Audio Dope: Bout Dat Music Group Presents ‘Audio Dope Jamz’ #1!!!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first of Bout Dat Music Group’s new monthly series called ‘Audio Dope Jamz’ where we select 12 of the last months best tracks, from across all urban genres, all in one place for your listening pleasure!!!

So check out this months selection below!!!

Nas ‘Wave Gods’ (Featuring A$AP Rocky & DJ Premier)
Redman & Method Man ‘Alright’ (Featuring Nefertitti Avanti)
Mach-Hommy ‘Separation Of The Sheep From The Goats’
Kanye West & Andre 3000 ‘Life Of The Party’
Earl Sweatshirt ‘2010’
Russ ‘Salute’ (featuring Westside Gunn & Styles P.)
Styles P. & Havoc ‘Havoc & The Ghost’
Boldy James & The Alchemist ‘Hot Water Tank’ (featuring ICECOLDBISHOP)
M-Acculate, Hidden & Fubar ‘Static’ (featuring Dirty Joe, Sadida & ILLtemper)
Silk Sonic ‘Fly As Me’
Jackson Lee ‘Hadron Collider’
Cordae & Eminem ‘Parables Remix’

Make sure to check back in, on February 25th, for the next ‘Audio Dope Jamz’ right here on Bout Dat Online!!!

On The Line: The RAW Report #37

Welcome back for another edition of ‘The R.A.W Report’ bringing you the Top 5 biggest news stories, releases and events, from the worlds of Hip-Hop/Rap and Pro Wrestling!!!

So here is this week’s Top 5 –

• Brand new Max B ‘Negro Spirituals’ –

• Results + Recap from WWE ‘Survivor Series 2021’ –

• Kenny Omega to vacate AAA’s Mega Championship –

• Brand new Fubar x M-Acculate x Hidden ‘Three The Hard Way’ –

• Eddy West’s ‘Point Of Discussion’ Podcast interview with B-Eazy –

Join us, #OnTheLine, for the next edition of the R.A.W Report on Bout Dat Online.

Audio Dope: Fubar, M-Acculate and Hidden – Three The Hard Way (Purchase + Stream)

HRS Underground’s deadly, lyrical, trio of Fubar, Hidden and M-Acculate have dropped there incredibly dope, 7-track, collaborative EP ‘Three The Hard Way’.

The EP features the usual HRS traits such as dope bars and sick beats to keep your head nodding.

Featuring guest appearances from Dirty Joe, ILLtemper and Sadida.

Grab a copy and support here –

Audio Dope: WCDJC Presents M-Acculate – Rhyme & Reason (Mixtape)

The World Class DJ Club teams up with, HRS Underground artist, M-Acculate for a brand new mixtape titled ‘Rhyme & Reason’ out now on United Elementz Network’s Mixcloud channel!!!

The 12-track project features a dope mix of tracks from M-Acculate alongside artists that influenced him to rhyme such as Cormega, Proof, Chino XL, Killah Priest, Kool G Rap and Canibus!!!

Stream the tape here –

On The Line: WCDJC’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ Episode 9 on Radio WIGWAM (Broadcast Schedule)!!!

The World Class DJ Club return, this Monday night, with another dope line up of Hip-Hop anthems!!!

Featuring a selection of the best Hip-Hop from around the globe including Boldy James & The Alchemist, Westside Gunn, Wiley, Darko The Super, AZ, GRIP and a special M-Acculate mix!!!

100% uncut RAW!!!

Broadcast schedule below on

October 11th- 11pm
October 16th – 6pm
October 18th – 11pm
October 25th – 11pm
November 1st – 11pm

All of the above are for UK broadcasting times and are subject to change.

AUDIO DOPE: HRS Presents M-Acculate & Uncle Bungle – The Scumbag & The Scoundrel (Stream + Purchase)

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to 2020 and welcome to R.A.W Media!!!

Hidden Road Studios kick off 2020 with a re-issue of M-Acculate and Uncle Bungle’s dope ‘The Scumbag & The Scoundrel’!!!

The project was originally released in 2016, as an 8-track EP, but has now been re-released with more tracks, new artwork and availability on, limited edition, CD!!!

If you like your underground Hip-Hop sick and twisted then we would suggest grabbing a copy of this UK Horrorcore classic!!!

Featuring appearances from Hidden, Elder Wastemen, Rukas, Late, Conflict, Ink Spilla + many more!!!

Stream + Purchase here – HRS Presents M-Acculate & Uncle Bungle – The Scumbag & The Scoundrel (Stream + Purchase)

AUDIO DOPE: Lucifers Apostles – 731666 (Bandcamp Stream + Purchase)

M-Acculate, Rez and Uncle Bungle return, as Lucifers Apostles, to drop their new album, with HRS Underground, ‘731666’!!!

The follow up to, 2016’s, ‘See All Evil, Hear All Evil’ is 12 tracks of straight up Horrorcore Hip-Hop featuring appearances from Mistah B, Hidden, Anonymous, Suicide Saints, DC and Filzy!!!

Dope bars, dope beats, dope album!!!

Highlights – ‘Enter Unit 731’, ‘Season Of Evil’, ‘Epidemic Prevention’.

