Review: C-Loc – Ya Heard Me

C-Loc – Ya Heard Me is a legendary Baton Rouge album from 1998 that hardly ever gets mentioned. That album was an R&B meets gritty gangsta rap with a Southern style type of album. This album was released at a time when not too many rappers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana did not have major distribution deals with record labels. However this album was slept on due to a lack of promotion. C-Loc was one of the first few rappers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to have a major distribution deal with a record label. His label, C-Loc Records, was distributed by Priority Records.

Get Yours is a song about how people get broke off for fucking with C-Loc. You get your neck broke or choked for fuckin’ round with C-Loc. Ya heard me?! Without a doubt. In and out like that dank on the road. Hustlas doin’ like Wally never be free. This was the song that had these quotable lyrics, You punks better listen/Now you started this beef, so put your lip in/Muthafucka spit the game above your neck, like a tech/Picture me, out the frame with them thangs and a vest/You know the rest/Down and dirty out there eatin’ curly fries/Tired of spendin’ my mornings tellin’ my Mama don’t worry/Cuz we gone shine ya heard me?

Let’s Do Some Thangs is a real niggas R&B song about just keepin it real with a female. The song really sticks out because anybody who has been through it can relate. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to C-Loc as raps throughout the song over an R&B melody that is tinged with gritty but polished urban sounds.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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