Review: The Scarlet Dukes – Rogue

An album such as The Scarlet Dukes – Rogue Escapades revisits the 1990s swing music renaissance with original East Coast neo-swing combos played in their unique jump blues style. You will enjoy those jazzy sounds coming from this album. Think Edgy downtown jazz from New York City. What’s even better’s that all their compositions are original. Their digital album includes the long out of print self-titled EP released in 1998.

Going Back to Saint Louie is about a man leaving his lady to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri because he is through with her. Going Back to Saint Louie uses that cheerful neo-swing sound and that St. Louis boogie with a touch of blues rock. The band sings the song with those jazzy sounds.

She is a travelin’ gal with her microphone. One day she is here and the next day she is gone. This man who is dating this travelin’ gal is going back to St. Louie because this time they’re through.

The man woke up this morning feeling sad and blue. He turned around to find out she had left him. Now he wonders where she is at. She really tuned his engine and had him purring like a cat. He followed her up to Chicago. The only problem was that she wasn’t around. He loved her so much. But now he is going back to St. Louie because he had enough of her. He hears she is steppin’ out all over town. Singing those songs with the jazzy sounds.

Hazy Streetlights explained how the city life took a man’s woman away from him.

Hazy streetlights took a man’s woman downtown. That is why he is alone and feeling down. It is 5 o’clock in the morning and the night’s fading into day. She said she’d see him at 6. That’s one of her tricks. He believed every word she said. This man can’t have no woman cheating on him. Getting is what he plans on intending to do. She thinks she can two time him. She’s nothing but a brazen hussy.

The man has been up all night drinking and his angst has turned into rage. Then when she’s not looking, he’ll pour a surprise in her glass which is a strong poison.

Picking ’em Up is about a free loving woman known as Sassy who is known to be able to pick up men real quick because she is a gold digger. Picking ’em Up uses such jazzy instrumentation.

You can call her Sassy cause that’s her name. Being a free loving woman is her claim to fame. When she see a man, she grabs him quick because she sure knows how to get her kicks. Rolling dice on the casino floor her eyes are peeled she’s looking to score. If some rich daddy walks her way, she sees a dollar sign because it’s her payday. She is a gold digger who is only after men for their money. Picking them up and laying them down. She ain’t no hussy but she gets around as she works the town. She’s known all over as the sugar peach.

Now Sassy here likes to try her luck and roll the dice. She’s a gal with a whole lot to show. She’ll give you a little but you’ll want more. Come here fella feast on her a while cause what she’s got is gonna make you smile. She dances close with her lustful man. Shows him her moves as only she can. Checks out his wallet and unless it’s thick she’ll dump that heel and move on quick.

I rate this album 4/5****!

Review: Trombone Shorty – Say That to Say

Trombone Shorty – Say That to Say This a horn driven pop album with a heavy brass band element backed with trombones. His work is remarkable. Many of the songs are bright, cheerful, and uplifting. Now many of the songs on this album of his are romantic love songs. Be My Lady and Long Weekends are dead giveaways of some of the love songs on this album.

Long Weekend is about Trombone Shorty wanting to spend his weekend with a woman he has had his eyes set on since he was a boy.

Trombone Shorty saw her every summer ever since he was a boy. And now that he’s gotten older, she will see just what he means. When he sees her this weekend, I bet that she would never wanna leave. Trombone Shorty can’t wait for the weekend. He is so excited because you never know what could happen on a long weekеnd.

It’ll be like old times. Playin’ in the dark. They’ll pick up a bottle from the liquor store and make out in the car. He’s gonna keep her up all night under the stars. Trombone Shorty remembers whеn she kissed him and made him promise not to tell anyone about their kiss. Naturally Trombone Shorty told all the guys because he couldn’t keep it to himself.

You And I (Outta This Place) explains how Trombone Shorty and his shorty (no pun intended) must leave the place they are currently at.

Between the shadows and the light in the cover of the night Trombone Shorty and his shorty run. They’ll sleep when they getting where we going and feel the heat of the sun outside the city wall. But trouble weighs in at a ton. There’s gotta be a better way.

