Review: Shing02 – Zone of Zen

Shing02 – Zone of Zen is a deep intellectual masterpiece of Japanese rap with a hip hop influence and soundscape. Shing02 himself tries to find his piece of mind for his mind state and mental health on this album. Both for spiritual and mental reasons. His poetry is so touching and meaningful. The pianissimo pieces and fortissimo pieces are both beautiful and relaxing. The pianissimo pieces and fortissimo pieces give the album a sense of classical music from another era and the contemporary era. Who knew that Japanese rap could get so deep? This album is like alternative rap that serves as a breath of much required fresh air from mainstream rap. If you like Nujabes or DJ Krush, then you’ll like this album.

Zone of Zen is about Shing02 trying to find his piece of mind for his mind state in a peaceful manner. The piano fits in perfectly with those vocals of his. Classical music meets pop and rap on this song. Now the way this song is written is similar to a love song.

In the universe, we’re moving at a pace faster than the speed of light through a space on a string of faith.Theory beyond material. This is why Shing02 wants to find his zone of zen. Shing02 is back again in that zone of zen. He wants to find his peace of mind and zone of zen before nightfall. He swims the oceans and climb mountains to find his zone of zen as the sun is rising above horizons.

How the river flows through the forest. Where the birds nest and the fish mate. Reaffirming his spot on this blue dot in his zone of zen. Water and terra firma. Not too long ago you could go anywhere and see the Milky Way. It’s so beautiful. You know it’s true.

Like a fountain pen, his style slicker than a matte varnish. Finish on a night sky. Garnished with a spray tip. He is still teasing and flirting with the concept which is a blueprint for a concert on another plane. At least for genuine fame which is something he strives for but with no jealousy. He is a deuteron. A deuteron is one proton and a neutron.

Now the way this song is written was similar to how a love song was written. You have terms such as “imagine us two”, “centerpiеce”, and “What I wouldn’t do for you”. These are dead giveaways that this song is clearly a love song.

[Verse 1]
Free our energy
Deliver us from the powers that be
In the universe we’re
Moving at a pace faster than
The speed of light
Through a space on a string of faith
Theory beyond material
Godspeed you, grand imperial
Fly the ether without oxygen
Try to reach the stars and the heavens
Never aging, tell the telomeres
Ain’t leaving, at least not yet
Uplifting is the thought of you
When it hits me call an audiblе
Imagine us two as a centerpiеce
Or a cornerstone of a franchise
Expanding continuum
Wings of a falcon, millennium

So beautiful, of course it’s true
What I wouldn’t do for you
Give me a cue
Oh it’s so beautiful, you know it’s true
What I wouldn’t do for you
Give me a clue

Ampersand explained what the the most logical form of commitment is. The most logical form of commitment is starting off as friends before you become lovers. Ampersand discussed the fragilities of life on how fragile life is. This is one of the deeper more heartfelt songs on the album. The song goes from pianissimo to fortissimo quickly. Classical music meets pop and rap on this song.

The most logical form of commitment is starting off as friends before you become lovers. It all depends how you view your relationship out to be. Sometimes the most logical form of commitment is emotions cargo full of shipment.

Shing02 started off as friends with a lady he was in love with. He was crazy about her. He used to wonder if it could be for him. This was his insanity. He remembers when hollering tones rang hollow. The first time he spotted her, he saw a halo over her head. She was the mate that fate recreated. The man that he signed up and strive to be is to fall in love and never out of.

Life can be fragile like a castle on sand. Similar to a tugboat sleeping vessel on land. Now however life can be magical like castle in sky.

These are the most artistic lyrics which used such powerful poignant imagery.

I like your artwork ‘cause you’re an artwork
A time piece inner work shine outwards
Engraved in the back a symbol of unity
An elegant stroke a moment of purity

These lyrics show how musically inclined and talented Shing02 really is not only with his songwriting and raps.

From pianissimo to fortissimo
Let’s go out with a bang crescendo
Then we can go grab a drink and be outro
Get soprano and keep it on the alto

Now the way this song is written was similar to how a love song was written. You have terms such as “will you take my hand”, “commitment”, and “Started as friends”. These are dead giveaways that this song is clearly a love song.

Life can be fragile, castle on sand
Tugboat sleeping, vessel on land
Mano a mano, will you take my hand
‘Cause we can make a wonderful band
Life can be magical, castle in sky
Wee hours but we can still try
Our names are gonna have an ampersand
One hundred and ten percent

[Verse 1]
This is for the ages, pictography
Walls on caves, your geography
Begins with mono and rhymes with mahogany
Used to wonder could it be for me
Started as friends, guess it all depends
Auto focus on a lens on the present tense
Emotions cargo full of shipment
The most logical form of commitment
It’s insanity I’m crazy about you
Hope it’s incurable, risk uninsurable
I like your artwork ‘cause you’re an artwork
A time piece inner work shine outwards
Engraved in the back a symbol of unity
An elegant stroke a moment of purity
Waking up a sec before an alarm
Hop into a shower singing la la la

