December 4, 2023

Jehst – Mork Calling Orson is one of the more atmospheric high quality British rap albums of 2023. The production and sound are crystal clear. He brought real rap back with this album. You have socially conscious songs such as Cornerstone and Lonely World which are very realistic. Jehst is like an old man with many stories to tell.

Daily Planet deals with the madness and drama that comes with everyday life. Everyone deals with drama in life whether they acknowledge it or not. Jehst was like Nas in that Illmatic phase in this song.

People like Jehst are faced daily with this crazy madness. Working two jobs. We’re dealing with this madness on a daily basis. It feels as though the whole planet is going crazy. We’re all geekin for the loot searching for better days. Just wear that cap and play that position.

Faced daily with this crazy nonsense. It’s confusing. Seeing grown men having lady problems. Face the future. Train hard and face hurdles. Pay per view to the pay for views. While the nation chews on the newspaper’s views trying to sell it to the youths. But they ain’t enthused because we’re telling them it’s rigged in every game they choose. It’s the age of the Midnight Cowboy with no luck. To the streets with the bollards.

Conflicted scholars. Looking for some peace. We got ours through the streets with its twisted offers while the twisted coppers patrol the grey clouds for silver. Destroy but won’t empower a builder. The lonely hour will kill ya. So they keep the phony powder familiar just in case they’re faced with feeling inferior

Jehst raps about how he found hope and coming to terms with growing old in the song Lonely World. The song deals with coping with old age. Jehst found hope in this lonely world. Where love gripped him and won’t let go. Now there’s no pressure on his soul. The few bars he kicked were very realistic, aloof, and distant. Lonely World used old school rap production beneath a muffled horn sample over vinyl static.

Looking back at the past through rose tinted glass, Jehst sees these young ones are growing up too fast. A new homage to yesterday’s superstars. The school of hard-knocks was a hard school. So is his glass half empty or half full? He doesn’t know. If it’s love, it’s hate that he feels. But the one thing he knows is that his heart’s full.

You can’t fall when you already fell. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. The hardships and the glories as well. We’ll sell our dreams but we ain’t ready to rebel. We are not ready to face the consequences for selling our dreams. Living for what you never did and never will. Feet dangling off of the Ferris wheel. But your ride is soon coming to an end. The truth is you don’t get another turn.

Don’t let this moment fade away. Make the most of what you’ve got. Don’t hold on to yesterday because life moves on. Don’t let your feelings get you down. People make the world go round. Hold your head up high.

These lyrics explain how people sell their dreams for nothing. We are not ready to face the consequences for selling our dreams. But their ride will end soon as they inevitable fall into a downward spiral leading to a state of decline.

We’ll sell our dreams but we ain’t ready to rebel
A head of steam and a bellyful of swill
Living for what you never did and never will
Feet dangling off of the Ferris wheel
Look ma, no hands, top of the world
But your ride is soon coming to an end
The truth is you don’t get another turn (word)

I rate this album 3/5***.

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