On The Line: Interview with Amanda Mack (Daughter of Craig Mack)!!!

Bout Dat Online’s Bean Lebouc (a.k.a G.M B-Eazy) recently caught up with Amanda Mack, the daughter of the late Craig Mack, to discuss what he was like away from the studio, her brother, Asah Mack, and the legacy of her father’s music!!!

She also kindly provided us with never before seen photos, of Craig, from her personal collection!!!

Bean – Firstly I want to say that I’m a massive fan of your father’s music and think he is a true Hip-Hop legend. Away from the recording studio though what was Craig Mack like as a father and a family man?

Amanda – My dad was a very eccentric man. He was really like any other dad. I will always admire the way he was able to make me, and my brother, laugh and I also enjoyed his vivid ability to tell a story. His intelligence inspired me to want to learn all about the world around me. When we did get to be more involved with the Overcomer Ministry I did notice quite a more aggressive shift in his personality like almost to say I could see him get a bit more cold during this time in my life. He was still jolly at times but it was just different.

Bean -If you had to pick one track from your father’s back catalogue which one would it be?

Amanda – Oh man only one track?!?! If I say ‘Flava in Ya Ear’ thats like everyones favourite so I’ve got think of a more personal one. I’ll probably go with ‘The Last Indian’ as that song slaps (Editor’s note – ‘The Last Indian’ is an unreleased track however I’ve heard it and it’s insane!!!).

photo 1

Bean – Around 2000/2001, after the underground success of ‘The Wooden Horse’, Craig hooked back up with Bad Boy and Puff, which included some features with Black Rob and G. Dep, but did he ever resign with the label, during that time, or was it just like one off appearances for the label as I know, at one point, he did mention about a new album with Bad Boy, in 2002, but nothing ever materialised?

Amanda – I wouldn’t know for sure if he resigned to Bad Boy, because I was so young then, however I do remember seeing Black Rob stop by the house, from time to time, as him and dad seemed to be on the same page. He was very nice to us as well. I liked Rob. When it came to any albums, he was working on, I know he was recording music around 2006, or so, but he stopped that particular project once we established a closer relationship with the Overcomer Ministry and maybe about 2 years after that there was talk about dad releasing another album, like a Gospel one, or perhaps a revised version of the one he was working on earlier possibly.


Bean – What was your father’s relationship with Erick Sermon like? I know he was tight with EPMD, back in the day, and that Def Squad Streaming released ‘The Mack World Sessions’ in 2017. Erick also spoke of him, and Rockwilder, working on a new Craig Mack album, using old a capellas, but nothing has dropped. Any ideas why that might be?

Amanda – I personally don’t know Erick Sermon, or the situation on that matter, but I would say that any back up, with any new music being released, could be because of some legal issues being settled with ownership of dad’s music.

photo 4

Bean – Your brother, Asah Mack, dropped his ‘Voices’ EP earlier this year and has a real dope mix of Earl Sweatshirt and Joey Bada$$ in his flow. Can we expect anything else from him this year? Also do you have any hidden talents that you’ll be sharing in the future?

Amanda – Yes Asah! That kid is fucking awesome! I can definitely say we can expect more from him in the future. He is sick at making beats, in his free time, as well as on the mic. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic it’s been a little hard, for him, to get studio sessions in, or link up with his connections, but more stuff is coming. As far as I’m concerned I’m more into art and blogging. I’m looking to get my feet into the world of business more. I like to write lyrics, and come up with beats, in my head but I’m not the best at putting them into tangible sound lol.

photo 2

Bean – Before we wrap up I just want to say a massive thank you for your time and that this has been an absolute privilege to speak with you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the people about either yourself or your father?

Amanda – Absolutely! Although the circumstances around his death, and career, were sadly not the best my dad was at peace with himself. There are a lot of things you hear about in the media, about my dad, but to be honest it’s about how happy he was, at the end of the day, after all the glitz and glamour. He admired his fans and he loved me, and Asah, with every ounce of his being. As far as I go I’ve just been living each day as best as I can. If you want to catch up, with what I’m up to, my Instagram is Amandamack96 as I really like to connect with people. I like to connect with my hobbies, online, because it’s just so fun and easy to do. I appreciate it when I hear how much people liked my dad’s music! It’s awesome and I appreciate this opportunity to share this with you guys as well. Thank you!

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AUDIO DOPE: Erick Sermon – Vernia (Stream + Purchase)

photo (7)EPMD legend, Erick Sermon, returns with his 8th solo album, ‘Vernia’, via his Def Squad Streaming label!!!

The project features a dope range of guests including Xzibit, No Malice, Raekwon, NORE, Big KRIT, Styles P., Keith Murray and more!!!

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Highlights – ‘Zion’, ‘My Style’, ‘Vernia’.

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Craig Mack – Don’t Worry Mack Tonite (Prod. By Erick Sermon) (Audio)


As a HUGE Craig Mack fan how I managed to miss this Erick Sermon produced banger is beyond me!!!

The late Craig Mack keeps it made funky over this dope as hell Sermon beat! This should be a hit worldwide and remind everyone, as Mack says, who the nicest is!!!

Hopefully this is the lead single from the forthcoming album Sermon was talking about just after Craig passed away as this is a great taster of things to come!!!

Check it out here – Craig Mack – Don’t Worry Mack Tonite (Prod. By Erick Sermon) (Audio)

WATCH: Eric Sermon – Clutch ft. Method Man & Redman (HOT)


#HotNewMusic from Def Squad ‘Funk Lord’ Eric Sermon “Clutch” featuring the Blues Brothers of Rap, Redman and Method Man! certainly a classic for Hip-Hoppers old, new and TRU!



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Def Squad have announced an upcoming album “El Niño 2”
Def Squad El Niño
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