Don’t get caught in the middle of it all in the negativity and the hate because they’ll trash talk as soon as you walk away. But they smile in your face. Don’t ever let it get you down. Don’t ever let it turn you round. The beginning lyrics to Verse 2 tell people to not get caught up in negativity and let negativity bring them down.

[Verse 2]
Don’t get caught in the middle of it all
In the negativity and the hate
Cause they’ll trash talk as soon as you walk away
But they smile in your face
Don’t ever let it get you down
Don’t ever let it turn you round

Don’t waste time with fittin’ in
Cause you and I are different

Fire And Brimstone explained how there is music in the heart and soul of Trombone Shorty. Broken dreams can held together with glue. Trombone Shorty has got to keep on trying until that they come true. He knows that all his life he has been tired and blue. But he still has to keep on fighting. He’s got too many things left to do. There is music in the bones, heart, and soul of Trombone Shorty. Everything that comes out of his trombone is fire and brimstone.

Verse 2 has lyrics with a positive message that tells people to keep on fighting instead of waiting on the world to change because we can’t keep on waiting for the world to change. Trombone Shorty encourages people to change the world with these lyrics.

[Verse 2]
Shot guns blast, you hear it ring so loud
Follow ’bout the sirens, it happens all year round
But we gotta keep on surviving, they can’t bring us down
I’m just trying to stay alive and pick my feet up off the ground
Well it’s like it’s raining, raining, everyday
We can’t keep waiting, waiting on the world to change

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Abstract Tribe Unique – Underground Fossils

Abstract Tribe Unique – Underground Fossils is a unique hip hop album with a jazz sound and vibe. A super jazzy sound and vibe at that. The jazz and electronic sounds used in this album make Underground Fossils to a DJ Shadow or DJ Krush album. Underground Fossils is very much similar to an album you would hear from DJ Shadow. This is one of those mind-blowing albums that will blow your mind away and is absolutely phenomenal.

Underground Fossils is one of those albums that was way ahead of its time when it was released which is why this album is a classic masterpiece. Underground Fossils is one of the lesser known Los Angeles rap albums. Abstract Rude uses some of his best storytelling skills on songs such as These Lions and Slow Lights.

The beginning of These Lions is a unique quirky electronic mashup of various sound whether it be electronic, jazz, or foley. Radio waves are simultaneously heard in the back ground. These Lions is quite similar to a DJ Shadow or DJ Krush song. A jazz drum kit is used to match the melody of percussion and the smooth slow jazz sample. Both the melody and tempo are slow. Heavy bass penetrates this track smoothly.

The song dealt with the touchy controversial subject of gun violence which plagued Los Angeles during its peak years of gang violence and violence in general. Abstract Rude shared his opinions on gun violence in the song.

Abstract Rude tells us we are bound by these lions to have our thang. Yesterday was another day of mourning for those who didn’t heed the warning because a young boy was shot in a gun fight. Whether he had street fame or time in the limelight is irrelevant as a life has been lost due to gun violence. There’s no doubt that police are concerned now.

Abstract Rude says it’s pitiful to listen to gun violence. Some people get caught in the mix of gun violence because they don’t play. Abstract Rude thinks making the right decision isn’t based on instinct. Look for your alternative.

Looking Glass is a heavy bass ridden track over rap music that is somewhat unique. This is a lot of real substance to the lyrics. Looking Glass is similar to the Book of Enoch and Malik-Bo – Brokest in Southeast. Abstract Rude wants to know your mind and thought process. You know, they say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.

Can Abstract Rude look through your looking glass and get a glimpse at what you’re seeing? Can he be in you for a day? Play with your insides and your emotions. His plan is to be the mediator of your inner complex. You know, they say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. So be sure to keep your eyes open. I know we make mistakes, but you’re ridiculous. He is a wittiness to your pathetic ways.

Now Abstract Rude said some of the most mind-boggling things throughout the song. Below are some examples.

