Review: Peabo Bryson – Quiet Storm

Peabo Bryson – Quiet Storm is one of the best known quiet storm albums with romantic vibes and love themes. Peabo nailed the album perfectly with his singing. The album screams “80s” due to the production, style, and sound. His 1986 album is filled with sensual and sentimental love ballads such as Since I’ve Been in Love, Good Combination, Somebody in Your Life, and After You.

Peabo sings about the changes he has been through since he has been in love on the sensual love song Since I’ve Been in Love. It’s been so long since Peabo needed someone in his life.

The person he is love has been through some changes. Peabo can feel it when he is close to her. She treats Peabo like he is a stranger. But Peabo been through some changes too. It’s been so long since Peabo needed someone in his life. It’s been so long since he let someone into his heart. He tells her it’s been so long since he’s been in love.

He’s seen some bad romances. You could say he’s had a few. But he narrowed down his chances. Now the rest is up to her. When the feeling inside is getting stronger, you gotta learn to let it go. You’ve got to let it show. However Peabo doesn’t think he can take it much longer. So Peabo tells the lady he is in love with, “If you’re in love, then let me know, baby.”

Somebody in Your Life explains how everyone needs someone in their life. Peabo sings about how he can be that somebody in your life to love.

You keep running from love. Afraid you’ll get hurt like you did before. You say that you’ve had enough. Or you’re so sure that you’d rather be alone. But you just never know. You might need somebody in your life. You might want somebody in your life. Peabo could be somebody in your life. If you just let him be the one. Let him be somebody in your life. Let him fill your life with love.

You can’t keep hiding your heart away. One day, you might realize you want someone. Someone to touch in the night. Someone to reach for each day. Someone who’ll hold you so tight. Someone to give the love you need. Someone longing to be. It’s time to start living. I think it’s time you need somebody in your life.

Good Combination explained how Peabo and the lady he is loving are a good combination for each other and how inseparable they are.

You know, Peabo has been a lot of places and done a lot of things. You could say that he’s lived and he’s loved.
But he can safely say that there’s no woman in the world who can make him feel quite the way she does. Her eyes look at him. They shown him things he could never see. What she did caught by him surprise. Every now and then, he reminisces about the first time they’re kissed. He reminisces of her lips. Peabo and her make a good combination. Like a lock and key.

No words can express the chills he feels when their bodies press. Ooh, it feels so good when she is here with him making love. He hears your voice softly in his dreams.

Peabo tells his lady that if she loves him to let him know on the love ballad If You Love Me (Let Me Know). The song explained how falling in love can be a hurting thing. But love isn’t wrong to mistake because forever doesn’t mean together.

Too many lonely nights and too many tender words have been left unspoken. Nobody’s wrong or right. Promises are made to be broken. Falling in love can be a hurting thing. Heaven above knows the joy that only love can bring.

Peabo tells his lady that if she loves him to let him know. Every time he feels her, something comes over him. He just wants to hear the words that will set him free. Wasn’t it her who said love’s supposed to mean forever? But love isn’t wrong to mistake because forever doesn’t mean together. There’s gonna be some joy and pain when you fall in love. No one can love her more than him.

The Higher You Climb shows people the price the pay when they fall in love. This is the price we pay when we fall in love. The song teaches us that we learn as we grow older.

Peabo didn’t love more than twice. But when you fall in love, you pay the price. Know the rules before you roll the dice because love won’t always be tender. Sometimes emotions can run too high. You gotta follow your heart and reach for the sky. Rest assured, you’re gonna live and die. There’s just one thing for you to remember.

The higher you climb, the harder you fall. When you love someone that’s when you give it your all. You’ve got plenty of friends when you’ve got it all. Be very careful of the friends you choose. Because fair-weather friends can be bad news when you’re all alone and you cry the blues. Your friends won’t lend you a shoulder. Life is a circle that goes round and round. One day you’re up but the next day you’re down. But we learn as we grow older. Some folks say that the weight of time brings a change of heart. And as time goes on sometimes friends get to part.

Catch 22 gave details about how falling in love is a catch 22 as love narrated by a win/lose basis. Love is a two-way situation.

Time is up, you’ve had it all your way. But every table turns. Now you’re out of luck, you got some dues to pay for bridges you’ve burned. You wanna give, but you let your heart grow cold. And you wanna live, but you’re afraid of growing old. This is the ultimate no-win situation.

You’re in and out. Then you’re up and down. You wanna fall in love and spread it all around. When will you learn that some things about love can really make you climb on walls? But living without love isn’t really life at all. Love is a two-way situation. People in love find it hard to stay together. You know, love is a double-edged blade. You gotta learn how to live through stormy weather. It can’t be sunshine every day. There’s gonna be some complication when you fall in love.

Only at Night told the celestial romantic tale of how there are so waiting to be discovered at night.

There’s nothing like the thrill of the night in the USA. There’s a million and two things you can do. Chase the blues away on the town by yourself r with someone else having fun. This is the time to unwind.

Hot city nights on Broadway. Hollywood nights in LA. Dancing all night until the break of day. There are so many lovers waiting to be discovered at night. Like you and I, they come alive in the night. Like you and I, they come alive only at night. Out with the crowd where the music is loud and the lights are low. Under the stars. In convertible cars they cruise for sure in. Running into the night. A fool’s paradise. They come and go. Searching for love. That’s what dreams are made of. From coast to coast.

After You told the story of how Peabo spends every one of his waking hours watching the woman he loves. She is the love he never knew. Peabo spends every one of his waking hours watching her. There is no love after loving her. That is what Peabo says. The whole world stands still. That’s the power of her love. He wants to feel every hour loving her. Some people say that’s the power of love.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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