December 4, 2023

King JC – Albuquerque-Luv is a legendary but forgotten Albuquerque maxi-single cassette which people hardly even known about. The drums and bass are extremely clear despite the low quality production. He put it down for the Southwest and Albuquerque, New Mexicos. Nothing of his matched this level of darkness. One can see why the entire city was in love with this shit. Sadly this tape hardly went past the underground and remained unnoticed.

The tape was recorded in 1992 at Grandma’s Music & Sound by a studio engineer and musician named Jason G. The tape was supposed to be a demo to showcase what could be done with a simple home studio set up and consists of loop samples, some minor effects, and freestyle lyrics. The recording turned out better than expected so Jason added 2 more recordings and the rest was history. The tape never saw distribution and was only sold in states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and later in Tennessee. Eventually it became a cult classic through the magic of the internet.

Jason G was a professional studio engineer in Albuquerque. He knew what he was doing. Jason G definitely knew what he was doing when he produced this single. Just listen to the synths and you can tell he’s got skills on the synthesizers.

Albuquerque Luv is a New Mexico rap song like you’ve never heard before. The song samples the haunting rap song Ice T – The Tower which is used on a continuous loop. That song influenced his production style heavily. When King JC heard Ice T’s song “The Tower” in 1991, he wanted to have a song with production sounding like it. He just had a difficult time obtaining tracks like it. The Tower was a game changer for him.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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