High points of Assassin Club movie discussed.

The new movie Assassin Club has that kill or be killed trope. An assassin has received 6 separate contracts to kill seven people only to discover the targets he has been hired to kill are assassins who have been hired to kill him also. They are assassins just like him. Now each kill is worth $1 million dollars each. So you know that this assassin is in it for the money in the long haul.

The visuals are quite stunning and refined for a 2023 movie. If you are looking for visual presentation with high definition quality, then Assassin Club is the movie for you. The transition scene are shot perfectly despite looking seemingly rushed. But that is to be expected since this is an action movie with lots of suspense, drama, and terror. Even the day time scenes are shot in the dark in dark buildings. That’s how dark this movie is. So expect to change the contrast on your screens.

Now reviewers and movie critics call this movie a mess. Others call this movie a thrilling masterpiece. A lot of the high praise and criticism can be traced to the trailer as the trailer looked promising to many people. However many people referred to this movie as an “action thriller B-movie”. Much of which can be attributed to the setup and writing.

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