Producer Rick Boss Gears Up New 2Pac Movie On Him Being Alive!

In Regards to the anticipated and intriguing “2PAC THE GREAT ESCAPE FROM UMC” Rick Boss states that “This movie is about Tupac actually escaping University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico and getting protection from the Navajo tribe.” Is this great movie promotion or is their more to the story, Tupac diehard fans have mixed reception but the most popular thought of him being alive is pleasing to many. Rick Boss cites his affiliation with The Black Panthers as merit.

Nawfside Outlaw – Still Ridin All Week On Em! 2018 UNCUT Interview + Music


Still RidinALLWEEKOnEm


The Outlaw Prime Minister

NAWFSIDE OUTLAW shoots the breeze with Bout Dat Emissary FONZi NeuTRON in an uncut interview. The Texas Legend in the making is world renown for being the voice of true T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E  komrades and affiliates who still live by the code. O.U.T.L.A.W

R.I.P (Rest in Power) Tupac, Kadafi, Big Syke and Fatal











LATEST SINGLE iTunes Release




Born Legendary – Hussein Fatal (Tribute)

Today marks the 45th Birthday of The Outlaw Don Bruce “Hussein Fatal” Washington.



Bruce Edward Washington, Jr. (April 3, 1973 – July 10, 2015) better known by his stage name, Hussein Fatal, was an American rapper and member of the hip hop group Outlawz. He was best known for his collaborative work with Tupac Shakur, as a member of Outlaw Immortalz.



Nawfside Outlaw Exclusive Tribute





Fatal was born Bruce Edward Washington, Jr. in Montclair, Birmingham Jersey on April 3, 1973. He began rapping and dealing in drugs at a very young age also attended the same school as fellow Outlawz member, Yafeu Fula, better known by his stage name, Yaki Kadafi. Fula informed Washington that he personally knew Tupac Shakur, but Washington didn’t believe him until Fula’s mother informed him that they were going to visit Shakur in jail. When they went to visit him in jail, Washington performed a freestyle rap for Shakur. Shakur was pleased with Washington’s lyrical abilities and promptly added him to his newly founded hip hop group, Outlaw Immortalz. In keeping with the Outlaw Immortalz’s “tyrant” theme, Shakur endowed Washington with the stage name “Hussein Fatal”, after then-Ba’athist Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.



In February 1996, Washington made his debut on Shakur’s double album, All Eyez on Me, specifically on the songs “All Bout U”, and “When We Ride”. The album was certified nonuple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

In June 1996, Washington was featured on Shakur’s infamous diss song “Hit ‘Em Up”. Washington performed the song’s second verse, verbally making disparaging remarks towards Shakur’s rivals The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, and the hip hop group Junior M.A.F.I.A.



Hussein Fatal died in a car accident on a Georgia freeway in Banks County on July 10, 2015 at the age of 42. His girlfriend was driving and was charged with DUI, first-degree vehicular homicide, and reckless driving. He is survived by three daughters, his mother Cheryl Perkins, father Bruce Washington, Sr. and 11 siblings






HOT PICK! Young Noble ft. Hussein Fatal – "Dirty Game" [VISUAL]


Young Noble ft. Hussein Fatal – “Dirty Game” – Directed by @JaeSynth




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HOT PICK! FULL Theatrical Trailer for 2Pac Biopic “All Eyez On Me” [2016]


tupac all eyez on me movie poster




#AllEyezOnMe movie coming soon…


2pac all eyz on me movie outlawz

Let’s hope this move delivers as it has huge expectancy and implications.

2pac all ey on me demetrius shipp jr




HOT NEW MUSIC: Young Noble – Powerful (Outlawz) [2016 Album]

young noble powerful outlawz





young noble powerful tracklist o4l


The Outlaw General releases #HotnewMusic on the 2oth Anniversary of Tupac “Makaveli” Shakur. Boasting features from the late Hussein Fatal, Edidon, Dead Prez and more!

The Outlawz


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THE HOT LOW – Outlawz Issue "2Pac" #HailMaryChallenge [O4L]


EPIC NEWS with the recent success and media attention with Monica’s – So Gone Challenge. Hip-Hop legend the Outlawz open up a huge opportunity for rappers and singers by way of the HAIL MARY CHALLENGE!


outlawz hail mary challenge


Good luck and good music!



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The Outlawz





young noble powerpul outlawz livin legendz

WATCH: Extremely rare (Death Row Records) 2Pac footage [1996]

*CASTING CALL* 'YAKI KADAFI' in upcoming 2PAC biopic #AllEyezOnMe 2016


For the role of Yaki Kadafi in the upcoming 2pac biopic #AllEyezOnMe



The Outlawz



With a few pictures (they don’t have to be professional)

Include in the email your Photos, Full name, Phone number, Email, Clothes & Shoe size

(N.B. you must be available to work this upcoming week!)



  • You must be tall
  • light skinned with braids and live in ATLANTA


If you’re in the Atlanta area direct to someone you know who fits this description who can act!!