November 28, 2023

Shing02 – Triumphant Remixed is a tight remix album that brings back the feel of the 90’s Boom Bap vibe with motivational lyrics pertaining to social issues we face today. His poetry is so touching and meaningful. This album is like alternative rap that serves as a breath of much required fresh air from mainstream rap. If you like Nujabes or DJ Krush, then you’ll like this album. Jack The Rip went hard on the beats.

Triumphant explained how Shing02 was feeling victorious one particular day. So he decides to go on an expedition through the jungle because he fells triumphant. The song uses a mixture of tropical house synths, jungle beats, and boom bap sounds.

Shing02 woke up feeling like dropping a song. He just might dump it off on your front lawn. His mind travels like a pod in a time portal. Riding through the savannah top speed with the Cheetahs. Floating on cloud nine. He will reach the pyramids shining in the midst of the rainforest. He came for the knowledge. Because he is far from a tourist. Shing02 jumps to the islands chilling with the elephants. Seeing all the royal embellishments. Feeling the vibe make believers like a healer. Nobody takes away his victory. It’s time to build. Triumphant. That’s how he feels.

Shing02 took his L’s like a man who would understand. Got dirty with the fish. He has been going off-road for a minute RAV4. Working for a life he could die for. Besides all the havoc, he’s gonna have it. Traveling the globe as flora and fauna do. The chest cavity tugs for the road. Kind of beautiful the way the tale unfolds. Yearning for the future for the stories untold. Once upon a rhyme he did dream about.

Razor-sharp focus on the prey. Dripping on the ground and your eyes inspired. Sweat don’t lie. You say what you will. Destiny reveals. Only the pure get to see beyond the dollar bills. The work put into the climb up the incline. Running naked in the wild with what his heart desires.

Shing02 paid honor, homage, tribute, and respect to the subgenre of hip hop/rap in the remix song to The Boom Bap. He took hip hop/rap back to its roots by using 1990s style boom bap production. The song reflected on his status in the rap game as an OG. Boom bap was prominent on the East Coast during the golden era of hip hop/rap.

It’s the return of the hypnotic and the head nodding. Raw beats coming straight for your noggin. To get your neck snapped or get your neck strap. Seat belt and fall back. The flight leaves at ten. On command of the man in the cockpit is Shing02. Once it goes airborne, it’s too late to stop it or get off mid-route in a parachute. The vagabond index on the shutter to shoot anything that moves on sight. Caught in a frame engrained in the brain. You can feel it in your bone marrow. Here comes the boom bap.

His bread and butter is the fodder to my cannon. Can it be the beat the father to the style? Manifesting independent elements. If they come looking, tell them where it went. Shing02 is lucky enough that he never had to follow any trends to stay relevant. It feels like a home away from home in a metamorphosis. The music is the universal antidote to the poisonous air from the catacombs. He’s got beats sweeter than a summer cantaloupe. We gotta come dope for the boom bap. The best of all.

He got the energy direct from this letter divine. The goddess is the hottest since the birth of supernovas. You can see it in the fire in the apple of his eye. She makes Shing02 wanna hit the studio and lay it down. Put the words together make a dinosaur run around. Using infinitely flowing source of motivation. Harness powers that are strong enough to move a nation. Information is the building block of innovation. Human nature is a well-spring of inspiration. It’s apparent through surface of intentions. If the clarity reflects the depths of dedication. Only some are ready for the change in elevation. You can come up at your own risk through invitation. Open to the generation of the breakbeats. Give a nod to the boom bap.

Kingsway explained how much of a born ready king Shing02 really is. The song boasts a boastful mood, sound, and undertone.

Shing02 is in the backstage green room looking in the mirror. He is a game face born ready king that is ready bring forward an infinite amount of terror. Lord, forgive the debtors when Shing02 walks down the path. Grab the water and the towel because the last song is on before Shing02 steps out and enters the red zone. The spotlight on the stand and the microphone. And the smoke dances like snakes on roam. Think about the windy road that Shing02 took. Sometimes the nightmarеs are a little too weird. That is until he had to kick them out and have no fear. The beast is nothing but a metaphor for him to conquer the night and let it fall. This is the Kingsway.

His unchecked intellect is in full effect. See the bodies on the floor swaying back and forth. Smiles on their faces eyes fixed on the source. Shing02 is still a legend in the making. Feel the force. Only way is to go up in a vortex. The ripple is present in the atmosphere. The cadence is the fingerprints of masters. It’s not about who can be the fastest or the baddest for that matter. It’s a wrap that the people would rather hear facts over chatter. Amplified to the max in the amphitheater.

