VIDEO DOPE: Griselda x Charlie Sloth – Fire in The Booth

We’re going to keep this one short and simple people!!!

Griselda x Charlie Sloth x Fire in the Booth…THAT’S IT!!!

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VIDEO DOPE: Lowkey – ‘The Return of Lowkey’ and Mic Righteous – ‘Fire in The Booth (Part 4)’.

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“You will never top my fire in the booth/I ain’t signed to a label I’m signed to the truth”!

So Lowkey is back, with a new single and video, and has truly cemented his legacy with this 7 minute lyrical masterpiece, ‘The Return of Lowkey’!

Including some audio bites of Akala talking about Lowkey’s impact on the UK Hip-Hop scene as well as Charlie Sloth bigging him up as the GOAT of UK Hip-Hop from a few years back (but does he still feel that way in 2019?)!

Regardless of if Sloth brings him back, to prove the quoted claim above, enjoy him being an absolute beast!!!

The second video has us looking at week two of the all new ‘Fire in The Booth’ on Charlie Sloth’s new Apple Beats 1 ‘Rap Show’ with Mic Righteous (aka Mic Reckless), making his fourth FITB appearance, basically GOING THE FUCK IN!!!

At one point his flow is almost like he’s verbally having a fit and it’s genuinely incredible how he doesn’t stumble over his lines! That’s a real MC!!!

He got a lot off his chest on this one and definitely (along with Lowkey) prove that UK Hip-Hop isn’t just alive, and well, it’s killing everything coming out of the U.S (We haven’t heard a Funk Flex Freestyle for a while! Probably had to put the mic to rest after Black Thought murdered it) and that the UK are running things at the moment!!!

Hope Dealers – Fire in The Booth (1Xtra Video)


Can their really be room for Gospel Drill in the world of Hip-Hop? Well after listening to South London’s Hope Dealers the answer is definitely yes!

The Dealers stopped by Charlie Sloth’s Saturday Night Rap Show on BBC 1Xtra and Radio One to do something I’d never believed possible, spit the word of god over some banging drill instrumentals! And better yet still not once did they come across as preachy which sealed the deal for posting this up!

A real eye opener that anyone can do whatever they want to do in this day and age! They also kept it grimy at some points which prove you can praise both the lord and the streets!

If your looking for something a bit different from the UK Hip-Hop scene I would highly recommend checking this out!

Check the video here – Hope Dealers – Fire in The Booth (1Xtra Video)

Also hit them up on Soundcloud here – Hope Dealers on Soundcloud

STUDIO SHUTDOWN Vol. 1 & 2 (Stream)

2017 Bout Dat Studios worked with an array of talent from in and around Birmingham in which the birth of #StudioShutdown came to pass! With the initial video series stemming into a series of mixtape releases into 2018!

Vol. 2 features 3 exclusive bonus tracks plus audio versions of the classic booth videos.


Volume one featuring over and hour of original music featuring Bout Dat affiliate artists and some extra special features 🏆

WATCH: HT AWoL – Bout Dat Xperience (Controlla Freestyle) [HEAT!]


‘HT’ drops some FIRE for #BoutDatXperience 98.7FM New Style Radio