December 4, 2023

YGD Top Dogg has dropped a new music video called PANIC. The PANIC music video will leave you on the edge of your seat! You will witness the creativity and enthusiasm under the direction of YGD Top Dogg above your wildest imagination. The music video uses that classic West Coast G-Funk sound and vibe of the 2000s.

YAP Films directed the PANIC music video using such amazing visuals and visual sequencing with such vibrant intensity. If you notice closely, YAP Films directed this music video in the style of a horror movie. This energetic music video that will get your heart pumping with a twist of gangsta horror music.

His rough rugged smooth flow goes great with any music backdrop. YGD Top Dogg proves that he is still the top dog of the West Coast with his lyrics and content in this new music video. YGD Top Dogg said he had to set the tone and bring back the vibe which is exactly what he did with this music video. His flow, cadence, prowess, and style are still on point even after all these years. He is the top dogg with his own sound and image while the music video captured the G-Funk sound during that 2000s era.

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