December 4, 2023

The hilarious comedy movie I Got The Hook Up was the most memorable No Limit Films movie of 1998 next to MP Da Last Don. This was the same goofy hilarious comedy movie where Master P and AJ Johnson had lead roles where they played characters that were beeper salesman who had hook ups and connections to the latest electronics in technology.

Master P still managed to keep things gritty in the movie along with his character role. His character had that gritty persona of a hustler with business acumen. That makes given how he was once a hustle and is now a business owner. He had that rough edged street gangster persona that let people know he was not to be messed with. That is where the grittiness came from. Master P was the grittiness of the movie. Master P was in his prime in terms of acting and producing as he was already an established actor, producer, director, business associate, and executive by the time this movie was shown in theaters. Nearly every movie he acted in was a successful hit in box offices at that point.

AJ Johnson was all over the place as a comedian with his character role as he would be in future No Limit Films movies such as Foolish, Hot Boyz, and Repos. AJ Johnson was a comedian who was internationally known for being hilarious at nearly all times. He served as comedic relief in many movies toward the end of the 20th century. The movie I Got The Hook Up was no exception. AJ Johnson was the humor of this movie.

I rate this movie 4/5****.

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