Review: Princess Kaos – Princess Kaos

The Princess Kaos – Princess Kaos album is one of the lesser known unreleased Rap-A-Lot Records albums which is considered completely obscure. Hardly any information regarding this album can be found online or offline. Princess Kaos was known for rapping on songs that were filled with conscious rap about women empowerment. Her 1994 Rap-A-Lot album had that laid back G-Funk sound backed behind some poignant conscious rap. That makes because Princess Kaos aka Karla Belle is a cousin of legendary West Coast female rapper Yo-Yo. (Yo-Yo and Princess Kaos are cousins for those who did not know.) So you easily tell, hear, and see when Princess Kaos got her influences from. She holds down her own weight on a majority of her songs.

According to a news article from the San Antonio Register dating back to the date of Thursday, September 16, 1993, Princess Kaos signed a recording contract with Rap-A-Lot Records and their sub-label Underground Records sometime in 1993. Production began on her album in September 1993. Her album was scheduled to be released in February 1994.

However her album that was supposed to be released by Rap-A-Lot on February 1994 was never released. The exact reason(s) as to why her album was released are currently unknown. Some of the reasons as to why her album remains unreleased could have due to contractual differences, bad management, conflict of interest, focus on other artists, marketing, or image branding. The reason(s) why her 1994 remains unreleased could be or could have been due to many of those reasons.

Now according to the same news article, she continued to write and record while on tour with San Antonio, Texas based rap group P.K.O. while on tour. This made sense since she was already down with the legendary group P.K.O. aka (Pounds Ki’z Ozeez). Princess Kaos had been a part of a loose group of affiliates of Youngsta Records during that time which was Youngsta Mafia. She was managed by Ameristar Management under the management of James Myart while signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. This meant she stayed signed to Rap-A-Lot until 2006.

Princess Kaos breaks everyone else something proper on Somethin’ Proper as she breaks em off something proper about a woman’s point of view. Haters, lovers, fans, whatever. Somethin’ Proper is not the same song as Break’em Off Somethin’ Proper which was a sex song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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