Review: Berner – From Seed To Sale

Berner – From Seed To Sale is one of those laid back chill albums to get high to and smoke marijuana. This marijuana themed Bay Area rap album will take you high on cloud nine. The production and sound of the album is so modern and ethereal. The modern sound of this album is what makes everything so perfect. There are no hisses in the production or the sound. That’s that Berner.

Still Holdin is an update to the modern classic Gelato strain. Berner talks about hitting his stash spot to sell some dime bags of weed. He explains his escapades and hijinks he gets himself into as a drug dealer.

Berner needs the hash stash. But small batch shit only. You know he’s tryna get big high, dumb high. From seed to sale. He’s got roots in this shit literally. He is looking at these bags and is ready to let the bread stack. But smoke is floatin’ out the S5. He realized his rim cracked and looks at his tire. So he pushes his S5 to the stash spot. It’s right down the block anyway. He is already running late. Luckily he made it to the drop right on time.

Five-O is at the red light chilling. He saw them switch lanes and the lights came. The police officer asks Berner for a fresh batch of weed. This cop is a fan and he wants a sack. This type of shit happens all the time. Berner told him, “Hit the store tomorrow, dog. You ain’t gotta wait in line.” He is fresh back with a fresh batch. Dirty twenties in the old grey bag. You know the feeling. The shit that make you sick of drug dealing. Three-gram Cali full of Berner fresh off the vine.

On Elon, Berner talks about taking things to the next level to the same level as Elon Musk. Berner was way ahead of time with this song as he raps about opening up a marijuana dispensary on another planet like Mars.

Berner is higher than the current gas prices. He might take a dab if the hash right. He might sell all of this cash right. Someone call Elon Musk. Berner is talking about taking things to the next level to the same level as Elon Musk. And if there is even one critical ingredient missing then it still doesn’t count.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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