BIG MEECH gets Sentence Reduced! KANYE WEST Bugs Out, POOH SHIESTY Jailed, DR. DRE & JIMMY IOVINE Plan school!

Big Meech Win Sentence Reduction, Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine To Build New School, Pooh Shiesty Facing Serious Charges, Kanye West ‘Flips Out’ At Deposition!

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Jimmy Iovine In focus

James Iovine is an American entrepreneur, record executive, and media proprietor best known as the co-founder of Interscope Records. In 2006, Iovine and rapper-producer Dr. Dre founded Beats Electronics, which produces audio products and operated a now-defunct music streaming service.

“He moved away from production in 1990 when he co-founded Interscope Records and in the process helped to develop the careers of Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Nine Inch Nails, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and many more. He also coproduced “8 Mile” and “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” He cofounded Beats Electronics and Beats Music with Dre in 2008 and sold the companies to Apple in 2016 for $3 billion, with Beats Music becoming the foundation for Apple Music and Iovine becoming a top executive for the company, a post he left in 2018. In 2013, he and Dre gave a $70 million endowment to the University of Southern California to create the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation.” – Variety Magazine

Fellow Businessman Mogul Master P has spoke in a few Interviews about early dealing with Iovine on a few occasions.

WATCH: T. Miles [No Limit Forever] A&R speaks on "Devilish" music industry!


No Limit Forever A&R T. Miles speaks on Gay mafia in music industry, in a candid “shoot the breeze” conversation with TRUTH ENTERTAINMENT,

With many insiders including LADY GAGA speaking on on “D’evils” of the music industry through their findings! What are y’all thoughts? be sure to comment and share too!




In this edition of Once Upon A Rhyme, No Limit founder and legendary mogul, Master P stops by with his new signed artist, Ace B. Ouar, to talk about the first song that put him on the map.



WATCH: Master P – The Dr. Greenthumb Show | BREALTV



The one and only No Limit soldier, Master P, stops by the Dr. Greenthumb Show to talk about new movie, new music, and Lamar Odom.




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AUDIO: Master P Interview talks Jimmy Iovine, 2Pac, Cash Money beef, Dubai


Brand New Interview from the Colonel

The Ice Cream Man himself Master P joins @ChehadeTheKing for an exclusive interview on Dash Radio

– 0:49 Master P talks about his purpose to make money through music and paving the way for artists to be able to make money through their music.

– 2:15 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P talk about how Master P paved the way for independent artists while other groups such as NWA were getting fucked over by labels.

– 3:02 Master P talks about Jimmy Iovine trying to sign him and him rejecting his million dollar offer.

– 4:10 Master P talks about touring with 2 Pac

– 4:37 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P talk about No Limit Records having 20 albums on the top 100 charts. About 15%-20% of the music industry.

– 6:00 Master P discusses his 80/20 distribution deal which allowed him to be the boss of his own music and label

– 6:24 Master P explains the story behind him saving Snoop Dogg’s career, buying his contract out from Deathrow Records and signing him to No Limit Records

– 8:32 Master P talks about having shows in Dubai and mentions Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Rihanna as possible artists that will join him.

Master P Dubai

– 9:50 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P discuss Mystikal singing to No Limit Records from Jive Records

– 10:52 Master P talks about his goal to make it to 19 years old and New Orleans basically being the murder capital of the world at the time.

– 13:00 Master P talks about his son Romeo changing his life being the reason he decided to pack up, leave (New Orleans) and move on.



– 14:15 @ChehadeTheKing asks about the Cash Money – No Limit Records feud. Master P talks about why they never worked together.

– 16:16 Master P meets Soulja Slim for the first time while he was robbing Master P’s producer

– 16:48 Master P explains why he never got caught up in the drug/heroin epidemic in New Orleans growing up

– 19:20 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P talk about how P met J. Prince at the university of Houston

– 21:09 Master P talks about how E-40’s uncle St. Charles taught Master P the rap the game


– 22:00 @ChehadeTheKing talks about how Master P introduced the South to the West Coast

– 22:38 @ChehadeTheKing talks about how Master P was the first time he ever saw a double disc drop

– 23:20 @ChehadeTheKing talks about Master P putting bosses together on a record ( UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Master P)

– 25:15 Master P talks about shooting up the club in Oakland after someone knocks out Big Ed

– 29:21 @ChehadeTheKing asks Master P about a record on Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 “Freak Ho” a record originally made by Master P “Freak Hoes”

– 31:51 @ChehadeTheKing asks Master P who his favorite rapper is

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 15.16.39

– 33:00 @ChehadeTheKing talks about blowing up “Like What” a record by Problem and remix of Master P’s “How You Do That There”

– 35:36 Master P talks about “Homies & Thugs” a record by Master P x Scarface x Tupac

– 37:30 @ChehadeTheKing talks about 2 Pac’s influence on Master P in his music even after he passed.

– 39:55 @ChehadeTheKing talks about how Master P should be viewed as a “Jimmy Iovine”

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