AUDIO DOPE: Har-Q – SxY (Spotify Stream)

Northampton’s Har-Q returns with his dope new, 17-track, album ‘SxY’!!! On the follow up to ‘Comicbooks Booty & Beats’ (which only dropped back in March) Har-Q spits nothing but fire over some absolutely amazing beats that, guaranteed, will have you hitting repeat!!! Top notch bars and production throughout!!! Definitely worth a listen!!! Highlights – ‘Butterflies’, ‘Divine’, ‘Cluster’. Stream here – Har-Q – SxY (Spotify Stream) Advertisements Continue reading AUDIO DOPE: Har-Q – SxY (Spotify Stream)


AUDIO DOPE: Har-Q – Comicbook Bootys & Beats (Spotify)

Northampton Hip-Hop artist, Har-Q, has been on his grind for over 15 years!!! Representing the relatively quiet (in Hip-Hop terms) area with his unique look, wordplay and dope material!!! He dropped his latest album, ‘Comicbook Bootys & Beats’, which highlights, some of, the above points over some well crafted production to present a pretty unique project!!! Highlights – ‘Error’, ‘Calm Down’ and ‘Suci Suci’. Stream … Continue reading AUDIO DOPE: Har-Q – Comicbook Bootys & Beats (Spotify)

Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Har-Q


Featured Artist: Har-Q

Rap artist from Northampton, UK


Har-Q real name Jason Khalid Williams

Har-Q stands for

  • H: herald ‘messenger’ / heru ‘sun-flesh’
  • A: ark ‘the message’
  • R: returns / renaissance ‘a revival of or renewed interest in something.’
  • Q: Quadrivium : ‘a medieval university course involving the ‘mathematical arts’ of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music’

Born and raised in northampton a thing which har-q has give credit for his rhymes and dedication to music because it is a quite town, which is what has giving har-q a chance to create boxes of writing and terabytes of recording homing his style and meaning for creating music.

How did your artist name come about?
It was originally some one’s name that came up on my screen at work when I used to work in a call center, it quickly grew on me and I gave it a new meaning, so har-q then meant “when I leave the stage it will be a hard cue to beat”.
over time as I studied and matured so did the name and now it is an acronym
H.A.R-Q which mean the Herald Ark Returns/ Renaissance – Quadrivium
which is the for master studies which i correlate to the 4 elements of hip-hop.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for about 15 years but recording for about 10 years and releasing for about 7 years.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

I am definitely a student of the 90’s era in hip hip where it was very much lyricist driven, yet i have watched the culture change and have adapted to it while still holding on to the word play punchlines concepts and the poetical side of it. To date the current state on my new album release TRAPPED HOP the beat style is up to date and the flow but the content is fearless. i also still maintain a boom bap sound by working with a group called Har-Q-stic’s which is a jazz-hip-hop fusion.


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