Review: Boyz N Da Hood – Boyz N Da Hood

Boyz N Da Hood – Boyz N Da Hood was a product of neo-gangsta rap from the mid-2000s. A time when 50 Cent, G Unit, Nas, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and Lloyd Banks ruled the radio. This album was an example of neo-gangsta rap during the 2000s decade during the explosion of Southern rap in the United States. Quite different from the crunk music that was ruling the radio waves during the middle part of the decade. Honestly 2005 was one of the last great years for hip hop/rap because hip hop/rap died in 2006 when faggots like T-Pain, Plies, and Soulja Boy took over.

One can say this was the last gangsta rap group from a golden era. Boyz N Da Hood was the hardest gangsta rap group out of Atlanta, Georgia. Hardcore neo-gangsta rap is what you can expect to hear throughout this entire album as you can hear songs about drug selling, crime, murder, and extortion. A corporatized album with underground sounds. The self-titled Boyz N Da Hood is one of the darkest Atlanta raps albums and is one of the most darkest albums in Atlanta rap history. The self-titled Boyz N Da Hood had proven the South had taken over was here to stay. To the dismay of others viewpoints.

P Diddy did these boys justice by promoting their album properly which really helped the album become a platinum success overnight and a chart topping success. Diddy was really invested into handling the signees on this Bad Boy sub-label Bad Boy South.

Dem Boyz is one of the best Atlanta rap songs of 2005 because the song stood out during a time when crunk music was ruling the radio waves. The song had some heated corporatized beats over an underground sound. Young Jeezy had that unique flow of his with those ad-libs inside of his cadence. No one had ever heard anything like him. He had those quotable verses that were unfadable. Overall the song had some of the most quotable lyrics in hip hop/rap.

This is neo-gangsta rap at its best and finest. The song is about how the Boyz N Da Hood engage in various criminal acts to make money. This is what gangsta rap is all about. Something that a lot people take for granted.

It’s some Boyz N Da Hood sell anything for profit. Five in the morning on the corner clockin’. Yeah, they are wrong. But they dare a nigga to try and stop them. Dem Boyz got that work. Dem Boyz got yay, purp, haze, Glocks, K’s, and blocks. So you know Dem Boyz are gettin paid. Dem Boyz are supplying and controlling multiple city blocks in their respective neighborhoods by operating as one enterprise.

Young Jeezy has got himself a real clientele. He is worth a million on the low low. Plus the weather man said that its a light chance of snow. But he ain’t breaking shit down on no scales as he don’t need no scales.

Look into the eyes of a young gutta nigga loyal to the game out here tryin to make a come up nigga. Jody Breeze is serving lots of jays and cocking Glocks. Knockin country niggas out they Dr. Jay for fucking with a mobster like Jody Breeze. That’ll get you popped. Just so you niggas don’t get it twisted, just listen and pay attention to one of the realest up out here with ambition and on a mission for getting Benjamins ready and willing to put one of you out your misery. So back back. The 44’s in the dashboard. Trying to act bad will make me blast at your asshole. Jody Breeze will give what you ask for.

Nuke is an Eastside resider keep niggas liver than hotter. Stanking like clam chowder. If they thinking that they wilder. You can catch Nukey posted up right off Exit 65 with some real ass niggas who ain’t selling bean pies. Just to get them green guys. He keeps the block hotter than July in the middle of December. Froze with they mouth wide. Catch them hoes by surprise. Even tough guys get duck taped and hog tied. Because Nuke, Jody, Jeezy and Gee gone always ride.

Young Jeezy had that unique flow of his with those ad-libs inside of his cadence. No one had ever heard anything like him. He had those quotable verses that were unfadable.

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
If its taking too long to lock up bring it back (Bring it back)
You was short any way so bring a stack (Bring a stack)
And that shit was fucked up, I wouldn’t even know
I ain’t had to open up a whole thing since ’94 (Damn!)
We ain’t trippin’ we’ll swap it out (Swap it out)
If its still in the wrap we’ll swap it out (Yeah!)
(Ahee) Let me hop off in the shower
And get myself together I gone need about a hour (About a hour)
I got real clientele
We ain’t breaking shit down, we don’t need no scales (Get it right)
He worth a mill on the low
Plus the weather man said that its a light chance of snow

This song had some of the most quotable lyrics in hip hop/rap. Here are some of the quotable lyrics they said.

