December 4, 2023

Eastside Fish – Everybody Love Fish is the San Antonio answer to the TV show Everybody Hates Chris. Eastside Fish is the black version of SPM/South Park Mexican blended with the quirky offbeat style of Danny Brown. This is hilarious and weird at the same time. The album is Southern rap with a quirky blend of alternative rap and trap. The way the styles of production are used on different songs is something else. The different styles of production on each song gives each song its own unique charm. Eastside Fish is San Antonio’s newest rising rapper who is everybody’s favorite rapper that he claims to be. Eastside Fish is the spirit of the East Side of San Antonio. The face of rap for the East Side of San Antonio along with several others. (You know who you are.)

A majority of this album’s content ranges from him flexing himself to be everyone’s favorite rapper to chasing skirt. However there are actually good songs on here such as Say Yeah which uses that dope old school rap sound and GAS (Go!) which uses gangsta rap. Eastside Fish kills every song he raps on.

The song “Say Yeah” is actually a good rap song which use that dope old school rap sound with the occasional muffled soulful vocal sample over phat pimpin’ bass. Those warm bass lines gives the song a warm atmosphere. Sage was killing it with the production. Everything was done right in terms of sound and production.

Eastside Fish was going in on rappers by bragging about how he is everybody’s favorite rapper on the song “Go In” over a quirky warped soundscape and futuristic ambient instrumentation. Eastside Fish sounds like the black version of SPM/South Park Mexican blended with the quirky offbeat style of Danny Brown on “Go In”. Which is odd and funny as fuck at the same time.

Eastside Fish is the nigga everyone has been talking about and discussing. You ain’t knowin’. Eastside Fish the best rapper out who is about to go in. Niggas are trying to jock his style. But he did it first. His flow is dead. So he is writing songs in a hearse. Disrespect his name and get your ass murked. He is Tom Brady compared to you rookie rappers. There ain’t no slouching on these songs. They tried to block Eastside Fish at the door, but he goes in. All these voices in his head said, “Go in”.

Bitch, Eastside Fish is everybody’s favorite rapper. They don’t like to give Eastside Fish credit. But it don’t really matter. Because when he drops this shit here, it’s gon’ stop the chatter. He keeps shitting on these niggas. He could have went to the league and played for the packers. And he’s got that bomb dick. That’s what she said. Eastside Fish needs a medal for being the best rapper out there.

Eastside Fish raps about the dog in that makes him a horny horndog on the freaky deaky sexually provocative song Dog In Me. The instrumentation sounds like a Sons of Funk song produced by Mo B Dick.

Eastside Fish is a dog with no fleas. Bitches ain’t his motivation. He just stacks cheese. Women come and women go. He never flashes out. That is why he is texting all his bitches that he loves them before he pass out. He’s that guy who wakes up to them sending naked pictures. Looking likе he just hopped off the plane. Pulling hoеs in H‑E‑B. Right there in the food isle. Living in this life will make you go wild. It’s the dawg in him. He is dope as fentanyl feeling right. It’s funny mane. Make it rain Niagara Falls or he is playing in them jaws. How did it even come to this?

GAS (Go!) which uses gangsta rap in the best way. Eastside Fish rapped about how he used to sell drugs at the corner store. The beats on this song were super.

Long ago, Eastside Fish was selling dope at the corner store. He kept having his customers come back to him because the prices were low. A nigga really got it in at the corner store. He kept a gun on him in case these niggas try to plot on him. The phone is ringing at 10 o’clock. So you know how this shit is about to jump.

Eastside Fish don’t need no hand out because a nigga is straight. The amount of money he made about 7 Gs. But that was yesterday. He is at the corner store slanging while he is at the pump. A nigga really got it in at the corner store.

Eastside Fish was posted up eating chips and going rock for rock at the corner store. There was money in his pockets. He’s got his nigga watching out because the store is hot. In other words the spot is hot for cops. “Nigga holla one time if you see them hoes.” is what Eastside Fist be telling his nigga. Cutching on his Glock in case shit pops off and anything goes awry. Eastside Fish was the pusher man. But this is shit is absolutely running on pure premo. That’s octane. That’s 10 to 15 miles to the gallon.

Eastside Fish explained how he was running thangs on the East Side of San Antonio on the song Runnin’ Thangs. You know this is his type of shit. The beats on this song are super impressive.

Eastside Fish don’t got a stain look like that boy running thangs. He’s got a lot of hoes look like that boy running thangs. He has plenty of guns, hired shooters, and a couple of whips. Eastside Fish is fucking up the game with that futuristic flow of his knowing his style is different, y’all niggas sound the same and that sucks. No matter what you got out, shit just don’t sound same.

He be running shit like a motherfucker. Running like a motherfucker. He don’t give a fuck about shit long as his mail is coming. Feeling likе a running back because you gone have to run this back. As for this gangsta shit, he started that or you can say he bought it back. (Factual information proves otherwise.) Either way, Eastside Fish is respected in his city. They should take a bow. They can’t take his style.

These lyrics are an example of gangsta rap.

I got a couple whips I know you see my chain
I got plenty guns Call of Duty aim
I got shooters mane it look like that boy running thangs
I got plenty drugs, take away the pain
They go for 2 for 5 look like that boy running thangs
I got plenty bread I can buy yo name

I’m yo Pusha man, better yet yo weather man
Way I balled high school nigga I deserve a letterman
Speaking of lеtterman, put that G in front of mine
Put the O in front of that, OG gangsta Fish is back

Money in my duffel bag, Michael Jack’ he think he bad
These bitches think they Billie Jean
This gangsta shit is in my genes
Look at the fit I wear supreme, I took a trip to Philippines
Shoutout Manny Pacquiaoi, but I think I’m may weather

The song Everybody Love Fish is the San Antonio answer to the TV show Everybody Hates Chris. He flexes with lyrics about how everybody loves Eastside Fish and about how Eastside Fish is the best rapper out there.

Everybody Love Fish. They just can’t help they self. Boy the way he’s cooking up, he’ll need an extra chef. Boy the way he’s ballin out, they’ll need an extra ref. R.I.P Kobe. Eastside Fish the fucking best. Everybody Love Fish. That’s what they tell him. All these bitches throwing panties. They can’t help it.

It’s Fish straight up out that gutter. You ain’t heard no motherfucker do it like no other. He’s got weed by the pound and got coke by the gram. He be trapping in the streets. But he’s got a 9 to 5. That’s just money on the side. Eastside Fish is real trill. Eastside Fish has been sipping in this drink starting to feel like Pimp C. They keep asking. Will the real Fish stand up? Because these niggas imitate it. They can duplicate it. Bu they can never replicate it.

Eastside Fish has got many different bitches love him across the nation. And he’s got hoes by the flock. It ain’t no masturbating. He’s got a 50/50 rating when it come to hoes. Oh yeah. Eastside Fish is getting to this money. So they back to hating. Know it’s fascinating.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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