December 4, 2023

Shing02 – ASDR is one of the lesser known Japanese rap albums which uses a bit of alternative rap and electronic music resulting in an electronic rap fusion. Shing02 raps using his lyricism that is rapped in the English language. His poetry is so touching and his lyrics are meaningful. He stepped up his game by using such advanced vocabulary on songs such as Masala and Envocar. Any fan of alternative rap should listen to this album. Shing02 is one of the best rappers from Japan.

Now on this album he does not just stick one style of music on this album He uses several styles of music such as electro, Afrobeat, and dubstep. Revelle uses dubstep beats. Masala uses an ethnic blend of world music and Afrobeat. That is how this Shing02 album is much more different than your typical Shing02 album which uses abstract rap, alternative rap, or jazz rap.

Sunbaked is an abstract lyrical rap songs about the summer time in New York City, New York (NYC).

Blazing sun can make you crazy. Sauna streets can make you lazy. If there is no AC, then hit the fans because this is summertime in NYC. The bare skins can drive you crazy.

Sweltering clothing, sugar rays, and welterweight are part of summer life in NYC. Asphalt humidity arrives in alternate waves. Water hydrant sprays in the ways of children hop puddles on pavement reflect the cadence. So classic like radio Raheem. Sounds careen off the walls and echo in halls. A smile and a chat open doors like keys. The twists that follow got you weak in the knees. But the week is never-ending and the legs begging please. Take Shing02 to a spot where we can chill nomadic and the hot spells take a back seat to the magic

Flirting with the triple digit heat. Fans get rowdy at the players with their heads in the sand. The beach bodies and the hotties got the party jumping. But Shing02 on the boardwalk snapping Instagram photos. He is sipping an iced blue bottle with the crew getting tanned all the while his mind is wandering.

On Aquatrium, Shing 02 raps about how he can send shout-outs as fast as electricity currents flow. He stepped up his game by using such advanced vocabulary with terminology such as “quantum”, “mezzanine”, and “phosphorescence”.

It’s 5 AM. The pavement has a hint of blue. Opposite of mayhem look for clues. There are no visible signs of tires or lazy signals. Shing02 is on his way home from a long night out and about. Faint sounds of paper routes. He can send shouts cross-town as fast as electricity currents flow.

He checks the time. The second hand pegged at first glance starts to move in a quantum chance with help from back of the eye lids. Soles peel off the concrete. Shing02 has an unfinished poetry in a black book with a hook to boot. He drags past the mezzanine eye level with multiple tiers while stories ascend. Staircase of air. Vacant offices signs for rent. Sailing around the bend. An upward stream will take you there. Soon light devours remnants of dark. Early birds sound off in triplets. This is more like swimming in a metropolitan aquarium. Let go of equilibrium. A million-volt phosphorescence oscillating reflections.

The Coda paid homage and tribute to hip hop/rap culture from the beginning stages to the current stages. Shing02 shows his love and appreciation for the culture throughout the song.

Hip hop/rap has been a long way since subway art. From roller skates in Central Park to the Statue of Liberty after dark, b-boys were doing it. Rhymes off the top a freestyle cypher. It was all about fun before the hyper. Rappers didn’t think twice to clear a sample. Drum break and a fill to dismantle. Bass line and a phrase to assemble. The source barely resembled anything else.

Telephone lines were still on dial. Single records got shipped on vinyl. Club and radio play were the final test for a DJ press. That was vital back in the beginning stages of hip hop/rap culture. The theme of a hometown anthem has always been and will be survival. Every now and then, you see a revival. A school, pride, and a pack of vandals.

Fast forward to the future. The media never gets tired of dooming the world like it’s over many times over. So what’s the coda? They can ban the amp but you can’t stop the camp to raise the lamp. You can consume but resume after chewing. Time flies when you write a fly rhyme. And the beat knocks like straight out the boombox. You can hear it from the city to the boondocks.

These lyrics to the song paid homage and tribute to hip hop/rap culture.

Been a long way since subway art
Roller skates in central park
Statue of liberty after dark
B-boys doing it, doing it
Rhyme off the top a freestyle cypher
All about fun, before the hyper

Tag a wall with a marker on the under
Old school poster in the sun, no magenta
Yellow or black and the image off-center
See these poems like the kids in the shelter
We breed songs like seeds in placenta

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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