Review: So Def – The Girls

So Def – The Girls is one of the lesser known unreleased albums from Missy Elliott’s label/imprint Goldmind Inc. Not much is known about this obscure album aside from the fact that this mysterious R&B trio were originally signed to Missy Elliott’s label The Goldmind Inc. in February 2005 under their previous stage name Wicked and expected to release their debut album “The Girls” in 2007. The group consisted of two choreographers, Oth’than Burnside and Jamaica Craft, alongside former Tha’ Rayne member Qiana Drew. Their debut album featured production and guest vocals from by the group’s former mentor Missy Elliott.

The album used hip hop/rap production over an R&B soundscape. Their album featured the heavenly piano laced R&B ballad I Like It and the ratchet club-friendly Hell Naw. So Def had that “home girl from around the way” sound.

However their debut album was never released. This is because their debut album was never finished. Only 5 songs had been recorded and completed. For whatever the reasons may have been, the album went unfinished and So Def eventually split from Goldmind Inc. This group had potential but people weren’t interested in girl groups anymore besides Danity Kane, Cherish, and Nina Sky. But this was a time when the golden age of girl groups and boy bands were coming to an end.

Some may remember that their MySpace profile also contained their original demos. Within the digital profile, users were greeted with Missy Elliott’s clothing line “Respect M.E.” advert capturing So Def perched atop a Jeep with mentor Missy securing a boom mic.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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