You know, they say that
The eyes, are the gateway to the soul
So be sure to keep your eyes open

I got fire for your desire
You has fire, if you’re a liar
That’s how it is, that’s how it’s thought to be
No generosity, but ill as sodomy

Must promotion bring a solution
Into your confusion without amusing

What makes your dick grow, what makes your tick sis
I knew an old tick went by the name of Genesis

Play with your insides and your emotions
I keep a hawk-eye on the watchtower
What makes your dick grow, what makes your tick sis
My power, you devour
I got fire for your desire
I wanna side you, I promise I’ll be quick
There is an entity, that is the friend to be
I knew an old tick went by the name of Genesis
To be the mediator of your inner complex
You can fly like a birdy in the looking glass and work it
No generosity, but ill as sodomy
They never happy, means for fruity means

Slow Lights is a warpy hip hop song with a mournful vibe describing Abstract Rude’s violent encounter with a spy in the Los Angeles streets. Abstract Rude uses some of his best storytelling skills on the song.

Abstract Rude was slipping in the turning lane while driving in Los Angeles. He saw this person out the corner of his eye at a slow light. This person was a spy disguised as a civilian. Abstract Rude found himself in a life or death situation. The spy must be ready to kill Abstract Rude. Police are not in sight. Tonight it’s going down between Abstract Rude and the spy. Abstract Rude was fidgeting with his thoughts. So it was hard for him to make a game plan to assassinate the spy. But there is no time to think. Abstract Rude finds himself caught at a slow light. He doesn’t want any trouble.

He had a .9 under the floor mat of his car. He slapped the gat out of arms reach. The gat fell in his lap. Now he is thinking if he should kill this person or not. Then he emptied the bullets out of the gun. The spy had started to run. Then ran the spy over and threw the spy in the trunk. Abstract Rude didn’t want to get robbed. This happens when you’re caught at a slow light.

Now that Abstract Rude is in a life or death situation because of those slow lights, he’s got a plan to jack this who is the spy. Abstract Rude threw the spy into the shed where he keeps his hacking tools such as saws. A pile of salt is applied to the wounds. He let his anger out on this human punching bag. What Abstract Rude did was butcher the body parts of the spy into pieces using a hacksaw. He shot the spy again. The spy falls to a slow death.

The beautiful Yesterday And Today has a dope unfiltered unprocessed hip hop beat to it. The melody is slow and the tempo is at a moderate pace. Heavy bass penetrates this track smoothly. Yesterday And Today samples Vulcan Princess by Stanley Clarke. The producers were Abstract Unique Tribe & Fat Jack.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

Review: Young Bleed – Preserved

Young Bleed – Preserved is a gold album with a platinum sound and touch. His lyrical content and delivery have direction over spacious rhymes as his talent flourishes on every song along with the production. He showcased his lyrical, fury, and storytelling ability. A rugged flow and style is what Young Bleed uses throughout the album.

Young Bleed – Preserved is the second best 2011 album from Strange Music next to Brotha Lynch Hung – Coathanga Strangla. (Not to mention the best Strange Lane album.) Young Bleed – Preserved is also one of the best Baton Rouge rap albums of 2011. You know it’s uncommon to find an album this strong in this day and age. Any Young Bleed fan should definitely have this album in their collection.

Now what’s “strange” about this Strange Music album is that this album does not have any of the signature Strange Music beats or production that most Strange Music albums have. Young Bleed showed signs of changing up his flow and style from his slow motion flow style to a rugged mid tempo flow style in a Midwest style manner. Even if that doe snot satisfy all of his fanbase. That is why some of his fans were a bit iffy. Strange Music fans slept on this album for sure.

