December 4, 2023

A toxifying thriller movie known as Toxic was one of the most misunderstood thriller movies of 2008. This was because the many negative reviews given by movie critics and the public not being able to understand the acting or appreciate the acting. Not everyone could understand the stylish or unique acting. That is one of the many reasons why this movie gets very little recognition and respect.

Take Master P’s role for example. Master P played the role of an antagonistic mob boss whose aim was to capture an escaped mental patient. He nailed his antagonistic role as the mob boss. Not everyone could appreciate his unique acting or stylish character persona. His character fit in with those stark psychological images that were used and shown throughout the movie. That sort of helped things for this movie.

Take Costas Mandylor’s charismatic role where he played the handsome character Steve. Fans of Costas Mandylor watched this movie just to stare at his face and oggle him. He was eye candy from this thriller movie who served as the sex symbol without being sexual.

The lack of promotion for this movie toxifying thriller movie made the movie feel like a B-grade independent movie (indie film) and a D-grade horror movie. This movie did not receive proper promotion as horror movies from Miramax or Warner Bros had. Which is another contributing factor as to the reason why so many people do not remember this good movie unfortunately. The toxifying thriller movie “Toxic” from 2008 is a classic independent thriller movie.

I rate this movie 4/5****.

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