy guitar into rap music, he expresses himself however he feels necessary and I have a lot of respect for him and his music. Plus he did a song with Corey Taylor which is Dope as fuck.

NON-HIP-HOP US: Falling In Reverse, I love the musical journey that they have been on, they have been through so much as a band, and I have a lot of respect for Ronnie Radke, he managed to turn his life around and sort himself out, he is a true inspiration.

NON-HIP-HOP UK: Bring Me The Horizon, I’ve been listening to them since ‘Suicide Season’, I loved their heavy music back in the day and I love where they are at now, their newest album is such a mash up of different genres and they literally did what the fuck they wanted to, and they made a masterpiece.

Do you have any forthcoming projects dropping this year?

Well since around September 2019 I have been writing my first EP ‘Modern Day Cowboy’ which is set for release between April and June. However I have two singles out currently, both can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube



Where do you see yourself, musically, in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I see myself in a position completely different to the one I am in now, even through the past few months there has been massive changes to my methods of making music, my interests, my confidence in experimentation, everything I do seems to be evolving more and more so who knows where I may be in 5 years? I guess we will have to see!!!

AUDIO DOPE: Your Old Droog – It Wasn’t Even Close (Bandcamp Stream + Purchase)

photo (6)

Your Old Droog follows up, 2017’s, ‘Packs’ with a new album stacked full of underground Hip-Hop’s illest enigmas!!!

The album is executive produced by Mach-Hommy (as well as features him on two tracks) and features appearances from Lil Ugly Mane, Roc Marciano, Wiki and, the legend that is, MF DOOM!!!

Dope production provided by Tha God Fahim, Sadhu Gold, Evidence, Daringer (Yes, as in Griselda’s head beat maker, which hopefully means bridges are being mended between Hommy and the GxFR camp!!!) and more!!!

Highlights – ‘RST’, ‘Bubble Hill’, ‘Babushka’.

Stream + Purchase here – Your Old Droog – It Wasn’t Even Close (Bandcamp Stream + Purchase)

Anonymous, Hidden & M-Acculate – The Trinity (Stream + Purchase)

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Hidden Road Studios (aka HRSUnderground) have been setting the underground on fire recently and their latest release keep that fire burning!!!

HRS signees Anonymous, Hidden and M-Acculate team up to drop the 7-track EP, ‘The Trinty’, entirely produced by Illternal Beats!!!

The result is 7 tracks of gritty, raw, underground Hip-Hop! From the UK to the US this is worldwide Hip-Hop at it’s best!!!

Highlights – ‘Introducing’, ‘Still’, ‘Specialist’.

Stream + Purchase here – Anonymous, Hidden & M-Acculate – The Trinity (Stream + Purchase)

VIDEO DOPE: R.A. The Rugged Man – ‘The Return’ and Conway The Machine – ‘Fentanyl’.

photo (5)

Two dope videos for the price of one! Let’s go!!!

First R.A. drops a short, but sweet, verse in this western inspired video for ‘The Return’! A new R.A. album is on the way, so if this is anything to go by, it will definitely be fire!!! LONG LIVE RUGGED MAN (potential album title R.A.?)!!!

Second, Griselda and Shady’s, Conway The Machine drops a gritty, and grimy, video (courtesy of Mercenary Productions) for the opening track on his recent album, ‘E.I.F 2: Eat What U Kill’! This track is straight up gangsta music and the video suits it well!!!

Tha God Fahim – Location: State of Mind (Prod. By Earl Sweatshirt) (Stream + Purchase)

Who is Tha God Fahim? Well if you are not familiar with Fahim by now you should leave this site now and never return.

I truthfully only discovered him (along with the phenomenal Mach-Hommy) a few months ago and I have never looked back.

Dropping some absolute gems over his 100+ tape reign (yes, he’s that consistent!) it’s hard to ignore Tha God. Whether he’s rhyming, or producing, Fahim is truly the God at what he does.

His latest release sees him team up with, the always reliable, Earl Sweatshirt (on production mind you) for yet another underground classic to add to his already bulky discography!!!

Purchase from Bandcamp here – Tha God Fahim – Location: State of Mind (Prod. By Earl Sweatshirt) (Bandcamp Purchase)

AUDIO: King Fobia, FONZi NeuTRON, Yung Rowdy & Hitmayne4Hire – E.B.K. [HEAT]



E.B.K. (Every body killer) – King Fobia, Fonzi, Yung Rowdy & Hitmayne4Hire (OFFICIAL 2016 RELEASE) – Selfmade,

Bout Dat and HIT/NO LIMIT Collaboration – Available Now Everywhere



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