Young Bleed flow matched up his flow perfectly on the song Holla At Uh Dog. The dopest part of the song is when the beat fully dropped. That nice flute helps make the song very settling and subtle. His sick flow blends in nicely with this dark piece of work.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Pierce Murphy – Through The Olive Branches

Through The Olive Branches by Pierce Murphy is a decent male vocal jazz album accompanied by a mellow riveting guitar. Pierce’s trademark jazz-blues guitar can be heard throughout the album of course. The album uses a mixture of rock, funk, soul, and jazz. But mostly leans towards the edge of soft rock. Overall his 2021 album is a jazz/soul venture. Now Pierce says some of the most quotable shit that is downright hilarious in songs such as Chania, Caldera Blue, and Heraklion Strut.

Among The Stars is about Pierce and his lover spending time among each other. He is head over heels when he is with her.

In the shadow of the bluff, Pierce was holding on her hand. She were searching for the sun hovering golden over him. He never knew what it could do. He is head over heels when he is with her. After all that they have been through. Pierce is lost in her eyes.

She told Pierce he was out there wasting all his time. But fast forward all these years ahead, he is still loving her like mad. And she wears his ring now. He hopes she wear it out from here to Denver and back again. He can’t wait to get her back again. It’s paradise where she is. Like it’s mythology. Pierce thinks they written in the stars. Like lovers from Crete asleep in the sand. No matter how far he goes now, he is bound to her.

Chania is about Pierce and his lover fighting in their relationship. The song follows a mid-tempo jazz drum kit and tempo. Overall the tone of the song is calming and mellow to say the very least.

They fought in the car because she wanted the beach and he didn’t know just how much it means to get your toes in the sand and feel the wind in your hair. Pierce is always surrounded by a concrete jungle blacktop.

But these old cobblestones won’t let no cars by because they’d fuck up the roads and fuck up the vibe as if Venice rose defying the tide. It is pretty charming. Like something frozen in time. But it’s violet always. The light never stops. Look at them rays coming off the building tops. And the look on her face when she is finding the frame. Capture the feeling.

Now Pierce says some of the most quotable shit that is downright hilarious. Just read these lyrics and you’ll laugh.

But these old cobblestones,
Don’t let no cars by,
Cus they’d fuck up the roads,
And they’d fuck up the vibe.

As if Venice rose,
Defying the tide.
It is pretty charming.
Like something frozen in time.

And a shitload of tourists,
Tryna have a good night,
Tryna catch some good light,
Tyrna spend some good drachma,
On some kotsifali wine.

Pierce’s trademark jazz-blues guitar can be heard throughout the song Caldera Blue. In this song he says some of the most downright hilarious quotable shit.

Do you feel like an heiress twenty-something lounging by the pool?
Waking up to scale but to feel small,
You gotta look down.

George has an air of Bowie,
And knows his paradise.

We all pay a price.
No matter where you’re from.
Whether it’s the,
Chinese tourists with selfie sticks,
Or the German tourists with hiking boots,
Or Italian tourists with Hermes bags,
Or American tourists singing Abba.

I rate this album 4/5****.

Review: Combustible Edison – The Impossible World

Combustible Edison – The Impossible World is one of the lesser known neo-lounge albums from the 1990s that hardly ever gets any recognition or any mention. The album incorporated lounge music and lounge jazz into future jazz in a swift manner. A bit avant garde too. Now the group had incorporated more modern electronic elements in this album than they did on their other albums. This would be the last album and recording from this mostly forgotten 90’s exotica band.

Laura’s Aura is about a woman named Laura who was born to wander until she dies. Life for her is just a misty blur.

Twilight turns to evening. Evening turns to morning. Laura doesn’t heed them doesn’t hear their warning. Laura never will marry because she was born to wander till she dies. Life for her is just a misty blur. She needs no home as her shelter is the sky.

Echoes come from her bedroom. Is she laughing or is she crying? No one will know the answer. The tears on her cheeks are drying. Laura, she’s a thing of beauty. Beauty loves her most of all. Some fine day when she is old and gray, she’ll rest in peace behind her garden walls. Some day when she is old and gray, she’ll rest in peace. That is where she will find peace.

