Founded in Birmingham, UK.

Award winning Producers and Publishers with an ethos of elevation and expansion, Bout Dat creatively develops media opportunities to engage/support youth and communities.

Bout Dat Enterprises are multimedia production specialists offering various services within digital media. We have engaged young individuals providing those from troubled backgrounds with the opportunity to learn and partake in rich creative environments for further development.

We’ve worked with at risk young men and women thus garnering an expertise in engaging the hardest to reach youth group who have difficulties accessing/assimilating into education and training. 

Our main services have mostly covered multimedia and understanding creativity and culture. We have also covered other creative art such as Stage and Music production an example of this being “Knives End Lives” a project curated with West Midlands Police and The Lighthouse Young People’s Centre, wherein we lead the capacity of mentoring and music production development.

Throughout our tenure of working within the community, Bout Dat has lead on and supported numerous statutory and voluntary sector bodies provided services to those with complex backgrounds. Some of these partners have been The Princes Trust, Birmingham Youth Offending Team, Birmingham Youth Service and Aston Villa’s KICKZ. These projects have stemmed from enrichment weeks at schools, speaking engagements, multimedia development and more.

Bout Dat has always endeavored to provide space and opportunities to youngsters from hard to reach backgrounds; many of which seek alternative education, we believe by providing such platforms individuals can express themselves freely, encouraging boosts in confidence, direction and clear goals. Over the years we have provided young people with the support and guidance they need to bring forward their talents,