Review: E-40 – My Ghetto Report Card

E-40 – My Ghetto Report Card is one of E-40’s many greatest albums that is a must have for any West Coast fan. Now it seems that E-40 has went the corporate when he first signed to Jive Records, but E-40 still remains true to his Bay Area hyphy roots by adding D-Shot, Mistah FAB, and Little Bruce on this album along with crunk rap music artist Lil Jon from Atlanta. E-40 just keeps getting better and better as he keeps dropping albums over the years.

E-40 still remains true to his Bay Area hyphy roots by keeping that hyphy rap sound prevalent in production sounds. Listen closely and you can tell. The hyphy sounds of this album are very similar to the hyphy movement of the middle 2000s era. The release for My Ghetto Report Card album was at the right time because it was during the uprising popularity of the hyphy movement with Mistah FAB, Lil B, The Pack, Mac Dre, J-Diggs, and many more. But this time, E-40 adds the sub-genre of crunk music from Atlanta.

Yay Area is about the transactions sales, consumption, and usage of yayo which is cocaine in the Bay Area of California. One of the many drug references mentioned in this track is crack cocaine hence the title of the rap track. This was E-40’s most popular song of 2006. Yay Area is very similar to the Bay Area only the Yay Area is more hyphy. Yay Area is one hyphy ass song!

They Might Be Taping is about what the laws can get away with now that the facist neo-Nazi Patriot Act is in place. Feds are on every corner. They’ve tapped your phone. They’re waiting for you to commit a crime and slip. That way police can bust your ass on the spot so the judge can incarcerate you. After the trial, the judge will have handed out an extra long extended lengthy prison sentence to a correctional facility.

Gimme Head is all about that sexual intercourse. Of course E-40 wants the chick to give him some brain along with various other acts thereof sexual intercourse of course. Getting head and receiving head is the best thing in the world.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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