Review: Isabelle Seleskovitch – About A Date

Coming out of the bustling Parisian jazz scene, Isabelle Seleskovitch digs deep into the traditions of vocal jazz on her 2019 album About A Date. The instrumentation is subtle and soothing. Those soothing jazz melodies and vocals are what make the album perfect. That piano makes the album super calming. Her vocal style is similar to Ellen Pels and Samara Joy.

Back in Rome explained why she missed the international city of Rome, Italy so much. She believes her home is Rome and believes that she belongs in Rome. You can tell her emotions were running high when she was writing the songwriting.

Isabelle is off the plane and home again. She has the happy feeling. Her heart is reeling with this sense of bliss. She always misses when she is gone too long. She wants to cry out loud. Rome is where she belongs.

She is back in Rome. The one and only Rome. The Eternal City is still the same and is so pretty. The heat in the air and daylight are so fair. Trastevere at spring time in the sun.

She walks across the river to the Pantheon where there are churches, fountains, and statues all around. The Colosseum glowing when the day is done. Silhouettes of the cypresses. Enchanting colours on the hills. The beauty of it all is supernatural.

And she took the only road that leads to it. The road of a heart that never left this timeless town. The beat in the air at midnight on a square is one of the most enchanting things about the city. She is having fun in the streets during the evening. Early next morning, she is on the run to catch a train from Ostiense to Ostia Beach. The Appia Antica within her reach. Ruins in the countryside. Seagulls and starlings on the glide. The magic of it all is here in this city. Once more she hears the call.

Isabelle sung about how the wind was getting on her nerves on the jazzy windy song What’s With the Wind?. She sing about how she hears the wind sing of stories from her past.

What’s with the wind? It’s getting on Isabelle’s nerves. Laughing as it blurs. Her memories. Faces of forgotten winters. It’s scaring all the girls. Tearing off their pearls and necklaces. Traces of forsaken. She hears the wind sing of stories from her past. Those loves that did not last. Oh how the harsh wind taunts her. So sarcastic in tone with such a mocking moan.

Our Holiday is about the holiday Isabelle and her man spent on the beach shore with the love of friends. The song explored the love of friendship and romance of their relationship.

There was friendship floating in the air on a nice trip in the middle of nowhere. Isabelle and her man were playing the fool by living life without care. It was just another happy holiday for the both of them.With smiles on their lips laughing galore. The went to the shore to have beer & chips. They were killing the blues in a moment they shared. It was just another lazy sunny day. Both of them felt grateful and graceful. Strolling on a journey with the love of friends. It was their holiday.

Then on this nice trip from out of nowhere, they found a big ship embarked from there off to see the world. The breeze was in their hair. It was just another crazy getaway. Sailing on a journey with the love of friends. It was their holiday.

Dame aux diamants (Sophisticated Lady) is a jazz song about a sophisticated lady who made a man fall in love with her. The song is sung in the French language.

It is said that a young woman who was a sophisticated lady made a man’s soul waver night and day. Now the flame is extinguished. The heart is heavy. Loves change as time passes. Life goes on. Is that all she expects? She knows deep down that there was a time where it was so good. And at night late in the dark she’s crying.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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