BHM: Tommy Davidson on turning down erroneous role!

In this moment with Comedy Hype, Tommy Davidson, comedian and author of ‘Living In Color/What’s Funny About Me’ opens up about the one time he decided to turn down a role because he felt it wasn’t right for a black actor to take on.

Alex Thomas on Eddie Murphy, Aries Spears, Wayans Family and more!

Courtesy of Comedy Hype – – Host of ‘The Funny Don’t Stop Show’ on Dash Radio, @FunnyManAlexThomas sits down with Comedy Hype to open up about his career in comedy. In this moment he would go on to respond to a 2019 interview of Aries Spears calling him ‘Eddie Murphy’s ‘Court Jester’. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_ Shot by @_whoisty_ Intro Beat by Yondo Watch Aries full interview here:

Darius McCrary On Gay Rumors “Why Is It Even A Question?”

In this part of @DariusMcCrary’s talk with CH, the veteran actor touches on transparency and being a performer. He would go on to share his thoughts about people wondering if the actor who played his TV father, Reginald VelJohnson, is a gay man in real life?