Review: Avelino – EGO KILLS

Avelino – EGO KILLS is one of the lesser known grime albums from UK rap artist Avelino that was released in 2021. The album has that contemporary sound fans of modern rap will like and enjoy. You will hear grime music over a soundscape of drill beats and some neo-gangsta rap. There is a bit autotune in some of the songs he raps in.

Avelino raps about the late night escapades he engaged in while out rolling on a late night in his song Late Night Rolling. He also raps about how he will get this money and pay for his queens. Avelino also raps about how he cam from an impoverished background and has a checkered past that is not so glamorous. The song uses a mixture of neo-gangsta rap, grime music, and drill music. However the song gets disturbing at times especially with lyrics such as these, “Anywhere where you need a safe isn’t your safe place”.

Avelino went out late night rolling. Couple niggas with a bally in the open. And a little nigga with a strally while he strolling. And a cutter in the cut. He might poke him. It’s the hunger games when you do this food ting. The shit he sees late night cruisin’ is Louboutins and Bootings. All he wanted was Louboutins though. He has the desire and intent to buy Louboutins brand footwear. Avelino is in London where they’re looting.

No one is taking his shine. He paid a lot of money for his shine. He came from the street where another man’s down and the neighbours can’t sleep. It ain’t Givenchy there. Rolling with a rusty and riding shot gun with a pumpy. He been up and down the country. His life is an uphill struggle. He will get this money and pay for his queens.

He was in the car dashing with Ye to his fiends and friends. Then he took a drive in the endz. Mum (his mother) wasn’t impressed until she saw him in the press (news). Avelino had to move out as he had things to address. All his neighbours are rich. They really had to slave for a brick. But Avelino found foundation in this.

All he wants is P. But P stands for pressure when your in streets. Back in Tottenham Avelino was trapping. He was in the T where there’s G that will check you when you’re with your G’s for a set of keys (kilos/kilograms) and yards get run up in. He ain’t looking for no trouble. Just mandem that are governing tings. You could really go down for your friend’s dirt. And they say your network is your net worth.

The breaking point is when Avelino clocked that he was broke on the roads to riches. These lyrics showed how fast he he came up was as fast as he fell down. The trouble is when you’re tryna make it, you got to make it through the ends first.

I was tryna flip a Z, I had to see an expert
And he showed me the ropes, I was getting lonely at home
And the breaking point is when I clocked that I was broke
On the roads to riches, I might have to do road
But I ain’t tryna be

Avelino discusses why he needs a getaway on the song Another Holiday.

Avelino just got back from another holiday because he needed a getaway. So he got away and flew to some place by airplane. That is what the lyrics “Just got back from another holiday/Needed a getaway, I got away/Airplane mode and I got off the plane, yeah” mean.

His new chain is looking off the chain. When everyone’s an opp, it’s hard to operate. But guys from the hood are not hood guys only. He always tells his niggas they can do more even when he needs a getaway. He has got the green rolled and the cigars too. Avelino is in the jungle. There he encounters a baboon and monkey while listening to Kеndrick Lamar.

Avelino raps about how he wants to drive his coupe in peace on the song Easy. The song uses a bit of grime music over sprinkled drill beats.

Avelino just wants to take it easy today. He is on the telly (telephone). Shorty calls him telling him she wants to see There is hella Gucci on his body with the GG’s. Pure water like Fiji. She wants to take Avelino out the game. But the game needs him. Avelino came a long way from the block and from rock bottom. Now there’s rocks in the watch. In other words, he went from being poor to being rich.

Avelino does not want to lie to short. Avelino wants to drive his coupe in peace. He will notify and tell her when he is sliding through. But for now he just wants to lay low in a discreet manner.

First time he got the W, he went to The Shard. Now he somewhere overseas in a G-Wagon and he roll with G’s. Gucci sliders on him. Four hundred for the tee they tried to get on top of him. But the money is still calling. And she wanna ride with him but the crew’s stalling. He was too caught up in the vibe.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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