These are the most poetic lyrics to the song which make this song seem like an excerpt of poetry. “Echoes from her bedroom/Is she laughing, is she crying/None will know the answer/On her cheeks the tears are drying”

Pink Victim is a song which tells everyone to let their sadness got. The song explains how a sad serenade never ends. The song also teaches us that happiness can be ours if we let that happen.

Each day you say that you can’t forget it. Happiness is in your own backyard. It could be yours, but you’ll never let it. I know you try, but you try too hard.

It’s your sad serenade again. It starts and it never ends. The weight of the world isn’t meant for a song. But you know you’re right and you’re never better. You say you know you’re right. But you’re never any better. I know you wait, but you wait too long. Tell your sad serenade goodbye because by now it’s close to a lie. Those long days into nights will know. That serenade won’t let you go.

I rate this album 4/5****.

Review: Jaye & Foe – Bad Reaction

Jaye & Foe – Bad Reaction is one of the lesser known swing albums from the award-winning brassy jazzy folk multi-instrumentalists Jaye & Foe. You will enjoy the brassy jazzy-tinged folk music with elements of swing jazz and gypsy jazz. The album uses such lively horn sections that are very jazzy and sophisticated.

Cloud Judgement is about a man who attempts to persuade a woman living on Regent’s Street on the West End of London, United Kingdom with his suaveness and slickness. All because his judgement is clouded and quite skewed. Only to find out to late that she had completely bowled over him and was way above his league.

Cloud Judgement deals with people who have bad judgement and skewed judgement with skewed view and contrite points. Some people have clouded judgement. Some people’s judgement is cloudy because they are not up to date with reality.

If you go past Shakespeare’s Circus and right at Regent’s Street, you’ll find a woman living with the world tucked at her feet. Her beauty knows no trying. Her gaze will hold you still.

This man who attempted to persuade the woman living on Regent’s Street on the West End of London, United Kingdom thought he could persuade her with his suaveness and slickness. However the man is overwhelmed and unprepared for the foot of this great bill because his judgement is clouded and quite skewed frankly. He was all undone and caught in a state of slight distress. He thought he was the strong one. He thought he could impress her with his suaveness and slickness. Not to mention swiftness. But she’s completely bowled him over. She’s overflowed his cup. She left him proud in awe and open-mouthed. Lying down but looking up at Cloud Judgement.

Bad Reaction told the story of a bad reaction Faye had when a doctor gave her a shot because she had a bad reaction to that creature in the sea that attacked her.

It was a day in late August. Faye was bathing in the sea. The air was hot and heavy like a lover’s breath on her. She felt a sharp and sudden pain that took her by surprise. She saw these tentacles arising and wrapped around her thigh. Faye said, “Not this time. Not this way. You’re not having me.”

Her ego’s black and blue. She is a physical disaster that she has grown accustomed to. Later Faye admits herself to the Emergency Room. And through the needles and the pain relief, the doctor says to her, “My dear, you’ve had a bad reaction. That’s how it seems to me. My dear, your bad reaction just shows your sensitivity.”

As the doctor administered the medicine, he said “You might hallucinate and realise the world around you just reflects your current state. I’ve seen your punch-bag heart stop beating during cardiac arrest. That’s 32 years of inhaling without exhaling the excess. You’re full of bad reactions to those creatures in the sea. Don’t push your bad reactions back on me.”

The song Brave told the story about a man who is trying to impress Faye for his own gain and personal satisfaction as he said the world was for his taking.

Faye met a man who said the world was for his taking. He used his kit and his charming wit in an attempt to impress her. His spirit was not one for breaking. She watched him punch the air and then the door. She was unimpressed. He’s used to getting what he wants. And bizarrely we all want more of him.

Outrageous statements turn the air blue sending shocks and shivers. Tingles of excitement through the ones who know that he’ll deliver. But then he comes a’ cropper as he battles with his beloved lover. Faye understand how this stuff happens. She watched him so bemused skipping past her on the floor.

He can attack, fight, bite, and drink through the night. Shout, swear, and drive fast to show his might. He spends half his lifetime on the phone trying to sort stuff out with his other half. Still he finds the time to make us laugh at his intoxicated history and its wavering integrity. Faye dislikes it but it still happens.

