December 4, 2023

Rising San Antonio rapper Southside Hoodlum proves that he is running the San Antonio rap scene with Izzy 93 with his album Orange Trap. His smooth whispery delivery has attracted audiences within just months time. He is not just running the rap scene on the South Side of San Antonio only anymore. The album nonetheless has that dirty street savvy trap sound filled with esoteric violence and overhyped drug references.

The song Came Down is the definition of trap music with the mumbling, gloomy overtones, and quiet delivery. On the song Came Down, Southside Hoodlum uses storytelling to rap about a homicide that occurred when he was manufacturing drugs in the kitchen.

Southside Hoodlum was in the kitchen with his partner cooking soda. There was a homicide that occurred while Southside Hoodlum and his partner were in the kitchen cooking soda. He knew how to re-rock double up and make it gone. If they hear the police, then Southside Hoodlum is dipping out the spot. Southside Hoodlum just came up off the block on a come up. He just came up out that water.

Southside Hoodlum proves that he is a legend in San Antonio rap with smooth whispery delivery that is running things on the South Side of San Antonio on his legendary song “Legend”. His vocal style is similar to 21 Savage due to his smooth whispery delivery. The song uses a mixture of trap, gangsta rap, drill music, and illbient.

Southside Hoodlum is a southside legend due to his smooth whispery delivery, leaned out persona that he portrays, and his irresistible charisma. Although the lyrics “I ain’t never been shit” make that contradictory. He done swerved in lane and let that motherfucker dent. Due to the music he has released, he is taking dollars, flipping quarters, and taking trips. One thing he lets us know is that he is bout it, bout it with his social skills. These lyrics are an example of his people skills “Bitch I’m ’bout it ’bout it all my people with the shit”.

He is off the codeine which you can smell it in his piss. Which is just lovely. Leanin’ like a bitch. Talkin’ to the dead homies while high off medicine. This a big body he ain’t fit up in the drop.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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