Audio Dope: WCDJC Presents The Best Of Hip-Hop in Jersey (Mixed By DJ Dirty Needlz) (Mixtape)

The World Class DJ Club proudly present a dope new companion piece to the ‘Top 10 Greatest Jersey Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time’ list, that was published on Bout Dat Online last year, with a mixtape featuring all the tracks included on it!!!

The tape is mixed by DJ Dirty Needlz and arranged by Bout Dat Music Group’s Music Curator Bean Lebouc.

Check out the tape on the United Elementz Network Mixcloud channel and be sure to stop sleeping on this amazing scene!!!

Audio Dope: WCDJC Presents M-Acculate – Rhyme & Reason (Mixtape)

The World Class DJ Club teams up with, HRS Underground artist, M-Acculate for a brand new mixtape titled ‘Rhyme & Reason’ out now on United Elementz Network’s Mixcloud channel!!!

The 12-track project features a dope mix of tracks from M-Acculate alongside artists that influenced him to rhyme such as Cormega, Proof, Chino XL, Killah Priest, Kool G Rap and Canibus!!!

Stream the tape here –

WCDJC Audio dope ‘mixtape’ – get the bag

A Hard Hitter Production: For Promotional Use | World Class DJ Club (Full Mixtape) of US/UK’s finest underground Hip-Hop featuring featuring TRIO, FONZi NeuTRON, Flight Boy, Mr Serv-On, Mastamynd, Krazy, Dee Dolla, Pheno Gambino and more!

Audio Dope: B-Eazy & FONZi NeuTRON – ‘R.A.W (Rap And Wrestling) Culture’ (Mixtape Stream)

R.A.W Media, WrestleBiz and WCDJC proudly present the ‘R.A.W Culture’ mixtape to represent all things Hip-Hop and Pro Wrestling!!!

Eazy and FONZi have put together a collection of wrestling related bangers alongside some classic WWE, and WCW, entrance themes featuring the likes of Griselda, Action Bronson, C-Murder, Naughty by Nature, Smoke DZA and more!!!

Stream the tape here – B-Eazy & FONZi NeuTRON – R.A.W (Rap And Wrestling) Culture (Mixtape Stream)

Audio Dope: T.D.K Presents Where Brooklyn At?!?! The Biggie Fat Tape (Mixtape Stream + D/L)!!!

It’s been a busy, but odd, week for WCDJC’s DJ Tape Deck King.

T.D.K recently released the 10th instalment of his ‘T.D.K Presents’ mixtape series, on what would have been The Notorious B.I.G’s 48th birthday, titled ‘Where Brooklyn At?!?! The Biggie Fat Tape’!!!

Featuring a dope selection of freestyles, demos, unreleased tracks and blends (Biggie over Cypress Hill and MF DOOM anyone?!?!)

Stream + D/L the tape here – T.D.K Presents Where Brooklyn At?!?! The Biggie Fat Tape (Mixtape Stream + D/L)!!!

In other T.D.K related news, on May 23rd, his debut compilation album ‘Tape Deck Kulture: The Fat Tape’ was removed from Bandcamp without warning!!!

No official confirmation has been made by anyone on why the project was removed, only 13 days after it was released, or if it will be re-released at a later date.

However the projects lead single, ‘Fork in The Road (An Ode to Craig Mack)’, by B-Eazy & Eirenicon is still available to stream on Soundcloud but all mentions of ‘Tape Deck Kulture’ have been removed from it’s bio (Link here – B-Eazy & Eirenicon – Fork in The Road (An Ode To Craig Mack)).

Was it an intentional move by T.D.K or was there something more behind the projects random disappearance? I guess we’ll probably never find out!!!

Eirenicon – Load The Canon (Mixtape Stream)

Multi talented musician Eirenicon releases his brand new, instrumental, mixtape ‘Load The Canon’ through, WCDJC member, DJ Tape Deck King’s ‘Tape Deck Productions’ label!!!

The project can be streamed below and for a free copy you can hit up Eirenicon on his email!!!

AUDIO DOPE: WCDJC Presents ‘Get The Bag’

Audio Dope

The WCDJC Mixtape Kingz are back with another Hard Hitting release! this follow-up #AudioDope Mixtape featuring banging joints from the US/UK territories with Platinum selling giants and underground finest.

featuring FONZi NeuTRON, Dee Dolla, Krazy 504 Boy, Ace Boss, Sons Of Funk Nirvana and more!

AUDIO DOPE: UK Kingz “The Crown” | OUT NOW

UK KINGZ – Keepers Of The Crown

Compilation featuring some of the Uk’s hottest MC’s from London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Leicester to name a few!

featuring FONZi NeuTRON, Rowdy-T, Bate Nate H and more…

Keepers Of “The Crown”

WATCH FONZi NeuTRON “Real Ridahz” as featured on UK Kingz

also available

AUDIO DOPE: DJ Tape Deck King – Enigmatic MC’s: A Rough Guide To Hip-Hop Enigmas (Mixtape Stream + Download)


WCDJC member T.D.K returns with his 9th mixtape, ‘Enigmatic MC’s’, that provides a guide to some of the games most unique artists!!!

Featuring tracks from MF DOOM, Kool Keith, Lil B, Andre 3000, Mach-Hommy, Earl Sweatshirt, Paul Barman and a host of Hip-Hop’s most unusual, yet creative, figures!!!

Stream + Download here – DJ Tape Deck King – Enigmatic MC’s: A Rough Guide To Hip-Hop Enigmas (Mixtape Stream + Download)