So that’s the man who said the world was for his taking. His spirit was not made for breaking. He laughs at himself in both wonder and depreciation. His quest for love and thrill seek dedication. This man is desperate for thrill seeking attention. He knows not how to separate. Faye wishes him all the best because he’s captivating company for her.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review: Lil Roc – Lil Roc

The Lil Roc – Lil Roc single is one of the most forgotten reggae singles of 2003. Think reggae with a huge blend and incorporation of soul. So you know her album has that soul touch. The way she talks and sings at the same time is soulful and melodic. Lil Roc believes you will enjoy the music and get into her vintage passion. Her passion for music has turned to be a life long dream come true. The talents of Lil Roc include all vocals, musical arrangements, and songwriting. I’m On My Way to Montego Bay and U Jus Mad are some of the highlights on the album. Lil Roc is none other than Jocelyn Rochelle Harris. The biggest big mamma from the “Big D” aka Detroit, Michigan.

I’m On My Way to Montego Bay told the story of Lil Roc’s vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The song uses a soulful flavor of dub reggae and soul music. The bass is simply bangin’ and the piano is bouncy and soulful being full of that reggae punch flavor.

Lil Roc is on her way to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She got tired of the urban life in the city of Detroit, Michigan. So she relocated to Hollywood (Los Angeles, California) and recorded her debut single somewhere on Santa Monica Boulevard. Then she felt the need to get away from all the stars. So she packed her Louis Vuitton suitcase and got her Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

The plane she boarded was headed for Miami, Florida. Then she boarded on another plane that flew over the ocean to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She got pumped on the chronic (marijuana) while vacationing there. She went to the Yellow Bird. She had a good time dancing on the floor. One thing is clear is that she is here to party. Lil Roc would hate to leave Jamaica. But she must go back to the United States.

U Jus Mad is a fly upbeat reggae dance song with urban elements and soulful elements. U Jus Mad was a song aimed at the haters who are/were mad for whatever the reason(s) may be.

Not everyone can ride, rock, or roll like Lil Roc. You just mad because you can’t do it like her. Lil Roc is buck wild. That’s why you don’t like her style. There’s another party just up the way on 106 & Park where we can party until the break of dawn and all day. For shizzle. So smoke out and love in. Lil Roc is the biggest big mamma from the “Big D”.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

Review: Jeru the Damaja – The Hammer

Jeru the Damaja came back even more raw, volatile, and versatile on his 2014 album Jeru the Damaja – The Hammer. Once again, Jeru proves to audiences that he does not need to rely on DJ Premier’s production. His in-depth intricate lyricism, along with the gritty sound of NYC hip hop, helped make this album a classic. His album was released during the mid-2010s when there was a revival of interest in East Coast rap music in the underground scene when you had artists such as Fashawn, L-Storm, Nas, Action Bronson, and Skyzoo.

On So Raw, Jeru displayed his raw kinetic rapping abilities over a boom bap soundscape. It’s the return of the raw high majestic, universally respected, divinely protected Jeru the Damaja with his ridiculous amounts of style. This song marked the return of Jeru after a 7 year long hiatus. Peep this raw hardcore song of his.

Many mics get molested by his rhyming method from Brooklyn to Poland. People think Jeru fell off. Well that is far from the truth. He is an international rhyme shark and a marksman like William Tell. He’s giving these cats the business. Knocking back shots of vodka with his foolish gangster princess and with his ridiculous amounts of style.

He mastered the trade of rap decades ago. He got dopest high grade sporting rhymes galore. You could call the whole Marine Corp but he will take them out one by one. This is the way you sucker emcees will lay as Jeru is dropping bombs on the spot. Jeru is blessed with pure skill and harder than raw steel like Steven Segal. Hard To Kill. No holds barred. He goes hard when it’s time to record. So call it a rap.

These were some of the most quotable lyrics that he said during the song.

