Exploring the bizarreness of the movie called Run Rabbit Run.

Run Rabbit Run is one of the more bizarre movies of 2023 that has people on the edge of their seats. The cinematography brings out the best of the creepiness in the Australian landscape setting. The creepiness and serenity of this movie really stands out for some reason. That arid desert gives away creepy horror vibes. Fans of horror movies will not want to miss out on watching this movie. The writing of the movie was done well as there hardly any moments of dullness or slowness.

Australian director Daina Reid took influence from contemporary horror movies such as “SAW 3D” and “The Unseen”. The movie has some influence culled from the famed Emma Stone with directing and cinematography. The movie would seem to be directed by Emma Stone due to the directing and cinematography.

Performances from the actors and actresses were spectacular. For example, Sarah Snook’s performance of the doctor character was perfect and LaTorre’s performance was insanely amazing. These actresses stood out mostly since they had lead roles in the movie.

Sarah Snook’s performance of the doctor character was perfect. Her acting was simply compelling without any flaws. Lily LaTorre does an insanely amazing performance for an actress her age. She nails the role of the daughter when she exhibits strange behaviors. There is never a dull moment with her acting. Anyone who simply disagrees with this is wrong. Lily LaTorre was simply doing her best to keep up with the acting demands and script for an actress her age. However despite this, Lily LaTorre’s performance went overlooked and was underacted. Which is sad because her character role and performance were both amazing.

A fertility doctor begins noticing the strange behavior of her young daughter once she reaches the age of 7. But after noticing her daughter’s strange behavior, she must confront her past as well as confronting her inner demons. In an attempt to cope with the unexpected, she begins to explore the roots of her daughter’s behavior. This means she must challenge her own values as well. The doctor’s attentively managed world begins to crumble as an ominous wind swirls in.

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