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On The Line: ‘God’s Son’ – Nas’s True Classic.

Every year Hip-Hop websites, blogs, and other media outlets, celebrate the anniversary of Nas’s debut album ‘Illmatic’, with out fail, due to it’s status as one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums to ever drop! A true classic in the eyes of many critics and fans!!! Nas’s debut was indeed a phenomenal album featuring top notch production from the likes of

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WrestleBIZ: Never To View, Destroy or Duplicate – WWE’s Most Tragic Footage. 

1999 was a great year for the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). TV, PPV and live attendance were through the roof and the product was phenomenal! The ‘Attitude Era’ was in full effect!!! However, in the same year, the company had two of it’s most tragic accidents. The death of Owen Hart at their ‘Over The Edge’ pay-per-view, on May

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DOATBM – Star humanitarian or white saviour? Celebrities in Africa spark online row

IIIX chimes in on recent fallout with Sarah Dooley and MP David Lammy’s recent race related debate where Britain has encountered furious response from viewers with many pledging to stop donating to comic relief. INSTAGRAM has been ablaze with debate and responses Leave us your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for new episodes! Star humanitarian or white savior?

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Christian Foley – Excommunication (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

UK Spoken Word/Hip-Hop artist Christian Foley drops his first official album, under his birth name, called ‘Excommunication’. The former Just Muz drops an amazing release which is open, honest and touching. Despite Christian’s appearances on daytime television in the UK, and USA, as well as becoming a viral sensation courtesy of his ‘Rapping Teacher’ video (co-signed by 50 Cent) his

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