In the Mood explained how Shing02 is in the work shift mood because he is in work shift mode.

Shing02 is in the work shift mood because he is in work shift mode. So he’s gotta make his move. You can see him chillin’ Kool like Moe Dee. Watch him flip some records and spin some oldies. Everything is happening slowly all around him. Hands be folding like clothing. The correspondence is a chore. The correspondence letters to his fans are. Because highs are high and the lows are low like Chomolungma to the Mariana. From the pinnacle to the trenches with wana.

Where? Shing02 is in the lab writing poems till sun up. None other than the feeling of finishing a song. Then bump it in the truck or a van so advanced technologically speaking. It feels like he came from the future in a saucer flying through the clouds. It’s contagious because he can’t see far. And all he wants to do is lie horizontally. with the ceiling. His feelings are in a bottle. Maybe he might take a swig fight off the lethargy.

On the Run explained how Shing02 jumped the gun as life is full of wonders. He does exercise mind, body, and spirit for the finest during this song.

Shing02 jumped the gun. Now he is already on the run. He jumped the gun because life full of wonders. His feet hurt like hell. He does exercise mind, body, and spirit for the finest. Shing02 felt his fatigue faded after running for so long. Luminance hit the corners and far borders. Did it really all just happen in random? Now he finds himself in awe. The plan is to excel to the next level. Not everything is black and white like pandas.

The song is filled with motivational lyrics such as these lyrics below.

Dilapidated meaning long time since they made it
And also the fact they oughta maintain it
Imagine all the people coming motivated
Every morn then
Into oblivion, second wind beneath my wings now
Bring it on, I’m a champion
Winning run batting in a ninth-inning rally
Chance to show more spine than a library
Soiling the one pair of soles that I carry
Solitude is my best friend like a caddie

Shadytown is about shady shanty town that is actually a tent city filled with tents that has all the drama going on in the underground.

Shadytown is a tent city packed like Shantytown located just a stone’s throw from the fancy town. Patrons outside the bar crowd sipping on a cold shandy. Frothing on them rocks and on wrong kind of ice candy. From the handyman with the opening gambit. The business is brisk, fine, and dandy from the pawn shop to a one-stop for black market bandits. The beats cracking on the portable speaker. Where do they charge it? Nobody knows either.

Necks bob like pigeons in unison. Birds with the night vision definitely are not innocent. Everything is undercover double agents. Merch-hawking peddlers with any shade of Asian. Motley crew of sneaker pimps and hustlers. Tech nerds, preachers, and loyal customers.

Shady characters roam in this tent city. It’s hard to navigate law and order in this tent city. Each passing by with cold shoulder with all sorts of odor. There is a parking lot staircase smelling like a urinal. An officer walks by when heads are down like at a funeral. The police officer or the person passing by could be public enemy numero uno. Who knows.

The kid went from finessing corners to rocking at the Blue Note. Eagle eyes glazed like bowls looking devilish. Sitting pretty on the other side of privilege. Shing02 has seen roaches cyphering around food scraps with beverages. Feral cats in Point Panic running back streets. Lobster ramen with Kraft cheese at Walgreens. Eating somewhere between booze and Whole Foods. Live off of kombucha scoby and tofu.

Nocturna was a song for the nightfall. This is a song for the night vibes. Unsurprisingly Nocturna is one of the darker songs on the album. Nocturna is like the rap Michael Jackson – Thriller.

This is a song for the nightfall. Don’t ever play this song during the day. Shing02 is like a vampire waiting for the right job, Once he gets his shift started, he writes logs. Twilight gives way to the indigo darkness and reigns over concrete walls. Fast quicksands in the hourglass is flipped. Game suspended from dusk to dawn. On these streets there are a different set of rules. Because you can get outsmarted by the sketchiest dudes. You try to play it cool to win back. Stay awake on the first ring. Whoevеr you choose to cruise with. Move swift and slick with the quickness. What’s the business? Finesse is the key to win this. He loves the color of the sky which is infinite black. It gives him the love and he is giving it back.

Shing02’s old school lyrical gift leaves them all shook. Again, this is what you all might have heard through the grapevine. Black gold coming straight down the pipeline. He doesn’t plan to go where the caskets are anytime soon. He is not an ass kisser. Which means staying alive with soul intact. You can bet your bottom credit on that. You can bet your sweet ass.

Summons discussed how you never see the spirits Shing02 and Jack The Rip summon. You never seen it coming. This is one of the spooky spiritual tracks on the album.

You never seen it coming. The spirits that Shing02 and Jack The Rip summon. Bugs are tripping. The birds are humming. Going nuts like almond. The earth is drumming. Tree barks are burning. Red hot like in an oven.

