Review: Solé – Fly Away

Solé – Fly Away is the album that everyone wanted from female rapper Solé that unfortunately never got released. This album had an underground buzz thanks to the tools and resources of internet promotion back in 2001. The album was led by two singles; the first being “We Got It” and the second being “Never Had”. Production for her second album was handled by producer Tricky “Red Zone” Stewart. Now this album showcased the more explicit side of Solé using a more urban contemporary based sound. Rap meets R&B and pop on this album.

The album got shelved due to a variety of several factors, mostly due to label politics. Her second album was shelved and canceled because Dreamworks Records folded in 2001. The singles”Never Had” and “We Got It” were underperforming which lead Dreamworks to consider shelving her second album. It’s a shame that this album was shelved.

This is the real reason why Solé’s second album was never released. Solé backed out of the deal and stopped the album’s release as she felt overwhelmed and disenchanted by the music business. According to the bio on her website, [Feeling disenchanted with the music industry, some of the lyrics she was writing and images she was portraying, after only one full-length album, Solé requested to be released from her record label, and her sophomore album, “Fly Away” was never released. She no longer wanted to be a part of the promotion and glorification of the destructive messaging and programming that was being pushed and promoted, especially in “urban” music.]

We Got It was the digital buzz single which used uptempo club production. The song We Got It was used as background music for Sole’s former/now defunct website during the early 2000s.

Never Had was the mid-tempo love song that encapsulated explicit lyrics in a raunch manner and racy style. This was the single that led her album and was issued as a single by record label back in 2001.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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