Review: Biz Markie – Weekend Warrior

Biz Markie – Weekend Warrior is one of those albums we took for granted. We did Biz Markie an injustice by not purchasing this album and not supporting him correctly. This is one of those albums that went ignored and got overlooked due to a lack of promotion despite being released on a major record label. This could be one of the reasons as to why this album did not chart. This is one of the most overlooked rap albums of 2003, period. Incidentally, this was his final album.

The album is hilarious and whimsical due to Biz Markie’s trademark nonsensical rhymes. Rap’s own lovable mad genius created some remarkable hits such as Like a Dream, Tear Shit Up, Do Your Thang, Turn the Party Out, and Party to the Break-A-Day. All of which flew under the radar. The modernized stripped down party music style production did not do the album too much justice. But that does not prevent the album from being an overlooked classic. Biz Markie did his best at attempting to fit in with the contemporary sounds that were popular at the time. That is why the sound quality set to a high quality level and volume.

Biz Markie and DJ Jazzy Jeff tear shit up on the song Tear Shit Up. DJ Jazzy Jeff tore shit up with his production and on the wheels of steel. Biz teas shit up with his raps and lyrics. Here’s another one to get you off the wall.

Like “Bonita Applebum,” you gotta put Biz Markie on. There ain’t no other brother like the B-I with the Z. He’s got more rhymes than Muhammad Ali. He is guaranteed to proceed and get the job done. Y’all know his competition is none. Funky funky fresh from the day he begun. He’s Biz Markie as you can see. He came to tear shit up.

Biz Markie flips so many styles. His name should be Flipper. Emceeing’s his game. Even his acapella will be a best seller. Soon to be elected in the Hall of Fame. Enquiring minds always want to know this. How did he get his ill freestyle flow? Sucker MC’s are quiet as a mouse.

Biz shows everyone he has a point to prove with his unique style of rap on the song Get Down. Biz Markie never fails to disappoint with his lyrics or rhymes. The song is similar to Ei Ya, Party to the Break-A-Day, and Let Me See You Bounce.

Now that Biz Mark’s inside the joint, he’s guaranteed to rock and always prove a point. Doin’ what he does because it’s gotta be done. Biz Markie is the Prince of Boogie and the Master of Fun. His rap technique is most very unique. Your toes start to squeak by the way that he speaks. Notorious and glorious. Way above the rim. Biz Markie is just self-assertive. That is just the way he spits rhymes. Biz Markie is bound to wreck your body and turn the party out. Get Down.

He’s the type of guy that be keepin’ it hot. Wherever you see him, he be rockin’ the spot. Big belly and all. Y’all be havin’ a ball. People gather ’round me like he is Pope John Paul. But he is guaranteed to rock and spread love. Singing funky records for him or her. Have you happy and jumpin for joy. He can make you forget all your stress for five minutes or less like a vacation in Jamaica or France.

The genius of rap explains how his style of rap is really outrageous on the cut Ei Ya. The Biz came back to represent on this song. Listen to the super educated master rap techniquer. If the record’s a hit, you know The Biz spun it. This is something for the DJ’s to cut up. For the ladies and for the fellas.

I know it’s been a long time since you heard him. Biz Markie changes back from DJ to MC as he’s gotta make one to rock the party. His style is really outrageous. And when you hear the song, it’s really contagious. It’s simple enough to be understood by all ages. Now it’s time to get funky. Watch as the rap king does his thing. Listen to the brother with the rhythm rhymes he displays. Doesn’t matter whether you from New York or LA (Los Angeles). Biz is guaranteed to go all night with rhymes he writes. That’s why a lot of emcees wanna see.

Games was the 2003 follow-up to his 1989 hit Just A Friend. However the big heavy bass takes away from the interpretation of the song. Biz is chasing and lusting after a girl. He tries to everything right for her. But every time he tries, she gives him a hard time. She was always giving him excuses no matter what did or what he tried. He tells the girl she does not have to play games with him. That is the storyline behind the song Games.

Biz sees this good lookin’ pretty sweet thang whom he really wants to put you under his wing. But every time he tries, she gives him a hard time. He tries to everything right for her. She is always giving him excuses.

When Biz met her at Fiesta Americana in Cancun, Mexico, she was lookin’ tasty like strawberries and banana. Biz asked her for her name, She said “Lee-Lee from San Fran. I have friends but I don’t got a man. ” Biz said, “Really?! As good as you look? Lookin’ like somethin’ out a Playboy book?” He thought he struck gold. Just the thought of her has got Biz hot and bothered. But when he steps her, she starts acting all act funny style.

He never guessed she would act off the wall. All he wanted was for her to give him a chance for a little romance
They could dance and dine in Jamaica or France. There is something in the way she makes him feel. Clearly he likes her personality and sex appeal. But she’s playing hard to get like catch 22. Some people got time to play them games. But The Biz doesn’t. If he didn’t feel her, he wouldn’t send her roses. Jewelry, furs, and designer clothes. His word is bond.

Like a Dream is one of the best hits on the album which did not get a lot of shine or recognition. The song used 2000s style guitar notes and production which made everything memorable. Label mate Lil Kal was all over the song. Biz Markie uses his trademark nonsensical rhymes and humorous raps. It’s like a dream. Because at the end of the day Biz will be counting his money. Listen to the super educated master rap techniquer. If the record’s a hit, you know The Biz spun it.

These were some of the nonsensical rhymes and humorous raps he used in his lyrics.

Like the internet, I am here to stay-ah
Been a long time, I know it’s been years
Oops! I did it again, like Britney Spears
Like The Matrix and Keanu Reeves
Ringed around the collar and doo doo on the sleeves

I’m explosive like dynamite
I should be on “Entertainment Tonight”
Or “Access Hollywood” or “Soul Train”
I’m so on fire, I fart propane
Don’t use Rogaine, got a head full of hair
Cause the brother on the mic is so debonair
I’m so cool, the Fonz say “EYY!”
Cause I’m the best MC from around my way
Never listen to what haters say
I just stay focused like Kobe in L.A

They all get sprung, from the joy that I brung
I drive a Hummer, I’m hot like Donna Summers
I’m one of the first human (rum-a-pum pummers)
No matter what they say, I always sound flyer
Than anyone you heard, or even de-sired

Super educated master rap techniquer
Ill funk freaker every day of the week-ah
Whether it’s Kim, Agnes, Monique or Tamika
My unique physique make ’em all weaker and weaker
Cause I’m hung, like Mighty Joe Young
Yes it’s me, I’m the Original B-I-Z
M-A-R-K-I with the E

I’mma do it like I never have done it
Never got drunk and never got blunted
The Redox in my ear, they cost about a hundred
If the record’s a hit, you know the Biz spun it

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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