[Verse 2]
I remember when hollering tones rang hollow
Say hello, the first time I spot you I see a halo
You’re the mate that fate recreated
God knows I’m the most dedicated
If I ever lose sight of my own self in the mirror
Horizontally switched in illustrator
Can I reflect in your eyes what you see is
The man that I signed up and strive to be
Love to fall in, and never out of
We can slowly, grow fond of
Each other for the rest of our lives
Let gravity show that it’ll be so
From pianissimo to fortissimo
Let’s go out with a bang crescendo
Then we can go grab a drink and be outro
Get soprano and keep it on the alto

Twice as Nice is one of the more hip hop/rap sounding songs on the album due to the thick beats and cymbals that are used. This song is not like the previous 2 songs at the very beginning of the album. The song is about how his lover’s touch is twice as nice.

Things take twice as long cost twice as much. His lover’s touch is twice as nice. Her touch is what makes life twice as nice.

Shing02 wakes up in the morning. He must confess that he is ready to eat a full plate of food. His lady still dreaming in the comfy of her nest. This means she probably stayed up late again as he slept in. Then he begins on a scheduled quest into town what awaits in a discreet manner that very quiet so he will not wake her or disrupt her while she is sleeping. There is only one way to find out.

Them together as a tandem make a beautiful team. So he tries to bring her back to ground lеvel. Low blood pressure and what not. And what thе blood clots, she turns into a cling devil. Curled in a blanket in a full case of baskets. The only way to counter is sunshine. He opens the curtains. Hallelujah! What a nice day! He can sense a growl fired his way from her. That is just the chance that he takes for loving her.

She takes an extra hour for a shower from head to toe. She looks so clean in the bathrobe. Now it’s time for her to pick a wardrobe. Shing02’s lady is one of a kind who is impossible to copy. Spiffy like mintage. Simple or lavish. The same plush mix of futuristic vintage. Shing02’s gotta be patient or else he can risk getting stuck on a color wheel spinning like a film reel. Having a blast in the afternoon will be a snub. He can let it go when she shows him a little love.

The only thing that matters is he is paying the price. But the prize won is worth more than ever before. An a for an effort. Trust that he is in it for the long haul. Understand that he can withstand the onslaught. He is a teenage boy in front of her striptease. How kinky. In a sense that he can’t stop thinking about her. He has already written letters flattering his better half. His other half just wants to see her laugh. As for now this poem will suffice.

Jipangu is a song which showcased the Japanese side of Japanese rap and hip hop. The song was like a short haiku Shing02 written for his lover. In this case, Shing02 shows love and appreciation for his home country of Japan as he leaves his country. Jipangu, the images of tracks unbeaten. Recollect and sweeten. For a stay nice and short like a haiku.

Shing02 bids farewell to the coastal lines of his home country of Japan. Arigato to coastal lines. Both vivid and pastel.
An unframed canvas untamed by us at the farthest where the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. He must confess the waves here do not look the same compared to his home country. The sounds emanating always changing with the weather and the architecture blended with thе background. A book unbound. Rough on the edges likе a worn blade centuries old. Battle-tested a thousandfold. He can see it in the eyes of the children. They still haunt him to come back. He feels guilty about leaving his home country. Until then he sincerely hopes to do justice. To introduce and more than reminisce. Jipangu is a place his heart yearns for upon return. May every year new sets of eyes learn.

To travel is to unravel the itinerary. Pick up the pieces and revel in unordinary. Sceneries one after another a series of a picture story on a roadshow. Coming to a town near you for a social gathering. Villages catcher in the rice fields energies and textures. Innocent smiles that are in fact infectious. In every prefecture it’s effective. A way to communicate. Break down the barrier linguistic. Don’t get it twisted. Straight as an arrow on a bow in case you missed it. Bamboo shoots towards the gifted. Gods in the heavens and gods on earth. Walking amongst us as winds and the dirt. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. See the prints of wood blocks. Gold leaves and lacquer box. Gardens with sands and rocks. Artisan craftsmanship. It’s the spirit of our ancestors. Still living with respect to the past and the clock is set to the present. What’s ahead is a mystery. A unique gem in the course of a history.

Windy Chimes is one of the more intense song with a loud lively fortissimo piece played on the piano of direct freestyle rap lyrics. The mood of the album suddenly changes with this song. Notice the horns in the background?

Outside is a huge riot. But this fight here is quiet… Windy chimes. The signal tides of change. Time’s a quicksand or maybe silver. Mercury rising as Shing02 delivers rhyme. Signs imminent make him shiver. His fabric runs against the grain. Off the tube to the main event going at top speed. Windshield factor is worth enduring. Ride the current that’s occurring. Forensic teams examine the evidence after he is done ripping lyrics of his raps to pieces. This is his raw talent on full display. Word of mouth is sure not to disappoint.

