WWE’s Jonathan Coachman responds to sexual harassment claim


WWE’s Jonathan Coachman has spectacularly responded to being implicated in sexual harassment claims filed against ESPN.

The Raw commentator took to Twitter to answer a question directed at him about the claims, filed yesterday by the sportscaster’s former host Adrienne Lawrence.


jonathan coachman tweet


In a series of vehement tweets, Coachman mentioned that he was “seething”, claiming that he has “never been more offended in my life.” He further cryptically dismissed Lawrence’s claims – which suggested Coachman reneged upon a mentorship arrangement when a possible sexual relationship seemed off the cards – as “lies and flat out fabrications.” “I am not part of this lawsuit because I have never done anything wrong,” he vented, before noting “my reputation speaks for itself and anyone that has ever worked with me will back that up.”


jonathan coachman tweet 2


Coachman further insinuated that the lawsuit was orchestrated in a clear attempt to grab headlines, before signing off by sympathising with anyone “falsely accused of anything” – a set of which he considers himself a part – and thanking most of his fans for their support.

Coachman’s employers WWE released a statement earlier in the day which read very clearly: “We take these matters very seriously and are investigating.”



THE HOT LOW – Amber Rose/Blac Chyna (The Sisterhood)

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are best friends; they walk the red carpet together, hold cute playdates with their babies, and support one another in their professional endeavors. Their friendship is one that is well-known and well-loved by the public, which is why their fans were excited about the new reality show they were supposed to star in. The show was going to air on MTV, and was going to follow their lives as single, working mothers. It would be centered around their friendship and the way that their lives intersect. However, it was recently announced that MTV had put in on in definite hold.”

As per usual, rumors about the reason behind the hold on the show started flying around immediately. Caught in the fire was Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s self-proclaimed BFF-ship. Speculators pointed out that Blac Chyna did not attend Amber Rose’s Slut Walk campaign launch earlier this month, saying that she chose to spend her time with the rapper Future rather than support her bestie.

The Slut Walk campaign was something that started with a Funny or Die video in which Amber Rose mocked the “walk of shame” stigma and made a statement that women shouldn’t be ashamed of fulfilling their sexual desires.

Blac Chyna had previously shown her support for Amber Rose when they walked down the red carpet in matching outfits. The tight-fitting nude outfits had insults written all over them in bright, blocked letters. They contained derogatory remarks that are often used to shame women.

Blac Chyna is rumoured to be getting romantically involved with Future, which would make her a victim to the cliché of choosing your man over your best friend.

It’s no surprise that problems within their friendship became the focus of the media. Amber Rose’s reply to these rumors did surprise us a little, though.

The first thing Amber Rose did was address the reality show getting put on hold by MTV. She didn’t simply say that it wasn’t on hold or it was, but she made us question whether there even was a show to begin with. Yesterday morning, Amber Rose tweeted “So how does ones show get Canceled if there’s no show to cancel? Question of the day. [sic].” Does this mean that there never was a show to begin with and that the concept itself was just speculation? Or perhaps Amber Rose means that since the show never actually started production, it really didn’t exist yet anyway. Either way, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to let it bother her, because  10 minutes later she twitted,

“Let’s stop thinking about the worst possible things and realize as humans… S**t happens. Good s**t happens too.”

The next thing to address, of course, was the supposed feud between Amber Rose and her best friend Blac Chyna. She squashed those lies pretty quickly, as well. In yet another tweet, she called Blac Chyna her “sis for life,” and said that it wasn’t anyone’s business why Blac Chyna didn’t attend her Slut Walk.