Stream + purchase here – Lucifer’s Apostles – 731666 (Bandcamp Stream + Purchase)

On The Line: M-Acculate Interview (UK Hip-Hop)


photo (4)

We caught up with one of the UK’s most consistent underground Hip-Hop artists, M-Acculate, to find how more about his past, his future, and his thoughts on the state of the game now!!!

U.E.M – Give us a bit of background on yourself. When did you first get into Hip-Hop and what inspired you to start making music?

M-Acculate – I always loved poetry as a kid. I discovered Hip-Hop in 1993, at the age of 13, when my brother brought home a 2 Live Crew tape. Then came ‘The Chronic’, ‘Doggystyle’, but, the big game changer was ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’. I fell in love with the lyricism and kind of blended my poetry and creative writing skills with my new found passion for Hip-Hop. I then started writing rhymes, free-styling and battling, mostly just at parties, to try impress chicks but never did it on a serious level. Eventually started doing a few demos, put together a couple of groups and eventually (about 10 years ago) I decided to make a full on go at it as a solo artist.

U.E.M – What do you think of the current state on Hip-Hop?

M-Acculate – I have no idea what it even is! I don’t follow it as a culture anymore and I literally don’t understand what happened. Many say rap went pop but I see it more as pop went rap. We started out as an alternative to music on the radio. Remember the shock and uniqueness of tracks like ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ climbing the charts? Well nowadays every single chart song is rap/R&B influenced. And its not just music, its pop culture on every scale. TV shows, movies, cartoons, commercials, everything always has an ‘urban’ character. I heard 3 TV advertisements, in the space of an hour the other day, all with Busta Rhymes tracks. The Rocky Robin chocolate bar advert is a cartoon bird in a backwards cap and gold chain. Rap emojis will be next and it’s just ridiculous. Its a total mockery to the culture.

U.E.M – Who’s your favourite MC/Artist of all time and favourite out now?

M-Acculate – Kool G Rap. Greatest lyricist of all time! I’m all about the wordplay, metaphors and punchlines and I craft my verses with technical pride. G Rap, Proof (D-12) Cormega, Chino XL, Canibus, Killah Priest, Ill Bill, Redman, thats who I look up to. As far as artists that are ‘out now’ I still listen to those guys and other older heads still dropping new stuff as well as their older stuff. I have tried a lot of the newer artists (Logic, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Joey Bada$$, Conway etc.) but it’s not for me! I don’t get anything from it. I don’t even class myself as a Hip-Hop fan no more. It just happens to be the only form of music that I listen too. I am a fan of certain Hip-Hop era’s, and artists, just not the genre.

U.E.M – Do you have any forthcoming projects dropping this year?

M-Acculate – Yeah, I just started the year off with ‘The Trinity’ E.P. that’s myself, Hidden & Anonymous, with Markie4eyez on the boards. We have ‘Hidden Underground Vol. 2’, dropping in April, with all the HRSUnderground roster and others on there. Lucifer’s Apostles new album will be out in the summer and, hopefully, drop a solo E.P or maybe even the, long overdue, ‘Ballad Of A Bastard’ album. That’s been written for ages but it was written through some of my darkest times and memories. As much as I may sound like a grumpy old miserable bastard at times I have never been happier in life so its hard to capture the emotion and feel I want in this album’s delivery. I might leave my wife for a month, quit my job and go back on the drugs just to get it done! Show my dedication to the game haha.

U.E.M – Where do you see yourself, musically, in 5 years time?

M-Acculate – Still sat on my sofa, drunk, playing golden era shit on YouTube saying “I wish it was 1995”. I’m not sure, still be here in some capacity, not rapping. I’ll be in my early 40’s by then so I will be promoting and I’ve also got a few other ideas. Still trying to figure some plans out. Hip-Hop will always be a big part of my heart so as long as my heart has a beat, it will be a 96BPM boom bap beat, and I’ll always be a part of the game. Thanks for having me here, I’ve enjoyed it, and big up all you guys that support me and real Hip-Hop! Keep up the dope work. Peace!!!

Stream + Purchase his music here –

iTunes – M-Acculate on iTunes

Spotify – M-Acculate on Spotify

Bandcamp – M-Acculate on Bandcamp

HRSUnderground Bio – M-Acculate – Official HRSUnderground Bio

Anonymous, Hidden & M-Acculate – The Trinity (Stream + Purchase)

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Hidden Road Studios (aka HRSUnderground) have been setting the underground on fire recently and their latest release keep that fire burning!!!

HRS signees Anonymous, Hidden and M-Acculate team up to drop the 7-track EP, ‘The Trinty’, entirely produced by Illternal Beats!!!

The result is 7 tracks of gritty, raw, underground Hip-Hop! From the UK to the US this is worldwide Hip-Hop at it’s best!!!

Highlights – ‘Introducing’, ‘Still’, ‘Specialist’.

Stream + Purchase here – Anonymous, Hidden & M-Acculate – The Trinity (Stream + Purchase)

M-Acculate & Markie4eyez – Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man (Stream + Purchase)


M-Acculate (under his alias Mad Max) teams up with producer Markie4eyez to drop 14 tracks of nothing but dope Hip-Hop!!!

Bars and beats are straight on point with great turns from all the guest MC’s on the project too!!!

Well worth investing in a copy!!!

Stream + Purchase (if you fancy being generous) here – M-Acculate & Markie4eyez – Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man (Stream + Purchase)