Nas – Nasir (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

Nas album done!!! After making the world wait he finally dropped his long awaited, Kanye West produced, follow up to 2012’s amazing ‘Life is Good’! Question is was is worth the wait? The answer is DEFINITELY!!! This 7 track project is a classic! Yes I said classic! Lyrically Nas is just as sharp as ever and Kanye (after his pretty poor ‘Ye’ album) has proven … Continue reading Nas – Nasir (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

Audio Dope: G.O.O.D Music vs. Everybody

This last month has been a crazy one for the G.O.O.D Music camp! Starting with Pusha T’s amazing ‘DAYTONA’ album the label has been dropping albums (or EP’s depending who you ask) every Friday as a part of it’s resurrected ‘G.O.O.D Friday’ series! But amongst all the new projects has also come plenty of shots from what seems to be everywhere! Pusha took aim at … Continue reading Audio Dope: G.O.O.D Music vs. Everybody

Pusha T – DAYTONA (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

And so it begins!!! Yeezy season is officially upon us and it kicks off with the return of, G.O.O.D Music president, Pusha T with his dope new album, the 7 track, ‘DAYTONA’! Kanye holds down the production side of things throughout the whole project and certainly doesn’t disappoint while King Push drops nothing but hard, and honest, bars! One thing I’ve certainly learnt from this … Continue reading Pusha T – DAYTONA (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

Kanye West (feat. T.I.) – Ye vs. The People (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

Yeezy season is upon us! With Kanye back on Twitter putting the world to right and promoting forthcoming projects by himself (solo and with Kid Cudi), Nas and Pusha T it was only a matter of time before we got to finally hear what he’s been cooking up! His new single, featuring T.I., called ‘Ye vs. The People’ has Kanye and T.I butting heads on … Continue reading Kanye West (feat. T.I.) – Ye vs. The People (iTunes Stream + Purchase)