Romeo Miller Gifts Thousands To Over 200 Families In Need

Romeo Miller was hailed as a “modern-day Santa Claus” after giving back to thousands of children for the Holiday Season. Romeo Gave back and gifted over 200 kids in need with not only toys but also MoneYatti clothing, shoes, and my pops Master P Master Crunch cereal for their families.

Hip-Hop Mourns Reported Passing Of KANGOL KID Of Legendary Hip-Hop Group UTFO

Shaun Shiller Fequiere, known by his stage name Kangol Kid, was an American hip hop producer, songwriter, break dancer, and emcee. Kangol is best known as a member of the old school hip hop group UTFO. Kangol Kid was the first hip-hop artist to endorse a product through his official sponsorship with Kangol headwear.

SHORT CIRCUIT aka KOTTSA Chimes In With Some Hip-Hop Perspective.

WATCH: Ed Lover Instagram rant on Culture Vultures In Hip-Hop, Bill Cosby Verdict and more!


Hip-Hop Legend Ed Lover talks Culture Vultures in Hip-Hop, New Rappers vs Old Rappers, Bill Cosby Arrest and more on recent Instagram Live address!



Brother Polight talks why money does change people!


Brother Polight, age 33, is an author of 80+ plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. He is a public speaker & founder of Nu-covenant.




Head of the Crown Illustrious Supreme Grand Apperception Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re, affectionately known by his well-wishers as Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T. is one of our greatest minds and visionary’s in our community. A former gang member whose father walked out of his life at the age of 8… never to return until he was 16 years old. Also, a young man who wondered where his mother was?….only to meet her when he turned 17 years old and she died the week that he met her from Cancer and Diabetes.


Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T. during his early years and growth into consciousness suffered from diabetes which almost resulted in the removal of one of his feet and due to his family, dedicated research and trust in his Master Teacher Atum-Re, he was told to go to Dr. Sebi and was cured of Diabetes. Since then he has cured people in his own family and many around the world have benefited from his books and lectures on Health, wellness, economics, and metaphysics. .

Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re (Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T.) is a rising star and an example for both Young & Old in our community and around the world. He is the founder of Golden Ankh Publishing that donates educational books and materials to children from here to Africa. He is a proud Husband, Father and devout Family Member with a Heart of Gold. He is also fluent in 8 Languages namely ancient Hebrew, Nuwaupic, Napatic, Arabic, English, N.du Su, Ndelita, and Nabatean. Author of 80 plus books on Health, Family, Language, Metaphysics, Mathematics, Property & Business Ownership and more to come.
Our Young Warrior guided by our ancestors…

The Nu-Covenant Community promotes humanitarian forums where we talk about oneness, goodness, humility, and respect for all mankind in accordance with the salient and fixed observation of nature’s subtle definition of itself known and acceptable to all living beings, amongst a gathering of friends with similar interests. Though highly spiritual we have no specific ties with any one, monotheistic or polytheistic denomination. Our incentive is to re-establish Economic Sovereignty back into the lives of the people that need it most. We ask that you entertain the precept of spiritual economics. To substantiate all precepts, we lead by example”. The previous paragraph is from the book called, Head Of The Crown: Sovereign Bible of Nu-Covenant Common Customs and Hierarchy. Written by Head of the Crown: Illustrious Supreme Grand Apperception Nysut: Amun Re Sen Atum Re (Brother POLIGHT).

HOT NEW MUSIC: Fiend – Trust No One






One of Master P’s many No Limit soldiers during the label’s peak, Fiend never experienced much solo success though he contributed heavily to the work of his colleagues, most notably P’s crossover hit, “Make Em Say Ugh.” Born Ricky Jones and raised in the 17th ward of New Orleans, Fiend lost his brother at a young age; the loss made a strong mark on the eventual rapper and darkly tainted his world view. He later embraced rap music and signed to Big Boy Records, also home to Mystikal at the time. The label released Fiend’s first hit single, “Baddest Muthafucka Alive,” and also Won’t Be Denied (1995), which featured another hit, “All I See.” These singles inspired Master P to sign the blossoming rapper to his No Limit label and debut him on the I’m Bout It soundtrack (“Don’t Mess Around”) (1997). That same year Fiend most notably contributed to Master P’s crossover hit “Make Em Say Ugh” as well as its heavily MTV-rotated video. The rapper remained a loyal soldier thereafter, contributing to numerous other No Limit releases and preparing his own, There’s One in Every Family (1998). The album sold exceptionally well but didn’t spawn any major hits, nor did its follow-up, Street Life (1999). Regardless, Fiend made preparations to join a promising new No Limit supergroup, Tank Dawgs, which also consisted of C-Murder, Mac, and Snoop Dogg. By this point, though, Master P’s tank began to run out of fuel as a commercial backlash mounted. Fiend soon found himself out of work and dropped out of the game after a short yet incredibly productive stint as a No Limit soldier. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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HOT PICK! Mista Smoove – Roll Wit Tha Flava Mixtape [Hot New Music]



Mista Smoove is back with new mixtape Rollin With The Flava! 50 minutes of new R&B, Hip Hop & Trap Flavas! Featuring Tracks from Drake, The Game, Ty Dolla Sign, Kid Ink, Geko, Mostack & More!

Hot New Music










HOT PICK! FONZi NeuTRON "Gee Org" prod by iJosone Light [VISUAL]


Written and performed by #FONZiNeuTRON prod by #iJosoneLight

king cosmic bdl mafia out now

brum town bosses international playerz coming soon

fonzi neutron krazy 504 boyz black lives matter

trap mob international playerz

HOT PICK! FULL Theatrical Trailer for 2Pac Biopic “All Eyez On Me” [2016]


tupac all eyez on me movie poster




#AllEyezOnMe movie coming soon…


2pac all eyz on me movie outlawz

Let’s hope this move delivers as it has huge expectancy and implications.

2pac all ey on me demetrius shipp jr