Passionista told the story of a child who was brought to a Zen temple. The child would go on to be a prodigy due to the courses and subjects studied. Now the child graduated as a missionary and an emissary for the truth because of this. Passionista is one of the more spiritual songs on the album.

An optimistic child was brought to a temple not just on occasions and casual visits. Colors, sound and smell left an imprint in the impressionistic mind of the child. Soft like valuable pure gold. Add resistance and malleable. The child came back on own accord. With everything one can afford. All the time and energy to focus. Nothing else mattered for a while as the child was devoted. The child shut out the world, filtered the noise, cut out the schemes, and skirted the ploys that were deemed as any distractions. Free to absorb information in the vast library. The child was first introduced to sacred geometry with such divine numerology that was all led back to astrology. Knowledge took shape, realizations, and epiphanies. A star is born. A bona-fide supernova. The self reinvented seven times over. The child was student for life with keys to survive.

Now the child graduated as a missionary and an emissary for the truth because of this. Spread the doctrine to the adversary. The walking tour made many stops. En route to the center of nowhere. Undivided attention was now here.
A stranger opened a door to a stranger where there were meetings with remarkable figures. Often a brief encounter then.

Some wanted to test the nerve of a so-called saint. Names were heard. A limp bird was thrown to the dirt. Then a challenge ensued. The question was asked. “Who would you be to preach balance if you can’t help a creature to manage to fly with your holy water and chalice?” The reply was simple. “If you ask me to perform a miracle or a surgery. Strictly clinical. Just for the glory of the temple. My answer is not for your question posed. But rather for this situation proposed.” The one picked up the bird and left. Every witness there sure felt blessed. The only unwelcome ones are the frauds.

Shing02 returned to his rap roots on Mad Stressor. Shing02 played the role of the style professor with various forms of veda. His cryptic script is only for the gifted fit to accept this. It takes work to the stage from the studio booth. Strategic with the candor banter. Focus sharper than a sigma. The layer of clutter covering up the sign of the times.

Flowers is one of the more innocent songs on the album about Shing02 bringing flowers for his lady, Jasmine, since flowers make a nice gift. Another love song on the album. One of the more botanical songs. If Shing02 were to bring his lady some flowers, would it be a surprise? He would like if she says flowers were a nice gift.

Shing02 knows a girl named Jasmine who has the face of an angel lapsing from springtime to summer. Change like hues of hydrangea. Every time he sees her, she is fancier. From the French hillside to Lombard Street. A colorful treat. If it don’t wither, then it must be faux. He remembers buttercups on the way to school. Plus when they would all go swimming at the pool. Picking poppy and lily in the field. The sweet smell of gardenia. Open up the gate and there she was. Who needs a dozen roses when you can have gerbera and daisy? Shing02 thinks about Jasmine daily. Karma is a feisty lady.

He wants to share a future with her. He wants to go where looks don’t matter. Travel the world with seeds of fuchsia. His hopes represent the ultimate security. Filter the filth and impurity. Sounds flow in direction of the petals. Blades of the grass soften when she says yes.

Ephemerald is about a girl named Ephemerald who Shing02 was once in love with. Ephemerald is also about Shing02 wanting the same things in life that every human being wants.

Ephemerald was his chimera. She switches everyday like looks in the mirror. Fleeting happiness caught on camera. Previews better than sitting in the cinema. We laugh knowing nothing lasts forever.

Shing02 is all alone to begin with.And before he is gone from this space, can he win this race with the human competition? Wanting that samе thing. So full of ambitions. Warmth of another in a cold, cold world. More than a measurе by celsius. Warmth of another in a cold, cold world is something Shing02 wants and desires.

It’s quite obvious that time is not a constant. And we pretend as if work is non-stop. Can’t make the time or take a break. For a deep breath, the norm is to sleep less. When he awakes, he wants to soak it up. So when he’s asleep, he just won’t get up. Until he dreams enough. And he gets the energy to go around and acting tough. Hoping that she would find him. The diamond in the rough.

If that brings a smile, then he’ll make it first priority. Forwarding pay with some interest. Random acts of kindness to her kindred. His style is so footloose and often philosophical.

Searching For is about Shing02 bringing out his best effort forward by reaching for that inner space. Sometimes you gotta getaway. And the only way to do it is to search for that inner space.

Being so social is overrated. On the flip solitude is underrated. Shing02 has contemplated on his past plans. This only came true when he concentrated all his effort with his best foot forward. And he never looked back in the rearview. You know can’t give a hoot until you be you to the fullest extent and then breakthrough. Centers his gravity whenever he loses that balance on the board and the wave is pushing him. Sometimes you gotta getaway. And the only way to do it is to search for that inner space. He is still searching.

Instead of taking charge, he pretend to ask the right questions. But without initiative. He used to be intimidated a little bit by the silhouette in the corner of his eye chasing him down a one-way street and the light from behind. The light from behind makes his shadow look like that of a stilt walker.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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