It’s some Boyz N Da Hood sell anything for profit (Profit)
Five in the morning on the corner clockin’ (Clockin’)
Yeah we wrong but dare a nigga try to stop us (Try to stop us)

Dem Boyz got work, Dem Boyz got yay
Dem Boyz got purp, Dem Boyz got haze
Dem Boyz got Glocks, Dem Boyz got K’s
Dem Boyz got blocks, Dem Boyz gettin paid

So back back, the 44’s in the dashboard (Dashboard)
Trying to act bad will make me blast at your asshole (Asshole)

Even tough guys get duck taped and hog tied

Bitches & Bizness is one of the darker songs on the album about selling cocaine. That makes sense since Atlanta, Georgia is the cocaine capital of the South next to Miami, Florida. Boyz N Da Hood are gonna do it like this. From the ATL all the way down to the 305. The song featured “reputed” rapper Rick Ross. It’s that Georgia-Florida connect.

The business is bitches. Rick Ross keeps pussy in his pocket. The niggas keep watching. G’s keep knockin’. They know he’ll be shootin’ to spot them. The Boyz N Da Hood strictly distribute the product. His niggas get slizzard smoking and chillin’ in Pradas in paradise. Fuck a 9 to 5. He is in the Chevy thang. Everything running is proper. You don’t want to see Rick Ross pissed off.

Jody Breeze rocks a lot of ice because he is keeping it slum. Six lugs at the bottom lockin’ keep them in tone. Crack rock cocaine is what he sells. He has bricks to move. But y’all are payin’ for 4 mil. You can get for 2. By nighttime his pockets are swollen.

Big Duke still keeps a stankin’ kitchen because in the midst of the cocaine on the way the crack smell during the intermission. Triple beam hand held hank sty. Got some cocaine stain colored on the finger nail. He’s gone rap for these packed heads. Smokin’ on the purple stack runnin’ in your house.

This song had some of the most quotable lyrics in hip hop/rap. Here are some of the quotable lyrics that were said.

We real play makers and this is not ESPN
Plus my cakes more then triple what that fag makes
Catch a double digit jersey number if you fumble
Granted till my bank statement look like social security numbers
Hangin by yo bitches thongs
Ain’t no fuckin’ Jack Triple but I’m bakin’ cakes
I’m in the chevy thang
Say you’s a gorilla say what happened to King Kong
From dust to dawn we stay posted up in project homes

Boyz N Da Hood give people all the reasons not to fuck with them the wrong way or mess with them. I’m telling you, man. You don’t want it with Dem Boyz. Every one of them got felonies man! The song used some hard crunk influenced beats over a trap soundscape.

Duke is sick and tired of niggas asking about his business. If he is cockin’ that iron, he is telling you and sending them signs. He came a long way from peddlin’ rocks. Block Entertainment recognized the gangsta and upped his stock. Showed him the recipe and other grams he copped. Home ain’t a home without an arm & hammer box. A lot of niggas say they be claimin’ the spot. But Boyz N Da Hood are the only ones that still represent it like mascots. Jeezy just beeped Nuke on that cellphone of his. Nuke is a street cat that is hard to maintain.

Young Jeezy is a gangsta motherfucka wearing a black fitted cap and some Air Force One’s. He is strapped. So don’t set trip. His .45 will hit you and make your whole chest split. Everybody from his hood knows Jeezy is crazy. He ain’t playin’ with you motherfuckers. He’ll kill a mothafucker like Jody Breeze.

Big Duke be rollin’ on dem corners in a Range Rover with no rims. And put the silencer on the tip professionally. Pressure point blank like a sexual change. And split your head down the middle like a sectional man. Hard blow to hard coat expose the four. Even though he totes a gun, he does not commit robberies anymore. He goes on the patio with a flat head screwdriver. Prying on the side door in a gat proof suit liner. Big Duke is going down on them with a Mac-11 two rifle.

These lyrics are an example of some gangsta rap from the mid-2000s

[Young Jeezy]
I’m a gangsta motherfucka if you ever seen one
Black fitted cap nigga & some Air Force One’s
Hey and I’m strapped so don’t set trip
.45 hit cha make your whole chest split
Sleepy Brown nigga I can’t wait
Fifty grand round my neck like bait
Hey and keep thinking its gravy
Everybody from my hood know Jeezy is crazy
And I ain’t playin’ wit cha motherfuckers
Shoot both of y’all make y’all niggas blood brothers (that’s righhht)
And I’m so sincere, I ain’t playing wit cha niggas this year
(Hey we gone rob dem Boyz n Da Hood) Bitch please
I’ll kill a mothafucker by Jody Breeze
Yeah nigga that’s the truth, by Big Dee Big Duke I’ll shoot

The Boyz N Da Hood Interlude was one of the most hardest rap interludes of 2005 that was considerably most gangsta. A classic example of neo-gangsta rap. The interlude showcased some of their best songwriting capabilities and lyrical abilities. The snap beats and tempo make this song hardcore and enjoyable to listen to.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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