Review: Daddy-O – You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O

Daddy-O – You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O is one of the lesser known East Coast rap albums that got lost in the shuffle during the Golden Age of rap. He brought that riggedy ruffneck to the album with a handful of songs while he cashed in on that Das EFX sound. This is Brooklyn style rap at its finest. Almost no other album can compare to this album except for a select handful.

The album was a commercial flop because people slept on this album. However there is a reason this album did not catch on and become a commercial success. There were simply too many interludes and skits which took away from the listening experience of the album. He could have toned down the number of interludes to make this be a 5* star album. The shout-outs to other artists were a bit excessive. But that’s to be expected since this is a hip hop/rap album. Also the number of hard-hitters could have been better.

He brought that riggedy ruffneck style and that Brooklyn style on Swung it, Blunted, Brung It. He was influenced by that Das EFX sound. The song a direct attack aimed at wannabe-a-screamer MC’s and Diggity Das triple-toungin wannabe’s ho just don’t have the fat flavor for the funk.

The sounds of his voice make the honies wanna flip. And the flow of his phrase makes you have no choice to get with. He came to kick a scrumpdelicious bone out your butt. You’re funkin with the Daddy-O. He is raging on you wannabe-a-screamer MC’s and all you Diggity Das triple-toungin wannabe’s ho just don’t have the fat flavor for the funk. And all you MC’s sound like little boy slack the style and lack the poise.

Daddy-O is the same brother that likes Sally Walk and he’s a bad motherfucker from East New York. Ride along with the wave because his tides never end. Dippin through curves as he comes around the bend. Feedin you the floor without Johnny Gill. And get you all messy like your drink when it spill. He’s got that naturally legitimate dope unlike you wack ass emcees. If you don’t understand, you must be thinking elementary. And you get strung from his ability to blast like a gun. Watch the whole dance floor to the sounds of the Daddy-O ridin the funk. Because the Daddy-O sound is legit.

Daddy-O brought that Brooklyn Bounce together on the song called Brooklyn Bounce where he fused funk and rap together. This is a funk rap fusion. The song heavily relies on the backing sample of Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce.

Daddy-O is comin’ with the bomb. So watch him begin to explode and unload like the Grand Funk Railroad. Non-stop like a Corvette with a soft top. And what better way than to bounce? So you can get paid by the pound and more for the funkin’ ounce. It’s the Brooklyn sway. And the Brooklyn way Daddy-O brings with his Brooklyn style. And as he lets the music play, he wouldn’t have it any other way. And if it sounds like somethin’ you heard before, it’s all the more reason to get on the dance floor. And rock with the play by play he announces of the Brooklyn Bounce.

He confesses to being strung out on the funk. Steamin’ up his trunk like a tank full of skunk. Blowin’ down doors like a big bad wolf. And like a magician says POOF! You see him disappearing deep in the bush with the skills that the people call mad fat he stalks like a saber-tooth cat. With them hydrogen bombs and shit. Ignitin’ MC’s like the World Trade got hit. He remembers fighting fair with your fists in a fight. But now he’a got a mac-one-one in the case with his mic. He’s gotta keep bouncin’. That’s his style. So the Brooklyn crew can get buckwild. Now that’s some other shit.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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