My rap snaps your backbone
And your poems are so weak
They need shots of testosterone

You got jokes like Dave Chappelle
The niggas more bitch than a shemale
And my rhymes more exotic than those broads in Brazil
Flowing out of my orifice
Insane flame thrower
Sporting rhymes galore
My rap snaps your backbone
Tinkerbell ass mother fuckers
I make you wanna quit rap and take up ballet
Lyrical AK, you can say is how my mind spray
Faker than titties of silicone

Jeru is comparing his movement to the solar flares’ defying magnetic field behavior on the song Solar Flares. Normal magnetic field behavior follows a typical pattern – whereas violent solar flares are unpredictable like how he “defies the laws of physics”. Live from the trenches of Brooklyn, it’s the original Jeru the Damaja.

The way Jeru move defies the laws of physics. He travels through dimensions writing rhymes with the mystics. He reread the fabric of time to be specific. He maneuvers through the universe young, black, and gifted. Divine design swift as Tachyon particles. Jeru immersed the soul of soldier from the birth to the Earth. His master microphone wizardry is ahead of time. His vessel is average but his spirit is colossal.

Jeru is riding lighting bolts and trading tales with apostles. Saying do things that’s deemed impossible. So in fact it’s logical. Feast for your ears in the flavor delectable. Orgasmic voice but it’s far beyond sexual.

These were some of the most quotable lyrics that he said during the song.

Math and science futuristic technology
God in the physical form anthropology
Raw bloodline divine genealogy
The word in the time before time cosmogony

Dissect your science to the last molecule
So electric my brainwave is measured in Joules

I’m afraid the heat I generate will melt the booth
Fate is what you make it
Most philosophy is hypocrisy
Chemicals combine with beats advanced alchemy
Riding lighting bolts trading tales with apostles
Saying do things that’s deemed impossible
Orgasmic voice but it’s far beyond sexual
Feast for your ears in the flavor delectable

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review: Balduin – Wabababa

The DJ/producer duo Balduin from Frankfurt and Berlin based singer/producer duo Masha Ray, consisting of Masha and Roman Andor, teamed up again for a new single called Wabababa. The new single is about making the most of it in difficult times. The new hymn “Wabababa” of the Electro Swing dreamteam Balduin & Masha Ray Wabababa is about making the most of it in difficult times. Melody by Balduin is an ode to the magic of music. The lighthearted and upbeat tile track “Melody” is a remedy against all the negative headlines and takes the listener on a trip to the dancefloor. This is another swinging single from Electro Swing Thing.

Masha Ray looks for something entertaining on the wild and wacky electro swing song called Wabababa. The song is Powered by nonsense desire and electro swing of course. The song tells people to always live up to the limit. The new hymn “Wabababa” of the Electro Swing dreamteam Balduin & Masha Ray Wabababa is about making the most of it in difficult times. Let the good times because… who knows if this night is going to be repeated?

Lately Masha Ray has been pretty lazy. You might call it crazy. But she calls it “Wabababa”. She has been feeling like a baby lately. She is lookin for someone to entertain her with something like “Wabababa”. That is what these lyrics mean: Someone entertain me With something like “Wabababa”

If that’s our freedom better drink up what is given because who knows if it’s for a decade or a minute. We’re on the edge. So always live up to the limit because who knows if this dance/night is gonna be repeated. Powered by nonsense desire. By boredom and wires. Tired of infinite lying. Of sleeping and buying.

The lighthearted and upbeat track “Melody” is a remedy against all the negative headlines and takes the listener on a trip to the dancefloor. Let the music take us away. Listen to the rhythm. Feel the melody.

Take a look around. Finally see what you’ve been missing. Learn to let it go. Feel it coursing through your body. Let the music take us away so we can escape. It might not be what you asked for. But Balduin knows you want it too. Follow him to the dancefloor. Listen to the rhythm. Feel the melody moving like the ocean. On waves you won’t believe.

Close your eyes and say what you see. Paradise just for you and me. Do you feel at ease? You can take the music with you. Keep it on repeat.

I rate this single 5/5*****!