December 4, 2023

Talk to Me is the new supernatural thriller movie that has everyone jumping out the edge of their seats. There is a sense of supernatural in this thriller movie. The movie uses the supernatural themes perfectly with influences of the occult and mysticism involved as there are several occult references used throughout the movie. Supernatural spirit stands out in this movie perfectly. Everything here is downright terrifying and horrifying. Australian directors Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou knew exactly what they were doing with this movie with the ghastly visuals.

This new 2023 thriller movie is about a group of friends that discover a spirited embalmed hand who soon become hooked on the new thrill of conjuring spirits in a supernatural manner. That is until one person in the group of friends goes too far and the spirited embalmed unleashes terrifying supernatural forces. Of course not anyone in the group of friends can control the embalmed hand from a logical point of view. Once the hand takes hold, it refuses to let go.

Have you ever wanted to touch “the other side”? Which is the supernatural never world? That’s exactly what this group of friends did. That group of friends got the chance to communicate with the spirit world by an embalmed hand and a simple phrase which is “Talk to me”. However this opens the door to the other side which is home to unfriendly souls. This chance soon becomes more than what the groups friends bargained for. Their curiosity led them down a path of trouble.

I rate this movie 5/5*****!

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