You know the lowest of the lawless. Their eyes house the godless. Run the gauntlet with execution so flawless. Pitted like olives. Diagonals, rows and columns. They’ve got problems all around every time. Shing02 and Jack The Rip are short handed but they are ready to give whatever they got. The dark force is strong to break the bond. The virus thrive in chaos. Savants recognize this. The payoff is gone by dawn. Be warned that betrayal is the price of kindness. No grace left to weigh an ounce of qualms. Squash with the blade dome split like wontons.

Chanbara is a song about samurai cinema with lots of sword fighting. That’s the sound of clashing katanas.

There are impurities in samurai cinema as samurai sword fighting sharpened with impunity. Because if it ever touches your flesh, it peels on both sides of the edge. So clean it might heal if put back together right away. Unless you wanna bleed til the end, go right ahead. Your wife and kid will wake up to a wrong kind of mourning. This sword is known to make orphans. It’s awful but Shing02 will wait for his bittеrness to come and avenge for his father’s death. So he is going to keep an eye on his farthest threat.

His build is far superior. The heart is soft and flexible. But the skin is tough and durable. The combination is the genius behind the fiercest forged weapon ever known to man. Shing02 is the welding genius behind the fiercest forged weapon ever known to man. The wave pattern along the blade is the clay. Heated and cooled to a hard martensite. Damn, but the one with the thumb on the handle must learn to stay calm and stand like a candle. In a storm looming that’s guaranteed to take many forms and attack from all angles. The shadow men coming out of the woodwork.

Aorta showcased some his most heartfelt lyrics and concepts over the bounce on a crack of a snare. The song showcased some of his most advanced quotable lyrics too.

These lyrics were some of his most advanced quotable lyrics on the album and in this song.

Flow major artery
It’s a part of me
You’re the target of my archery

Gimme the god forsaking ball on a 4th and goal
Punch it in through offensive lines
Facts no fantasy, 44 Rathman, a verbal harassment
A lyrical assassin, a has-been, but still is and will be
Meet your day of reckoning kind of tension
Pay the max possible fine type attention
Soul on liquid nitro, on detention till further notice
Deep down you know this
The thorn of suspicion had turned into a reason to
One listen is enough to get you fiend
Rich bastards got you tired of the green pastures
I’m out to hit the treacherous path till I’m captured

Make you wanna break a chair or something
Turn the lump in your throat to a pumpkin
Tired of the fluff I want sandpaper 100 grit
Give the most foul callous mouth a fit
Now or never, speak clear or keep your lips shut

’Round Here explained how Shing02 murders beats with his lyrics.

The only thing Shing02 murders is the beats ‘round here. Unless it’s coming from the cops. It’s peace ‘round here. Cease fire for the lost ones you reminisce over.

The red hot melting pot spilled over to the streets. Blood boiled and his stomach is in a knot. Some think it’s halloween. Mind playing tricks on the irony of throwing bricks to buildings. Destroy to build things. Android sheep meeping like bots. This is like a Dystopian paradise when there is warfare outside lurking.

It’s more than a deep memory. Call it role rage by the men in uniform. They wanna turn back the clock on the progress. Wonder why they can’t stand the kneeling? All crumpled up after getting soaked in defeat. But they made like dried petals and rose to our feet. Injustice reached a new level of absurdity due to the destruction. Defiant, still in the grill of adversity. They know what a life’s worth. Don’t tell them otherwise. They fight on the other side of televised.

Shing02 gets back on track and returns to rapping in the rap game on the comeback song Back on Track.

Give salutations and thanks to the heavens because Shing02 is back in the rap game. He is visualizing, pursuing, and realizing music because he’s got more wild ideas than spots on Dalmatians. The way he posts process feeds of information can’t be seen in the spectrum. Infrared can’t be seen in the spectrum.

He just got back from Planet Euphoria. He learned the hard way that he has got skills to build as a warrior. I learned the Hardaway, Warrior I got skills to build. Paying the motherhugging dues and the bills at the same time. Score at will but he is happy dropping dimes. Verses undefined, ah He leaves the space so you can read between the rhymes. Shing02 is back on track. He runs laps on the beats.

Swallow the taste of his own medicine. He will pursue any chance he can to satisfy his musical fetishes. He got principles and is feeling invincible. Every part of poetry is edible. Who would think more critical than the self in the mirror blacker than a marker? His flow is numbing anesthetic. But the pain is a slow process of ridding the body of toxins. He took a little break and now he is back on track.

