December 4, 2023

Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo tells the biopic story of legendary psychic Miss Cleo, who rose to fame in the 1990s as a psychic phenomenon known for her catchphrase, “Call Me Now”. But it would soon all come crashing down in scandal and fraud allegations. But what really happened? This movie will tell the true story as it has never been told. “Miss Cleo will finally have her moment of truth and redemption,” says Producer, Samone Norsworthy. Miss Cleo’s longtime Attorney, William Cone, is Consulting Producer on Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo. I bet Miss Cleo didn’t see this coming.

The movie already has a great crew with great talent. They definitely picked the right actresses for this movie. The movie stars actors and actresses such as Shane Johnson (Power), Ian Bohen (Yellowstone), and Robin Allen (Lady of Rage) as Miss Cleo. William Cone will star as a character behind the scenes handling production work.

Ian Bohen has a captivating role in the movie where he plays the character Yellowstone. His role in this movie is certainly interesting. Ian Bohen calls his character role which he portrays “exciting and interesting”.

Robin Allen is going to be acting the role of the character of Miss Cleo. Her turn as legendary psychic Miss Cleo is captivating. The Lady of Rage calls the movie Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo “big fun you’re gonna love”.

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