On The Line: Hip-Hop & Mental Health


Today I’m stepping out of my usual position as blogger for the ‘Audio Dope’ section to post my first ‘On The Line’ piece! The subject of this post is one that hits close to home for me and brings together two huge parts of my life: Hip-Hop and Mental Health!

Hip-Hop’s relationship with mental health is an interesting one to me and as someone who has invested over half his life to the Hip-Hop culture, as an artist, MC, DJ, promoter, blogger and fan, and has suffered from mental health issues, personally and with family and friends, for about the same length of time so the subject is very personal to me.

Mental health issues, such as depression and high anxiety, have plagued me for years as well as a battle with alcohol and substance abuse, in my early to mid 20’s, but the one thing that balanced everything out for me was my love for Hip-Hop but with the exception of a few songs I’d never really seen a strong connection between Hip-Hop and Mental health.

Hip-Hop is very well known for it’s braggadocio, bottle popping, gun toting, drug pushing lyrics compared to being open and expressing your deepest and darkest feelings. While their are artists out there such as Joe Budden, Scarface, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, Cage, R.A. The Rugged Man, Prodigy, Eminem, DMX and many more artists who have opened up about their battles with depression and mental health issues their is still a large percentage of rappers who choose to spit about the more care free aspects of life (even though, more than likely, those same artists probably wrestle with personal demons themselves).


Some artists like 2Pac, Drake and ,worst of all, Troy Ave., as prime examples, have even openly mocked illnesses such as Pac mocking Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s sickle cell, on 1996’s monster diss record ‘Hit ‘Em Up’, a disease Prodigy had openly said had caused him “physical and mental pain” (as heard on the emotional ‘You Can Never Feel My Pain’), Drake on ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ taking aim at Kid Cudi’s mental state even after Cudi checked himself into rehab for severe depression and Troy Ave., on his 2016 single ‘BadA$$’, calling late Pro Era member Capital Steez “Splat Man” and saying “Steez burning in hell” in reference to Steez’s 2012 suicide. This last example was all a part of a beef with Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ over who wore the crown as New York’s #1 Independent Hip-Hop artist! Like really??? Very low blows indeed by two best selling, and respected artists in the industry (Troy doesn’t fall under best selling or respected in my opinion based on the above…sorry)!

Though mental health is a more discussed public topic nowadays I still feel Hip-Hop has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to the issue which after 40+ years is quite sad to say. Despite a new wave of artists, who have been given the tag of ‘Emo Rap’ popping up on Soundcloud (and the charts), talking about their ‘issues’ to me they come across more like moping teenagers having a moan about feeling ‘depressed’ because they’ve taken too many prescription drugs as opposed to people dealing with real depression which anyone can be hit with on any day. Not to necessarily say all modern day artists don’t speak on their real issues, some do (Logic I see you!), but the majority do come across more as attention seekers with very minor life problems, and to some extent, almost like a gimmick just to latch onto a niche audience.


As an artist myself I’ve found it difficult to speak openly on the issue, outside of music, as it’s not an easy subject to be open about, especially in Hip-Hop, but after reading and watching interviews with people like Joe Budden, Scarface, R.A. The Rugged Man and after seeing Styles P break down on the Breakfast Club, when discussing his daughters suicide through depression, it does make it easier to be more open to my own issues with mental health. I just hope that the Hip-Hop culture as a whole can take note and be a bit more open and honest on the subject as it’s been getting there slowly but, I feel, still has a long way to go.

THE HOT LOW! Master P & C-Murder reconciliation (TRU)

tru angola prison master p c-murder


Master P went to visit his brother in Angola Prison, he’s in good spirit. C told him that he wants to use his case and his life to help other young men not have to go through the unnecessary injustice that he’s been through. We laughed, we argued, we fussed and we fought but in the end we realized that there is nothing more important than family. We will be there when no one else will. Blood is thicker than water. You can choose your friends but not your family. Nothing is more important than love. We all we got. Free Corey Miller. God will turn this around. A man has come forward and confessed, there is also a video tape from the club that has not been used as evidence in the case but we have faith and trust in God. Thanks to all the fans for their prayers and support.



master p c-murder angola prison


THE HOT LOW – C-Murder fights for life with Hunger Strike

Former No Limit rapper C-Murder, who is serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana, launched a hunger strike on Tuesday (January 30). He’s specifically targeting Angola Prison, Assistant Warden Barrett Boeker, Warden Darrel Vannoy, The Department of Corrections and the secretary of the DOC James LeBlanc because of the prison’s “inhumane” conditions.

In a statement obtained exclusively by AllHipHop, C-Murder, who is the brother of both Master P and Silkk the Shocker, specifically referenced Boeker who was arrested for second-degree rape in December 2016, and has received numerous complaints from prisoners due to harassment and physical harm.

“I am now on a hunger strike to fight these injustices against my peers and against myself,” he said. “Only in Angola can a warden be arrested for rape and continue to serve as an officer in this Louisiana penal system. This warden has an abundant amount of harassment, racism, and physical harm complaints against him from other inmates. We need an internal affairs investigation now.”



Miller’s conviction is the second time that a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder. A jury convicted him in 2003, but the presiding judge at the time, Martha Sassone, awarded Miller a new trial, in finding that prosecutors withheld the background information on three of its witnesses from the defense. The state Supreme Court upheld the decision in March 2006, clearing the way for a second trial. During the trials, Thomas was described by his father as a fan of the rapper and his brother Percy “Master P” Miller.



THE HOT LOW – Master P wanted by IRS for 1.5 Million tax bill!

Government After Master P’s Assets Over Tax Bill In The Millions


master p no limit forever


The Colonel Master P is being targeted by the IRS, for refusing to pay a back tax bill of over $1.5 million dollars.




Earlier this week, it was revealed the IRS was seeking over $6 million dollars from T.I., while Nas is reportedly in the hole to the IRS to the tune of $359,000.


The rapper – real name Percy Miller – was hit with a federal tax lien recently in California.

According to the documents Master P owes taxes from 2004 ($1,199,769.48), 2005 ($305,245.73) and 2008 ($4,447.50). The grand total for the unpaid taxes comes to $1,509,462.71.

The IRS says if Master P doesn’t cough up the money soon, they will begin the process of seizing his assets and property to collect on the debt. The lien remains active and has yet to be released by the IRS.

In 2004, the rapper had a cameo in “Scary Movie 3” and released his 11th album, “Good Side, Bad Side.” Master P’s record label, No Limit Records, filed for bankruptcy in December 2003.

Recently P has released material under the name “Tony Mantana”


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