Review: PinkPantheress – Take me home

PinkPantheress – Take me home is the pop EP everyone is talking about since the beginning of 2023. Her bubbly pop persona and artificial vocals are what attract listeners worldwide. If you were looking for that bubbly bubblegum pop sound, then this is the EP for you. Boy’s a liar and Take me home are the hottest popping songs off the EP. There are definitely some upbeat vibes.

Her is what the bubbly bubblegum pop song Boy’s a liar is about. PinkPantheress is anxious around a boy who ends up turning rejecting her company. She finds out the boy’s a liar. The song features fast Jersey club style beats over warm fuzzy vocals with a bubbly bubblegum pop soundscape. This song has been constantly played on radio stations since the beginning of 2023.

PinkPantheress tells the boy to reconsider if what he really desires is what he needs at the moment. She asks him to take a look inside of his heart. Is there any room for him? She expresses anxiety over whether their relationship should continue or not. She is afraid that he will find her ugly and one day he’ll disappear. She didn’t expect the proposal and wasn’t holding her breath up until he did.

Also she never believed he would make it to that point because of how childish he is. What’s the point of crying? It was never even love. The relationship between the two was only superficial. The boy’s a liar.

PinkPantheress anxiously wonders if her man misses her only to find out he has been cheating on her with another woman. That is the brief summary behind the song Do you miss me?. The song uses some warm pop textures and fuzzy artificial vocals.

PinkPantheress can’t let go of his hand. She can’t even breathe without him. PinkPantheress anxiously wonders if he misses her. All she wantеd was to scream when she saw one of hеr messages that popped up on his screen. Does she miss him too? PinkPantheress can be discreet if he doesn’t want her seeing him.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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