Artist Spotlight (Interview) Rodes

The Month we chop it up with independent recording artist Rodes, who recently released his new project entitled “Henny Hunt” Where do you hail from? I’m from Chicago, Illinois How did your artist name come about? My name is Rodes. It’s my birth name and it’s powerful as well as original. How long have you been making music? I’ve been making music since 1996 but … Continue reading Artist Spotlight (Interview) Rodes

Artist Spotlight (Interview) Jesse Neo

Jesse Neo – singer, songwriter, DJ, producer – just released a new single, called “Sex Magic.” And it’s rocket tight and hella-good! The twenty-year-old British-Australian commenced violin, voice and piano lessons when he was seven. Within months he was composing original music. By the time he was eighteen, he’d composed over 100 songs. Now living in the Land Down Under, “where women glow and men … Continue reading Artist Spotlight (Interview) Jesse Neo

Artist Spotlight (Interview) G-HOLY

Leroy Maddox Jr (born September 28, 1985), known professionally as G-HOLY is an American rapper, songwriter, visual artist, and record executive from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. G-HOLY is Founder of DREEMTEAM and COO of Elite Klass. He has released 2 projects, FREELOVE and B4 I Live 4 U. View this post on Instagram It All Makes Sense Looking Down From The Top…..OVERSTAND❗3X Dreem Awake (My Best Friend … Continue reading Artist Spotlight (Interview) G-HOLY

Everlasting TV! (Spotlight) Interview with Natashia Brewer

Everlasting TV Officially Announces New Channel Launch on Roku We recently caught up with Everlasting TV’s ‘Natashia Brewer‘ to find out more about this rising platform. Find out more bout dat below! Hi thanks for taking the time to connect with us, where do you hail from? I am originally from Washington, DC but now I live in Maryland which is about at 30 minutes’ … Continue reading Everlasting TV! (Spotlight) Interview with Natashia Brewer

Artist Spotlight (Interview) Rodomatic Jones

Where do you hail from? I come from Rocky Mount Nc How did your artist name come about? Years prior to my name being Rodomatic it was Rodo, I put the Matic at the end of my name in 2012, it was short for automatic, to me the transition was growth for me as a artist and transitioning into a different and better artist, automatic came pertaining to my drive … Continue reading Artist Spotlight (Interview) Rodomatic Jones

Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Venomiss

Female Rapper Venomiss was born in Newark New Jersey and raised throughout New Jersey.  Her fascination with Hip Hop began at an early age of eight as her older cousins pursued a recording deal. Her debut release, Heiress of The Echelon earned her 19 award nominations across the Country and 4 wins, including two wins for Album of the Year, both never previously held by … Continue reading Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Venomiss

Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Organised Chaos

Featured Artist: Organised Chaos

Rap Group from The UK

February is upon us and this month’s FEATURED GLOBAL TALENT is not one to be missed!

Where do you hail from?

We both come from different parts of Britain. ODavies is from North Wales and Micah is from Manchester, England
How did your artist name come about?
We wanted a name that represents the dual aspects of our character so upon much debate and discussing many different ideas we come up with the name Organised Chaos…… The Yin Yang Twins name was already taken so this had to do.

How long have you been making music?

Individually over 10 years each, and collectively around 4. However we founded Organised Chaos just over a year ago.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

Our music can be nostalgic and current all at the same time. We blend our old school roots and passion with our day to day experiences providing our own take on the world around us. As for inspirations theres too many to name, if its rap and its dope, chances are were inspired by it.

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Artist Spotlight (Interview) – The Tribe of Judah

Featured Artist: The Tribe of Judah

Rap artist from USA

Setting 2019 off right with January’s FEATURED GLOBAL TALENT

Where do you hail from?

We are both currently living in Germany. Micheal aka Godbody is originally from Annapolis, Maryland and Benita aka Universe was born and raised in Germany.
How did your artist name come about?
At that time we have found out that our ancestors are the true people that the bible speaks of. That´s why we chose that name

How long have you been making music?

Godbody has been making music for over 25 years. Universe has started working on music a few years ago.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

Our music is there to empower people, to lift them up and also to move them to think. Some topics are more serious and others are more of a happy vibe. No matter what the vibe is, we make sure people can dance to our music and feel great while doing it.

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Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Gattie Tha King


Featured Artist:Gattie Tha King

Rap artist from USA

Master p song cover

Where do you hail from?

A product of Greenburgh Public Housing in New York by way of East Atlanta…DeCatur, Georgia…Zone 6.
How did your artist name come about?
Originally my name GATTIE THA KING was GATTI (going all-out to take it), GATT (E-Everything) And it came from what I embody…. AMBITION 


How long have you been making music?

I’m a 25 year over night success. I penned my first rap in 1993. I got off the porch early. My big bro J-Edifice was producing beats for the entire Greenburgh housing projects. So I was around rap and hip hop culture my entire life. I been around analog and digital that’s why I coined the phrase “retro rap”. I’m like the Jordan’s. When I come out I’m vintage and classic but modernized for today’s times.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

It’s just a 90’s feel and approach. The sound and beats are today’s time, but the beats don’t dictate my writing and concepts. When you hear “The Master P Song” you won’t be thrown off when “Barbarians” come on and you hear a wu-tang ish type record with no hook, just 5 artists doing what they feel over some gangsta beat.

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Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Har-Q


Featured Artist: Har-Q

Rap artist from Northampton, UK


Har-Q real name Jason Khalid Williams

Har-Q stands for

  • H: herald ‘messenger’ / heru ‘sun-flesh’
  • A: ark ‘the message’
  • R: returns / renaissance ‘a revival of or renewed interest in something.’
  • Q: Quadrivium : ‘a medieval university course involving the ‘mathematical arts’ of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music’

Born and raised in northampton a thing which har-q has give credit for his rhymes and dedication to music because it is a quite town, which is what has giving har-q a chance to create boxes of writing and terabytes of recording homing his style and meaning for creating music.

How did your artist name come about?
It was originally some one’s name that came up on my screen at work when I used to work in a call center, it quickly grew on me and I gave it a new meaning, so har-q then meant “when I leave the stage it will be a hard cue to beat”.
over time as I studied and matured so did the name and now it is an acronym
H.A.R-Q which mean the Herald Ark Returns/ Renaissance – Quadrivium
which is the for master studies which i correlate to the 4 elements of hip-hop.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for about 15 years but recording for about 10 years and releasing for about 7 years.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

I am definitely a student of the 90’s era in hip hip where it was very much lyricist driven, yet i have watched the culture change and have adapted to it while still holding on to the word play punchlines concepts and the poetical side of it. To date the current state on my new album release TRAPPED HOP the beat style is up to date and the flow but the content is fearless. i also still maintain a boom bap sound by working with a group called Har-Q-stic’s which is a jazz-hip-hop fusion.


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