Review: WC – Revenge of the Barracuda

WC – Revenge of the Barracuda gave West Coast rap a major revival in 2011 along with Mitchy Slick and Ice Cube. The album came with some banging heaters such as You Know Me, Reality Show, Walkin In My Taylors, 100% Legit, and That’s What I’m Talking About. The West Coast emcee WC is back with something to prove as he can still manage to capture audiences attention with fresh content that is relevant. You can’t barricade the barracuda.The production is eccentric, vibrant, loud, and lively.

WC proves to audiences that he is 100% legit on the song 100% Legit. Bitches don’t see WC is a hundred percent legit nigga. And you know it ain’t about all that bullshit.

WC is feeling good gripping wood laying upon the leather. Sunny weather rolling with the windows down low. Pure and Vanilla on the passenger seat. He is a Lench Mob rider with triple X.O. wearing V.V.S stones. This independent game got his ass sitting on Chrome. Niggas thought it was over because WC was gone.
But tell them motherfuckers he’s home!

He sees you niggas lips moving around. Talking about this and that. Preparing to shoot hum down because he’s got the top down. Reflection from the wet paint got them upset. But he doesn’t give a damn because he is 100 legit. Hating on him because he is moving around town. But y’all ain’t seen nothing. But see he just started telling them motherfuckers Dub’s back around! It ain’t hard to figure it out that you can’t barricade the barracuda.

Walkin In My Taylors is the most gangsta song on the album with a West Coast sound. This song has Ice Cube written all over it. That makes sense give the production style and sound. West west, ya’ll.

WC is banged out like the tongue on his chucks. It ain’t hard to figure it out. You can’t barricade the barracuda. WC could do this in his sleep with his eyes closed. You rockin with a “G” on the west. People say a nigga this grown shouldn’t be so fresh. But he does this for his true fans who made him. He is hood famous and gettin paper. It won’t change up. He will be a hood nigga forever. Still surviving the weather.

He is a nut for cheese and Chuck T’s. Cut from a different cloth. Crip walk had the whole world on his nutsack.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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