Shing02 paid homage and tribute to New York City on Homage. Nothing says “I love New York” or “I love New York City” more than the song Homage. There are references to historical landmarks and locations of New York City that can be heard throughout the song. He gives love to the Big Apple throughout the song mentioning various significant locations and places. The lyrics are as New York as you can get.

Shing02 is east coasting walking up 6th Avenue from the Lower East Side to Union Square. Now he is wondering where the giant steps and the shadows of the legends went. He can smell it on the limestone walls that seen it all.

He can take the L-Train Brooklyn bound or keep stomping until he reaches his destination which is Grand Central underground. In the Grand Central tunnel, he can hear the echo of the street performer beside a guitar case with some coins in it. So he drops a bill. Paused for a smile but she didn’t want an auto-focus on her. Shing02 keeps himself moving by purchasing a bottle of water. Can you believe it was only one dollar? Four quarters did the job. Respect tip the cap to the Bronx bombers. This is the city with cold winters and long hot summers.

Bless the Mecca of the microphone down to Tribeca. Some nights are just slower than average. He can take the pen and tame the savage for the sake of saving the day. But it vanished into a vacuum of mismanaged data. Gotham begotten by ghosts of the eras past. You can’t build without a foundation or an errant path on the weight of history blended in gravity. This keeps him grounded on the asphalt. Traveling backwards in axis. All you gotta do is call the taxi to take you back to origins. Pay homage in the crates while going sound foraging.

Shine on Me is about the girl of his dreams coming to visit him.

Shing02 wonder when’s the next time she will shine on him. He curses the clouds blocking him shouting blasphemy. At night is she warming up to another hemisphere. And he is here mind wandering plenty.

Now she visiting Shing02 in his dreams. Vivid as can be and lucid in his daily routine. Everything he sees losing its sheen. A glimmer of hope. But nope yet to be seen. Jealousy is a flame that is hard to extinguish. In the long run, Shing02 is going crazy. No mattеr how many times it got rained on him, he needed his sunshine. He looked around everywhere.

He can’t look at her more than a second in his dreams because she is too bright. The wait is killing him softly. He better find another way to be dealing with anomaly. Overwhelmed with the magical phenomena. Colors fade to ripple of a domino effect of a butterfly flapping in the wind. Basking in the sun more elusive than a basket and a win. He caught a glimpse but haven’t heard since. Chances are slim. The forecast is looking grim. He had to leave behind the joint living in a daze. She can give enough shine to everybody in vicinity.

Genes is a bonus track that was penned and recorded post-pandemic. The song is pertaining to social issues we face today. With the science of disease and susceptibility to debilitating ailments, the only thing keeping you alive is the payments. For example, these lyrics explain how big pharmaceutical companies give medicines that kill people.

Every timе the media exacеrbate
You can tell by they way they’re never late
To jump on top of it like a trampoline
Sponsored by Big Pharma triple beam wet dream
Perform CPR soon after PCR, spin doctors busier
Does it really reflect the physiological reality
Gotta question it, future of medicine personalized

Forefathers, mothers in every single cell in your entity
From your skin to the bone to the blood to the plasma
Phantasmagoria in laboratories
Don’t let them define your health
With the science of disease
Susceptibility to debilitating ailments
The only thing keeping you alive is the payments

Area resembling human specimens
What they looking for, needle in a haystack
When they done, bet you can’t say jack
I remain elusive of state authoritative
Stay natural and native, fight intrusive, invasive
What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger
In the realm of the venom inside your hunger
Ya Protect ya neck, economics of genomics
Protect ya sect, the databank of genes is your roots and

On the remix to Vertigo, Shing02 raps about his head spinning like a vertigo in a superfluous manner.

Imagination is a magical projection of his mind. He creates worlds for hisself impossible to find from the outside. But the inside is just as real though. Split the uprights like a 60-yard field goal. He’ll see it when he believes it. Believe that. Alone in the dome before exiting the home. The first thing you finish in the day sets the tone. But the keystone removed in thе dark of the night.

Damn something was off and it just ain’t right. The smell is diffеrent. The vibe is tense. The delivery of oxygen low like he is living off a tank and the battery ran out of juice. The brain is a drug factory made in pools. When the words manifest, the fate wound in spools. His head is spinning like a vertigo. He’s falling up. Climbing down the stairway to null sure enough. The space paused in a standstill in a lull.

Every lesson is a blessing. So he calls them blessons. Am I getting smarter? Why is he still wrestling with himself incessantly? Thought had the answers and life keeps testing him. Lest if he let the instigators get the best of him. Don’t ever undermine his intellectual property signed and underlined.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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